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When you buy things, you should consider how much it costs you per use over your lifetime not the lifetime of the product. If you minimize the per use cost by buying high quality products, you essentially increase your net worth over the long run.

Okay what’s up everybody this is beat the bush and today we’re going to talk about durable products versus normal products here’s something i noticed when it gets sneakers over the years i bought plenty of sneakers from different brands normal sneakers for $60 and that’s kind of on sale if you buy like really hip fashionable ones that just came out it might be like

$120 so it ranges from 60 to 120 right if you wear them they usually break within a year or two i’ve noticed that yes they do consistently just disintegrate usually it’s the kind that or a nylon let me show you which kind the stitching and stuff it just falls apart because it’s made out of fabric and you’re just stepping on it day in day out they just wear out the

Reason i want to talk about good products versus durable products is that if you buy a good product you can actually save a lot of money because then you don’t keep on revine the same thing over and over again i’m not saying like cheap brand these are really good brand sneakers and they still disintegrate if you ever notice which do you buy that will last you for

A really long time there are certain shoes that will last you for a long time but most of time they’re over $100 $120 each i almost feel like they purposely try to do this so that they’re they’ll be seen the last pretty long and then they wear out and then you go oh okay well let me go buy another one so every year you bought you spend another $60 $60 it’s great

For them because they keep on getting recurring income from you but if you buy a really good pair you’re not going to keep on buying it i have a pair of shoes that lasted for a good at least six years now so i like that brand let me bring it and show you i just happened to buy this at macy’s it’s the eco brian ecco it was a little expensive when i got it but then i

Thought well you know i’m gonna try this brand and i just got lucky getting it turns out a lot of the pieces the the most vulnerable to wear is made out of leather and so it actually didn’t wear out this has been at least six years hey back it’s not worn out like the sneakers so i went and bought the same brand and made sure that all the spots that are vulnerable

Are made out of leather so i’m pretty sure this is going to last heck of a long time i never have to buy shoes again i guess i mean the soles will wear out and you can actually replace them but i’ve never done that really i mean this this is fairly old and it hasn’t i’m surprised that the the sole part didn’t wear out as fast as the sneakers there you have it my


Spew about sneakers i’m sure there are other shoe brands that are really good that lasts forever but it’s not often in places where they tell you how long things last no one will tell you that it’s only by reputation that you’ll find out that things last longer than others and a durability is not really a top prior period people look for people just look oh look

That will satisfy my needs a pair of sneakers they’re comfortable today and let me just wear them you know it might not even register after you keep on buying year after year keep on buying the same shoe and just keep on feeding the corporate twenty on to number two of the durable products thing i have pans here this is a name-brand pant i’m sure it costs maybe

About forty to fifty dollars for this and it lasted me a good two years so what happened to this the nonstick coating started stripping off and i cannot no longer use them ever i cook something sticks to the pan so this pan is dead and i’m sure many people would swear by these cast-iron pans i got this cast iron by lodge i’ll leave a link down below if you want to

Get one with care these things are inherently nonstick if you happen to break the nonstick it’s built like a tank it will last forever this will be the last hand of this size that you’ll ever buy if you do buy one ever so let’s say this is a $50 pan and you buy one every two years for 50 years that’s about $2,500 worth of pans that you buy because you have to keep

On replacing them well this 20 dollar one is the only one that you’ll ever buy if you do get one been using it for several months now so i can’t really tell you how long they last but when i go and look it up people say when you get these get handed down from generation to generation and if it ever it loses its nonstick layer you can actually grub it all off and

Bake on a new nonstick layer nonstick layer is formed by oils you put animal fat bacon oil or vegetable oil and then you cook it off it kind of harbin mises and it turns black sticks on the and it turns out that stuff is really nonstick this thing is a bit heavier so you have to get used to it don’t be a wuss and you know just just use your strength to lift this

Thing up when i started cooking skates with it man it turned out really good i probably don’t have to keep on talking about cast-iron pans because i’m sure there’s a lot of people who already knows about cast-iron pans and i probably don’t have to go on and on about it but it’s my new favorite thing because what you buy this you don’t have to keep on buying all

These expensive pans and now i’m going to show you these knives thing you can keep on going around buying me $40 sets at the discount stores and you get a whole set right and but then they never lie same theory you’ll have to just keep on buying it right handle brace or whatever right but if you buy an expensive set they’ll last forever i’ve had this set for five

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Years now and they’re just as sharp as the day i got you may think oh no these look like fancy knives it will cost me $500 you can actually get name-brand ones but older model which is this point is called zwilling to a henckles or star they have a thing called 4 star 2 now and then they have a pro series which gets more and more expensive i mean i use this one and

I’m very happy with it and b cuts everything i wanted to i guess i have to get a more expensive set to realize how much better more expensive set i don’t know but i’m satisfied with this set actually you can get this for very cheap now because it’s an earlier model they have j hand holes for star 2 and this is the for star 1 it came with all of this except this one

And this one this set and i think i’ve got this whole set back then for like it was on sale for like 150 so it’s not that crazy but they’re very high quality knives because i liked it so much and it lasted so long i went and got this carving set for another hundred bucks you take proper care of these knives it’ll last forever and same theory you buy once and you

Never buy again whole purpose with all of this is if no one buys anything anymore our economy is just going to plummet if everyone is like me who goes and seeks out these durable goods that are really durable that’ll last you a lifetime i think a lot of companies will go back because they’re not making the best products that will last forever it almost seems like

They try to make it so that it will implode after a certain time usually after the warranty it will just implode for the sophisticated company they can estimate when things fail initially after you make it right here this is time axis it has a really high failure rate and then as time goes on it goes down to a very minimal level and then it would last for years so

Let’s say this is year three and this is your five who would actually go down like this and then after a certain time it would go up again because everything starts failing again the companies usually do is they try to pull like a thing called burnin so that they get to hear all the stuff that fails would fail quickly they try to turn it off or certain time test

It and then they see all these fail and then they stay in the factory after daddy comes here and so by the time you get it not many would fail it would be so until many years later the real liability would just not be very good after certain amount of time and the number of failures all the ones i make would suddenly go up if you are the designer of the where

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Would you set your warranty if if it’s like this you would set it at four years of course if you set it at that then most of them won’t fail and then when it expires then they would fail and then even if they expire they can’t claim the warranty so that’s how products or warranty what we would like to avoid is these crappy products that only last five years we

Want something that goes here 20 or 50 something like that or maybe like the cast-iron pan we’ll just keep on going straight it’ll last for like 300 years will it last for 300 years i don’t know maybe because it’s a big hunk of metal thing will the sneakers last 300 years most likely not because the leather will eventually where i can see it lasts maybe 30 years

Maybe but maybe the fashion won’t look so good by then it’ll like be really unfashionable to wear it knives i can see it lasts a lifetime if you take good care of it i do know that for the knives i showed you can actually drop it and it will break in half like for really strong impacts because it’s such a thin metal so don’t drop your knives take good care of it

And they’ll last forever so i’ve been searching for more of these durable products there’s quite hard to find and so it takes quite a bit of digging to go around finding them because they have first-hand experience using it they go oh yeah i’ve used this for so long it lasts forever well those are the products that you should try to get the whole idea is that you

Can actually go and buy expensive high quality products and actually increase your net worth because of that because you don’t have to keep on buying low quality products to replace the broken stuff of course that’s only the case if you will keep on using it if let’s say you start some hobby and you go oh everything you buy needs to be the of the top highest quality

The most durable thing then you go buy and then you never use it then what’s the use you actually spent too much if it’s something that you think you only use once it’s okay to buy really cheap stuff but i think i’ve talked way too much here on this one and i hope all the information is useful so i’ve got some more durable products coming in took me a long time

To find out what they are first i hope to share that in a future video thanks for watching don’t forget to click like and subscribe over here and if you have comments i would really like to know if you have any of really durable products that look like they will last you know 10 years or even a lifetime let me know in the comments and thanks for watching

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