Importance of Multiple Quotes for Big Jobs

How many quotes do you get or a big home improvement job? One or two? Maybe three? The bigger the job, the more quotes you should get to get the best deal. Since quotes vary so dramatically in my experience, it is well worth your time to get multiple quotes. So much so that I estimate you will save nearly $1000/hr of time you use to get more quotes.

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush today i want to stress why it’s so important to get at least three quotes whenever you’re doing a big job for your house to do this i’m gonna give you guys some real world examples that i have been through myself because i got multiple quotes for my roofing job and also my fence job but before i begin this video is brought

To you by the moomoo app you can do five free shares of stock just for signing up and depositing some amount of money each of the five-share stock is worth between three and thirty five hundred dollars check out my referral link down in the video description below when i worked for this big company they just had a ethic scandal and they instituted this company-wide

Thing if you cannot get three different quotes from three different companies you have to state why you’re not able to do so and if you happen to pick a quote that is not the cheapest you also have to state a reason why you’re not picking the cheapest all of these requirements is really just to get people to follow a good ethics standard so that people are not

Getting kickbacks by the way a kickback might be where an employee pick a company and maybe you know someone that works there your uncle or something right and then they charge something a little bit more maybe i don’t know 10 20 more than the industry standard and then they agree to give you a little bit money on the side which is called a kickback they kick

The money back to you and essentially the company is paying more which they do not have to but you’re pocketing the difference this of course breaches ethics standards and i’m pretty sure it’s against the law in many places so with that said let me go over what happened when i did my fence quote recently i did four different quotes for my fences i just wanted to

Do three but then i was on a roll so i was like okay let me just get more just in case you have the motivation or you have the time to do it yeah sure get more than three and i would say in my experience of getting more quotes or even getting at least three it’s like every hour you spend you’re probably saving a thousand dollars so you’re earning or saving one

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Thousand dollars per hour so just because it’s a really big job don’t be afraid to spend a little bit more time on it in fact the bigger the job the more quotes that you should actually do anyway the first company came out gave me a quote they had to go back and discuss with the manager or something and they sent me an email quote offer for 5690 it’s around 84

Linear feet of fencing if you guys are interested in exactly how much they’re doing it plus one extra door company b came out to quote and then they have company letterhead on the quote which is sort of official right they’re not just writing on some random piece of paper or just telling it to me the quote is handwritten right then and there and they offered it

To me for three thousand six hundred and ten dollars company c did this over the phone and when i called them they seem to be fumbling with stuff over the phone i can hear like people wrestling and stuff and they’re at some computer they sound really disorganized and eventually they gave me a quote of four thousand six hundred dollars it’s not the cheapest and

Then company d this is the interesting one as soon as they came in this guy was like a really really good sales person and you know right then and there i felt like he’s a really nice guy i almost want to give him the job he told me that they did not have their schedule filled up for the next week so then he’s very interested in giving me a really good deal and

Then later on he mentioned that some items might cost extra like 50 dollars for doing a certain kind of fence post where there’s concrete next to it and then near the house there’s like this little piece of siding or something they have to add on and oh yeah they’re going to give it to me for free or something i’m like oh yeah this sounds really great so then this

Guy didn’t give me the quote right away he had to send me a quote afterwards but he also knew that i was getting multiple quotes so this is kind of strange that he gave me a quote of 4 hundred thirty three dollars now this is not the cheapest the cheapest so far is the second company at three thousand six hundred ten dollars so i just want to bring this little

Story up because just because the guy seems nice the guy seems personable and i almost wanted to give it to him and i thought that he was going to give me a really good deal when the quote came in i was like oh yeah it’s going to be that one but then it turns out that it’s not the cheapest i do understand that you also want to go with a company that is reputable

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They’re not going to cheap you out on like the materials or like maybe the fence posts they’re not going to dig as deep as you really wanted or something like some sort of craftsmanship issue over here but all of these companies actually have at least 40 ratings with four stars so all of these are you know at least based on public ratings they’re pretty good so then

I actually went with the cheapest one the fence right now is built already and i’m pretty happy with it just because they’re really nice and maybe you’ll have two quotes already you really just have to bite the bullet and spend that extra time to get that third or fourth quote the sales person might actually persuade you to go okay this is the company you’re just

Going to go with it you’re just kind of tired of getting quotes you’re tired of like taking another day off to stay at home so that you can get yet another quote just go through the motions humor me even if you think it’s gonna be more expensive just do it anyway it probably will save you a thousand dollars an hour worth of your time here’s another interesting big

Job that i did long time ago which is for the roof 30-year shakes they call it which is kind of like an asphalt compounds mixed in so it’s supposed to last a really long time and then they’re supposed to do the downspouts gutter and stuff this is going to be a really big job and i have no idea how much it’s going to cost but i got quotes from all over the place i

Found couple of them through some yellow pages directory yeah and then i’m like okay let me look through some roofing places and you know just search every which way to get some quotes so i ended up getting five different quotes you know two better than the minimum three company a was five thousand eight hundred ninety company b is six thousand six hundred company c

Is seven thousand eight hundred company d is interesting i’m gonna actually tell you which company it is which is sears they subcontract it out so it’s not actually these people that are working for sears sears would actually call someone else and i guess they’d take a cut for knowing some roofing people they offered me a ridiculous fifteen thousand and seventeen

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Dollars for one kind of shingle sixteen thousand hundred 378 for a second kind of single and 18 929 for a third kind of shingle which it’s ridiculous i cry for the person who goes i’m gonna go with sears and they pay the most expensive eighteen thousand some dollars right compared to the cheapest at around five thousand eight hundred ninety right less than six

Thousand dollars this is one third the cost so if you went with sears it would be three times ridiculous right so suffice to say you probably should not call up sears for your roofing jobs so take that as a data point over here the last company the fifth company is through someone i know not someone i know directly but through a friend who knows someone so i’m

Like okay you know i’m gonna call them up just to get another quote they came over they offered me an even ten thousand dollars and the interesting thing about this particular one is that they offered me a kickback they wanted me to do my roofing job along with my neighbors because it’s like a connected home roof type of thing and the total job is twenty thousand

Dollars and if you get your neighbor to do it at the same time we will give you a kickback of a thousand dollars or so so right then and there i thought wow this is really sleazy none of the other companies that are actual companies offered any kind of kickbacks and i think this is illegal this might not be an official company this is just some person and so there’s

Some kind of breach of ethics here over here so right off the top i’m like you know this leaves a really bad taste in my mouth and i’m like i really don’t want to go with this person you know even if it’s the cheapest you really should not go with it because there’s like a morality issue over here that’s all i want to share with you guys for today i think getting

At least three quotes probably four or five would be your best bet whenever you’re doing any kind of job that costs maybe over you know two thousand dollars or so i hope this video really brings that home helps you save thousands of dollars just for getting a couple more quotes and as always don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching up you

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