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The Circular Bioeconomy Alliance brings together indigenous cultures and the finance community with the aim to create a climate and nature positive economy by connecting investors to sustainable solutions.

The ecuadorian amazon is currently a hugely valuable carbon sink sucking up more carbon dioxide than it emits but human activity has scarred and drained the land stripping it for resources the planet but it’s no longer just about protecting this forest it’s about learning from it in 2022 a group called the circular bioeconomy alliance ventured to the sacred

Headwaters of the amazon river in ecuador the alliance are trying to change the way the world thinks about our environment both within the amazon forest and around the world the prince of wales established the circular bioeconomy alliance to connect finance to action on the ground it is formed by a diverse partnership that involves indigenous communities ngos

Scientific organizations companies banks fans but all sharing the same vision that we need to develop a new economy that prospers in harmony with nature estamos que agamos una allenza unalianza verdadera para segundo paso the alliance was created because we have reached a tipping point we are now in the in the amazon in order to see how for thousands of years

The indigenous communities have been already implementing a living economy that should inspire the new economy of the 21st century the bioeconomy equilibrium of course we need to admit that it’s difficult to replicate the circular bioeconomy that the indigenous communities implement in the amazon to other parts of the world but what we can replicate is some of

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The principles they use to develop this circular bioeconomy we need to work with the indigenous people because they have the knowledge and they have the intimacy with their forest so it’s their project but we are here to provide support and the first type of support we can provide is identifying the value chains we need a market it can be a local market it can

Be a global market but then we can help as well on how to scale reforestation starting from a small project to a large project is not easy you need logistics you need to contract with the villagers and you need the communication tools as well so we provide these technical expertise and we have also the network of companies that can buy their products banks and

Funds play a crucial role without the investors and the banks providing the capital deploying the right amount of capital to make this transformation it will not be possible they need to start recognizing and valuing nature as the basis for any sustainable economy for the future is

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Into the Heart of the Amazon | FT Rethink By Financial Times

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