In-depth Money Gun Review

Gold Money Gun:

How’s they going everybody does beat the bush today i’m gonna review this little toy gun that shoots out bills it can shoot out the fake bills or you can put your real money in and shoot it out personally i’ve been kind of curious you know it’s gonna shoot money out but i just kind of i don’t know just just play with it a little bit i guess nothing else inside it

Comes with two sets of stickers one set super gun it comes with 100 $100 bills the real bill feels a little bit warmer and it feels a little bit thicker too this is a little bit smoother and thinner edges of it it’s not made out of cotton it’s just made out of paper and then on the left side you can see all this chinese words written on it to indicate that it’s

Actually fake the back also has the print on it and then also has another thing i think this is just to meet regulations to show people that these are fake bills the top of it right here it doesn’t come off easily you have to kind of like push it this way and open it up and if you want to put it back in it doesn’t really just lock you got to like push it to the

Side put pressure on this pull it down and then no go in i need a lock in place this is like a little rubber piece and it’s quite soft actually and it seems like they didn’t even bother to cover this out when they painted this gold i chose a gold color one and this is not actually shiny type of gold it’s like a matte type of gold the battery compartment is over

Here i guess you just you know kind of pull this out and this review is that the plastic is actually red and then he just decided oh let’s just have a gold color and paint it over this so let me get some batteries batteries not included okay and it’s a simple operation you just pull the trigger here it feels like there’s like a little push button inside of this

Thing all right put a few bills in here so i feel obligated to do a slow motion here after you shoot the money most likely you are the one that’s gonna pick up these bills unless you really are really really rich and you hire someone to come after you these are fake $100 all right fake if you are ocd and you want them all to face the same way it’s gonna take you


Forever but if you’re a little less ocd you can just put them together you know it’ll face whichever way and they’ll take a little bit quicker in terms of cleaning up got all of them i think now i got all of them i have some bills over here how many about thirteen bills over here let’s check this out so it goes pretty quickly you need like a hundred bills over here

So i’m thinking i should go to the bank and pick up some dollar bills or something so let’s go i am at the bank this is the first time i ever try to withdraw a hundred bills i don’t even know if you can do that did he charge for this and can you ask for new ones i probably cannot record it in the bank they probably don’t like that very much so oh why is it is

It closed closed today we love it well even if it’s closed i might be able to use the atm let’s see if the atm can give me a hundred ones get cash it won’t want me withdrawal 101 so there’s five so let’s see if i can do 500 all right and premiere is it yeah oh my goodness what is it gonna do it that’s interesting this is quite interesting this is kind of fun i

Never held that many bills all at once before i know this might be weird for people who have held it before but this is my first time kind of interesting okay it’s in my pocket can you see it i wonder if i should count it like i can’t really count it like in broad daylight i feel like i got bring it home first feel nervous already get back on this there they are

Real five-dollar bills you know this smells like this most like chinese new year cuz usually in chinese new year parents like to get new bills and then whenever you get them in those red envelopes when you open them it smells just like this smells like cash you guys you know you know what like new cash smells like it it actually smells it smells like money anyway

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Let me count this one two three four five six seven eight nine ten okay really five hundred one hundred five dollar bills five hundred dollars it’s correct 60 70 80 90 100 bills 100 lincoln’s here are the bills again i counted them it turns out i was missing four of them they were just scattered all over the place so there are exactly 100 of them i did recount them

100 fake bills 74 grams 100 real five-dollar bills 98 grams so it’s about 24 grams heavier than the fake ones that’s interesting because i mean i kind of instinctively knew that because i was like this is kind of kind of light let’s look at the thickness 8.39 millimeters 11.0 72.7 millimeters thicker ten point six ten point six point six if i squeeze around this

Part where it’s darker i can definitely feel it’s thicker if i feel around this part where there’s not much black printing it’s thinner quite a bit i don’t know if you can see you see that indentation right there right that’s how much different the thickness is let me try and measure it from the side here because the ink is not that thick over here so measuring it

Right in the middle from the side nine point three seven and then right here where the ink is thick ten point nine six so from that difference you can probably figure out how much thicker the ink is for each bill let’s shove them in here i think it’s best if i just have them face down because they’re curved down a little bit if they’re curved up it just gets kind

Of caught over there i should work better again floor full of five-dollar bills this is actually a really low-cost way to spend time although this stack of cash costs $500 it’s not like i’m actually spending it right after i am done with this i’m gonna put it back into my bank and i would have spent $0 but if you guys are interested in this thing of course

Check out my i feel that link down in the video description below what i’m just picking up those cuz i hey i dropped them with the gun that shot yourself on purpose whenever you shoot stuff you tend to lose the ammo right in this case it’s gonna be like a five dollar bill that that’s like shoved in between somewhere that you can never find again i hope i don’t lose

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Smells like chinese new year it smells like cash like fresh cash not like you know the the worn-out worn-out cash smells kind of weird i’m kind of curious what’s inside this thing so i’m there’s a whole bunch of screws over here i’m gonna open it up and then we can all see what’s inside yep three of them is missing this pile only has seven fives in it okay here’s

One two of them is missing oh that’s dangerous right there look there’s another one there more in there found the other one just random right here all right this little rubber thing it touches the bill and it pulls it out if you have another bill on top of this the bills are not sticking together so it’s going to get pulled out first when the bill is finally out

Then the wheel over here will finally touch the second bill and start drawing it out like that and it seems to work better when there’s slight pressure on here given by this little lid thing so if you have this lid on there it works a little bit better than not it seems like it’s working right now a little bit see right now the bill is caught right here because

The bill kind of it’s slanted upwards so it can’t come out of that exit hole i’m gonna proceed to open this thing up there’s a dc motor here and one gear reduction pretty simple thing where the switch just connects the battery power to the motor okay here we go so that’s it for the review of this money gun i hope you guys enjoyed it don’t forget to give me a like

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