Instant Pot Sous Vide Steak

You can now Sous Vide food in an Instant Pot. Instead of having a separate appliance for sous vide, you can just get this 11 in 1 combo machine and save some space in your kitchen! I cook steak every now and then and these are all my best tips to get the perfect steak.

Today i’m gonna make a sous-vide steak with an instapot i have a grass-fed rib eye over here looks delicious when i bought it i picked the one that is most marbled so this looks actually really really good this is my insta pot and you can see it has a sous vide function right here this is a little temperature chart i have i like to cook my meat at a little bit

Under 128 degrees fahrenheit because i like to sear it afterwards and this will bring the internal temperature up slightly look at this it’s beautiful if you look at the back there’s a big chunk of fat over here i guess there’s gonna be a little bit of fat i have some pepper that i’m gonna manually crush my grinder is broken so that’s why i have to crush this

Myself i have some garlic powder over here go really easy on this because you don’t want it to have a very extreme garlic flavor the sous vide tends to really amplify this garlic powder so just go very lightly with the garlic powder like that and i got some cumin powder put some cumin on you can go a little bit more heavily on the cumin here get the sides too

And i have to admit to everyone that i do reuse my sous vide vacuum bag yeah so just stick it in there close it i actually don’t have a vacuum machine i have this ziploc little pump thing and you just stick it on this corner actually when it’s in there it doesn’t really matter that you have to have it completely air tight just make sure this thing is above the

Water and also the ziploc portion is above the water as well i can just push sous-vide and this is the number of hours it’s set at two right now i can change it in 15 minute increments i want it for two hours normally one hour would do for a steak but two hours would make it kind of tenderize a little bit more the temperature it was set at 130 or so i want it

To be 128 press start and it’s gonna start bringing up the water temperature up to 128 i’m gonna put this rack in here just so that the bottom of the steak does not touch the bottom of the pot i got the steak over here just kind of put it in and it looks like i need to weigh it down a little bit and just kind of put this other little metal thing in there yeah

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That should do it i’ll put the lid on it started counting down after it reached 128 i’m three minutes late but let’s check the temperature 128 129 130 okay either my thermometer here is a little off or it got a little hot down there at the top is 128 at the bottom of this thing is a little bit warmer so the accuracy of around two degrees should be okay enough

To make a pretty good steak let me explain to you guys why sous vide is so good although i don’t like the fact that you have to use a plastic bag it’s one of those approved ones so that it doesn’t leach so much chemicals into your meat think of it when you go to a steak house you eat the perfect medium rare part of the steak when you do it the sous vide way the

Entire steak is at that perfect doneness only the very outside crust is charred and seared and slightly crispy so you’re essentially getting more of the steak in the most tender form there is which is medium rare sous-vide machines these days are a lot cheaper than before i remember buying my first one for around 300 400 this insta pot thing is 129 on amazon

Right now it even has that air fryer thing this is still the dented one that i fixed before i highly recommend trying to sous-vide a steak it’ll be the best steak that you ever made and you’ll probably feel like you never have to go to a steakhouse ever again because you can make it just as good i’m gonna put in some shiitake mushroom oh these looks delicious half

Of it i’m just gonna cut them all in half i have some organic heirloom tomatoes i’m gonna eat and some steel cut oats for the starch i’m preparing one tablespoon of butter to cook the steak in i’m heating up the steel cut oats and i prefer to use a relatively heavy plate just put a little bit of water on it and i’m heating the plate just the plate by itself with

A little bit of water put it in for a minute 30. if you put it on a cold plate it’s going to suck all the heat away from your steak and your steak is going to become cold a lot faster if you have a heated plate your food is going to stay warmer longer and it will be more delicious i’m getting hungry there’s still 27 minutes left on the timer but one hour would


Have cooked the steak already i’m just you know a little too bit too hungry for this so i’m gonna take it out right now apparently there’s a little bit of air pressure uh 126 128 well let’s just take this out there’s quite a bit of juice at the bottom i’m going to save the juice because i’m going to make a gravy out of it and then we transfer the steak over to

A piece of paper towel and you just kind of pat it dry why are we doing this because we want it to get crispy faster if it’s kind of wet and we put it on the pan it won’t get as crispy you can eat this right now it’s fully cooked you don’t want this sitting around for too long you want to cook it right away right after i have a pan on high right now put some butter

There’s one tablespoon of butter i have some starch over here here is the juice a little bit of tapioca starch it can be any starch just put flour or whatever i’m gonna put it in into this and mix it around i’m gonna use this later of course we’re gonna cook this later just kind of blend it in there now we’re gonna put the steak on here and only sear it for about

45 seconds 60 seconds on each side i can probably put in the mushrooms right now too have it cook on the side here yeah this is almost done already i have the plate that has water in it i’m going to pour this out just kind of wipe all the water away and yeah see that’s a nice crust over here don’t want to cook it for too long it’s been on this pan about one

Minute and a half i think this is enough look at that and i got the mushrooms here i put in the tomatoes kind of grill it a little bit so it’s hot now i’m putting in the juice from before this is the gravy i made and i put in the rice on the side so i have this 2.50 wine right here i got one more cup left ah that’s just enough don’t want to drink too much let

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Me cut into this and show you what this looks like this will look amazing over here medium rare very medium rare ribeye meatiness um i think if i cook it half an hour longer it would be a little bit more tender grass-fed beef tends to be not as marbled so i was surprised how this was a bit more marble than usual the shiitake mushroom smells really nice it has

A slightly better aroma than i guess regular mushrooms but they’re quite a bit more expensive like two to three times more expensive than your regular ones but what can you do let me cut into the meat of this thing right in the center surprisingly it’s a little bit more well done in the center here look at that look at this piece did you guys know that this is

The rib eye and this part this little crescent moon shape part is a rib eye cap this actually tastes the best out of the whole rib eye this is kind of like a little tougher than you know the rest of the rib eye in fact you can go to costco and buy just this section over here as a steak by itself i’m going to cut into it and show you guys right here look at oh

My goodness it’s almost like filet mignon it’s not as tender as filet mignon but it’s a cross between rib eye and filet mignon it has this distinctive flavor to it that is different than the rest of the ribeye definitely very very tender can i taste a big difference between a grass-fed steak and a regular one it’s like a small difference maybe 20 percent better

Or so it is it tastes a little bit better i guess having some tomato because you gotta have some kind of fiber along with your meat and rice the ribeye cap sometimes when i’m recording i forget to sort of just put it in my mouth and really taste it so here we go or slow down um thanks for watching everybody i’m not gonna just eat in front of you guys for the

Rest of the steak but you get the point soup eat steak put some mushroom in heat your plate sear your steak dry your steak before you sear it all the tips and tricks i’ve known so far it makes a really really good steak thanks for watching you

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Instant Pot Sous Vide Steak By BeatTheBush

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