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Influencer Marketing – – – – RICH TV LIVE – August 22, 2018 – #richtvlive #cryptoinfluence #socialbook – CEO Heidi YU of Interview with RICH TV LIVE. Today I interview Heidi and learn about and where you can UPVOTE to help RICH TV LIVE!!! Youtube: Crypto Heidi Youtube:

How’s everybody doing today this is your boy rich and i’m here with a very special guest it is hi to you the ceo of busto dot io how you doing today heidi how are you this is ready i am one i am doing fantastic today i’m very excited to have you on the show today and let’s get right into it okay so you’re the ceo of busto dot io tell everybody a little bit about

Boost oh please okay bluestone is easy so everybody so as a consumer we use iphone or we’ll use android phone so we will use iphone we download all the apps from iowa store we will use android phone with download all the apps from google play so gusto is another version of ios store or google play actually it’s a decentralized app store driven by influencers like

Um me and everybody out there who want to share with your friends that’s great and what is your relationship with crypto influencer dot io okay yeah as we are do so if the decentralized app store so crypto influence and also social book and a bunch of other tabs actually the arguing the store the using the busto protocol or the framework to make the adapts really

Easy and fast now i love what you guys are doing because essentially what you’ve done is revolutionary okay you now have a place in crypto influence day oh and social book do to go and actually see all the influencers in the entire industry ranked from top to bottom based on real statistics based on real data real fundamentals i think this is evolutionary where do

You want to go with this like what’s the plan with this because i love it as an influencer just to see myself on the list exciting it’s super exciting what’s the play where do you want to go with this sure sure as we already said gusto is a decentralized app store there’s two parts actually three parts first parts are developers who are making daps second part are

All those advocates can be influencers kappa hardcore users can be consumers right so as influencer you and me we have already we have our youtube channel it’s hard to make money sometimes youtube are really cutting the smaller polar based influencers and there’s not much of advertisement and also as you and me we don’t like advertisement we want to share the best

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Content to our fans yes we have to make money somewhere right so this basic idea is you and me we don’t really know we’re not developers we cannot make dabs which are good to argue our folders to use but now we can just go here to grab some tabs we like that for example like crypto influence for example of a social book people have engagement with that pattern when

I said people could be our cents or could be the brands that they want work with us directly so for crypto influence in the community that that generates over 500 the best of the best social media influencers only for crypto industry including you and me actually you are much higher rank than me right now good job rich thank you basically we want that community

All the best crypto projects people are used to assic in crypto in space they have the best content you can watch and also if they’re the project’s they can talk with you and me to tell people how awesome their projects is now you mentioned making money how can a creep you influence or like myself make money with your platform oh is crypto it was yes ok and use

This one as example so after them crypto influence a community it’s also have the wallet function oh yeah so wallet function and also checked for example if people really like you and me they can donate crypto – um e for us to make a better content and also sometimes we can just say airdrop the tokens we got from projects to our fan base so the fans really support

Up they can get some tokens from the different projects thin out the tokens and also when we trade people can see like what type of our cool cool little type for example you’re on the expert with crypto investment so people always want to know richwood what you’re buying right now like which one you have the most but definitely those are not financial advising for

Those poor with our advanced but they still wanna know so every time when they see our portfolio and actually that wallet is connected with exchange so people can buy through our portfolio so we make some sense here and there all the time so that’s we can also make money there and sometimes if projects like to work with that you can also send us tokens – great

Now let’s just say you’re a fan of rich tv live or you’re a fan of heidi how can a fan go and support the influencer to help the influencer grow its boost score on crypto influence dot io okay so since there’s a score from crypto influence definitely most important thing is let’s get our fan to build us absolutely go there to a booth that’s high that will so like

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All the score have coming to them from the two parts one parts are from our direct votes from our fans go there to up work for us the second part is really found all the statistics from our youtube performance right now for example a rich has a load of polar’s i have some folders we make sure all the folders are always watching those stuff we’re making to them so

Our your ship have to be high and also people love to agency liked our video please click the like button comment and share with your friends so that one will also help us to grow our statistics was at youtube so guys if you want to help rich people live grow as an influencer or if you want to help heidi and weirdo heidi is your channel perfect if you want to help

Crypto heidi or a rich tv live go to crypto influence dario and social book dot io type in crypto influence type in heidi crypto type in rich tv live and you will see we will pop up okay when you see our profile pops up there’s an upvote section literally just click it and that will help grow the influence i was like ranked out of five i think last month now i’m

Ranked at twenty nine so it’s really going up i’m very excited about that but we want to go all the way to a hundred and your guys help will help hopefully help us get over the top hopefully get us over the hump now another thing you guys are doing which i’m super excited about is you’re holding conferences and events everywhere talk about these conferences please

Let us know the next upcoming conference in san francisco and let us know what some of the influencers can expect if they either attend at the conference or if you’re just a fan and you go to the conference sure sure so actually we have our page early life very soon i think and we have two conference actually two big conferences and a big retreat so i think some

Czech september september 14 we have the blog and what is the name of it so we have actually we’re working with like pony so we have the litecoin summits coming in san francisco so charlie lean the legend guy will be there i had a lover stevie i interview charlie last year yeah ok and we do have a bunch of crypto influencers there sitting on the panel to share the


Knowledge to everyone about how to market their projects out how to get massive audience absorption about watching and critter we also organized the best of the best crypto influencer retweet especially youtubers come in to san francisco to have a get to the other section and that will be a great night with open bars and tons of love and fun oh i want to go so bad

The timing is just a really bad a single dad my kids are starting school i just can’t go but i want to go so bad are you ever coming to canada oh yeah we do comfort is already there cool brr sometimes i’m here in vancouver if you come to vancouver i want to be one of your go-to guys i will help you i’ll be a guest speaker i’ll do everything i can to help and there’s

So much for your time today heidi heidi if there’s anything else you want all the viewers the fans subscribers the followers that are watching you all over the world and watch a rich tv live right now no above busto do crypto influenced audio and social book dale what would it be okay i wanna so everybody have some idea to think about what’s the influencers or sub

Or yourself what type of down you want and we do have developers out there they laugh they’re lacking of ideas they want ideas from you and me and everyone watching our tv watching our video right now to say okay i want to do this type of that can you do it for us so we do have the protocol we do have the developer community and everybody meet your idea to put it

Out there comment underneath the guys just like button share the video everywhere comment down below okay let us know what you think about crypto influenced audio let us know what you think about social book that io let us know what you think about boost oto and heidi how can everybody get in contact with you i see your twitter handle there your twitter is heidi

On you and you have an email that everyone can beat you up if it’s heidi at gusto i know that is amazing there’s too much hiding everybody go and follow heidi on all of our social media thank you for your time today i really appreciate it let’s get rich tv live boost it up thank you heidi let’s do this again soon hopefully we’ll be at an event and we’ll go live yeah you thanks heidi

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