Insider Trading on The Dark Web

Apostolos Trovias was recently arrested in Peru and charged by the SEC with perpetrating a fraudulent scheme to sell what he called “insider trading tips” on the Dark Web.

I have a good story today, the story of apostolos  trovias, a greek man, who was arrested in peru and   charged by the sec with perpetrating a fraudulent  scheme (of all things) to sell what he called   “insider trading tips” on the dark web. i was  hoping to put some affiliate links to the websites   he used in the description

Below to try and make  a bit of affiliate marketing money, but it seems   that alphabay the website he used, was shut down  around four years ago, and the feds are still   pretty busy arresting and charging the people  who used it. according to the complaint, trovias,   using the online avatar “the bull” engaged in a 

Deceptive scheme to sell “insider trading tips” on   dark web marketplaces. the bull claimed that the  information he was selling consisted of order-book   provided to him by an employee of that firm.   and more importantly illegal to use or share”.  you could buy these “tips” either one by one,   service. how

2020’s is it that you can buy   illegal tips as a subscription service.  everyone  loves recurring revenue streams, even criminals.   i know, you are all wondering what these insider  tips cost.  well, one illegal tip is $29.95,the   costs $299.  i like that he didn’t price his   illegal tips at round

Numbers.  i’m not sure  if those prices include taxes or not – in fact   i’m not really sure how taxes work on the dark  web. if you have purchased illegal goods or   services on the dark web and know about the tax  implications, let me know in the comments section   below.  anyhow, “the bull” is accused of

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Selling  over 100subscriptions. he sold both order-book   information and the pre-release earnings reports  of publicly traded companies. now, i’m sure that   many of you are thinking that this is a great  idea. if you have illegal insider information,   shark collector’s phone is tapped by the fbi,   so why not sell

It on the dark web? of course,  you only have to read a few stories like this   to realize that the dark web’s main customer base  is undercover federal agents.  if you think about   it for a minute or so, you’ll realize that this  dark web stuff is too complicated for criminals.    let’s be serious, the entire

Dark web is most  likely a copy of ebay where the ebay logo has   been swapped for a skull and crossbones hosted  on a server in the basement of the pentagon.   so, the bull’s customers included at least one  irs agent and an fbi agent working undercover.   i knew it, an irs agent – so i guess you do have  to charge

Sales tax on the dark web. anyhow,   here is a screen grab of his listing from alpha  bay, which is included in the complaint.  i’ll   of a pair of dice, which possibly doesn’t give   customers a lot of confidence in the accuracy  hoping that if you spend 29.99 plus tax on illegal  information that it won’t be a roll

Of the dice,   there’s one thing i’ve learned on youtube is   that a good thumbnail matters. the complaint says  that he sold 39 individual tips, three weekly tip   packages and three monthly packages. i summed that  up and that comes to around $2370 worth of insider   information, plus taxes of course.  got to

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Pay  your dark web taxes. anyhow, the irs agent signed   up for the monthly plan and started receiving  emails like the one you see on screen right now   (that was included in the complaint). they gave  the ticker symbol of the stock, whether the trade   and offered a confidence level for the tip   ranging from 0 (for

Low expected returns) to 10  (high expected returns). the complaint says that   in 2017 the bull gave the irs agent pre-release  earnings information on at least two companies.   the information apparently came from quarterly  earnings reports for illumina and analogic,   although the documents indicate that “the bull” 

Mixed up some of the data on one of the reports.   and then he goes and mixes it all up.  i wonder  what the return policy is like on the dark web…   it is probably like ali express…anyhow, it looks  like he actually did have inside information, as   he gave the right earnings number to the feds for  illumina, but in

The case of analogic – it looks   like he had his hands on the report, but he told  them that the revenues figure was $538.083 million   but that was actually the total assets line item  in their earnings report. i mean how annoying!   thirty bucks (plus tax), and this guy can’t even  read the accounts.  as neil

Young once said about   buying illegal goods online “you pay for this,  but they give you that” the complaint says that   some of the inside tips in the daily emails were  either false or misleading, but it turns out   was an actual office clerk and was really   selling “inside trading tips,” he was committing 


Insider trading – which is securities fraud.   he was committing general securities fraud. it  turns out that fake insider trading is essentially   the same crime as real insider trading, both are  securities fraud and both violate the same laws,   which he was doing in order to charge him.   if he sold real stolen inside

Information, he was  committing securities fraud against the owners of   that information, while if he sold fake inside  information, he was committing securities fraud   against the unfortunate dark web criminals who  bought it. as late as 2020, the feds claim that   the bull was trying to build his own dark web  site,

Possibly because the marketplaces he used   kept getting shut down. the sec and doj documents  don’t mention taking “the bull” into custody   but a may 27th extradition request can be found  online which shows that he was arrested in peru.   the department of justice has charged him with one  count of securities fraud which

Carries a maximum   penalty of 25 years in jail, as well as one count  of money laundering with a maximum penalty of   even get him for taxes…i don’t really know   anything about dark web taxes…anyhow, like and  subscribe, and i’ll see you next week, bye.

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