INDIVA Limited (TSXV: NDVA) – RICH TV LIVE – Septemebr 24, 2018 – LONDON, ON, Sept. 24, 2018 /CNW/ – INDIVA Limited (the “Company” or “INDIVA”) (TSX-V:NDVA) is pleased to announce plans to open up to ten cannabis dispensaries in Ontario in 2019. Leases in London and Ottawa have been secured and leases in Toronto are under negotiation.

Hi guys this is rich from wish-tv live and you can see here that in diva announces plans to open cannabis dispensaries in ontario diva is another cannabis stock that i’ve been looking at that has a lot of potential and here it is in diva limited n dv8 so 87 cents you can see it’s really climbed from a bottom of 57 cents in july so be careful of a trend reversal well

Right now all the indicators are giving you a sell the news itself though is pretty big on this company and i want to bring in the news because the news are the reason that that you know that you guys are watching so what is it that is bringing this attention and why is this cannabis stock just getting started if you want to find out all the information you can go to

Wwe hover over stocks all the tools you need are right there absolutely free and if you click on some of these indicators we can go to trading view for example and we go to charts and let’s do in diva nd ba-bam and diva 87 cents so if we go over the last year you can see here that it’s been as low as it’s been in the 50s okay it’s been over $1 as high as

A dollar 29 and we’re currently at 87 cents so it’s definitely coming from a bottom it started to create some momentum okay now the big news is right here i just broke today the company in diva on the tsx and dv8 is pleased to announce plans to open up to ten cannabis dispensaries in ontario in 2019 that’s right 10 up to 10 cannabis dispensaries in ontario in 2019

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Leases in ontario and ottawa have been secured and leases in toronto are under negotiation by having retail outlets we will add an additional revenue stream grow brand awareness and promote client loyalty we are moving quickly to as in areas of high traffic and high population density in ontario this is the company ceo and gc kobe smut yo-yo subject to applicable

Laws our dispensaries will carry cannabis products we produce cannabis products of other licensed producers and accessories and deva is working with a design and fabrication firm that has worked with top brands including nordstrom louis vuitton ray ban and j.crew we believe this experience will help us create and deliver an awesome retail experience to our clients

Says the ceo a bowden diva and divas wholly owned subsidiary is a licensed producer under canada’s access to cannabis for medical purposes regulation once again the acm pr otherwise known as green gold and divas mission is to offer cannabis products that have a positive impact improve lives and communities what do you think about in deva i think it has the defense

Should be a big winner what do you think m d v a and if you go to rich tv live and you want to join our communities you can just go to hover over contact and literally join all of our communities right there we have booming communities growing everywhere people wanting the winners people wanting the pics now let’s just say we go to tsx i’d like to show you guys

How to use this and you click on get quote and you hit nd va and diva limited and all of this is thanks to youtube without youtube none of this is possible the greatest streaming platform in the universe thank you youtube so in deva and dva on the tsx let’s it go and if you scroll down and there is an diva so i like the fact that there’s only 80 million shares

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Out and the fact that it’s at 87 cents with 80 million shares out really tells me that it’s tightly held and this is the type of stock that could explode i like that i like stocks with tightly held shares i also like to invest in stocks and companies that are licensed producers that are at relatively low prices and as you can see over the last year it’s been way

Higher we’ve seen has been over $1 and it’s currently been way lower it’s been at 59 so be careful it could come back down but long-term do you think this could be a winner if you do smash the like button share this video everywhere comment down below do you think it’s a winner i do not own this stock i have not been hired for this video i’m strictly just looking

To see your opinion so please comment down below let me know if you own this stock are you looking at the stock do you like the stock i think it uses big news you can see it’s everywhere it’s also here on trading view and it is on new cannabis ventures so this news is circulating but yet the indicators are saying strong sell so let’s take a look at bar turn see

What they say and d/b/a there it is in diva on the tsx venture a 40% buy so the indicators are starting to show some strength but tons of strength but they are starting to show some strength and if we look at the indications over the last month it’s up 16% over the last three months up 55% and over the last year up 55% so i do believe this could be a big winner in

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Deva limited is engaged in supplying medical cannabis the company offers dried cannabis flowers and oils it also offers sativas indicas and hybrids the company operates in one segment that is the production of medical marijuana i like it and if we go and search the toronto star cannabis countdown we see that we are see how far are we from history we are 22 days 10

Hours 49 minutes and three seconds away from history and your boy rich is looking at all the winners every day let’s see what all the winners look like today guys create a watch list ladies gentlemen everyone of all ages create a watch list write down all the picks here are all the picks absolutely free all the winners for you to get right here at rich tv live

Absolutely free thank you for watching remember rich tv live is strictly for education entertainment purposes we are not licensed advisors always do your research always do your due diligence before you invest in anything that we talk about here on rich tv live obviously you’re gonna get the winners here first we bring you all the winners first thank you for

Watching this is your boy rich you’re not winning you’re not watching in dema with some big news up to ten dispensaries to open up in ontario it’s true i love peace

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