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How to replace an iPad front glass screen. Hint: Use a heat gun, know where the obstacles are, and remember to not leave any fingerprints on the screen when you close it.

Hey what’s up everybody this is beat the bush and today we’re going to fix a cracked ipad screen right here i’m repurposing this neck cushion thing this serves us the heating element so that you can heat the adhesive a bit so it can get a little softer i bought this stuff came in this cardboard thing the screen like this and it has like cable when i look at this

I’m not really sure this is original material or did they just look at the screen and try to redesign themselves you know there could be differences between the performance so we’ll see and it has the cable right here on the front and back there is these adhesive protection here so that you won’t get your fingertips all over it so you remove it right before you

Want to close it at the end it wasn’t clear when i bought this that it came with adhesives i thought i just reuse adhesive after i soften it and it also came with some tools we use this one see so i’ve had this heating thing on this ipad for a while now so let’s try to pry it open yes i’m a little impatient and i just wedge it in there i really didn’t pry it this

Way that much i think maybe it wasn’t softened enough and i was just trying to shove one of these pics in there and then it just cracked instead of using this heating thing i’m gonna use the heat gun now you after breaking this corner where its weakest i’m starting to get the hang of it and it’s weekend of it i think i like this heater much more than this thing

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Because i don’t want to keep on microwaving it running back and forth for this one i can just heat it a bit now i’m going to use these plastic cards up a few pieces and insert them in here as i go along there’s a wi-fi antenna somewhere right here from one inch to two inch at the bottom right i’m gonna be careful around that it’s actually pretty easy now after

This initial run so you see this one has a cable right here so i’m going to match it up try to not sever that cable if it’s crap just slightly it’s better than not crack it some more a team because you can see it has i can just go around very smoothly but then when i reach this crack i can’t go on anymore because it’s still stuck i need to somehow get in there

This is the entry point i use one of the spud jerz to dig in here there’s like a little plastic lip between aluminum plastic and then glass and then i shove that in there you go straight down and around the corner and then around this thing you come out be careful around this one and then you go around the home button with it fully inserted and then you go around

This connector and then keep on going straight and then around and then for this camera you go around the camera too you got to heat it up pretty good and that it came off pretty easily after i heated it this kit came with these screws currently i have to remove this thing apparently i bought the wrong screen because this thing is a different version here well

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I’m gonna try and shove it in there anyway so this cable here i just folded it funny it didn’t fit before so one was going like this and mine goes out and in this way this new screen wants to connect somewhere here but the old one wants to connect somewhere here so what i’ve done is just kind of bent it in a nice way so that it comes out turns out if i bent it

In a different way it was all jittery so it didn’t work first time i tried it i don’t really want to go and get a new screen i just want to put this in and be done with it just put the screws back in because i touched the screen got put some wipe it a bit lens wiping cleaner it does a pretty good job actually if i’m looking at an angle a little spot that i left on

Here or actually coming off well since i’m pretty happy with it i’m going to use the adhesive wi-fi antenna does not have an is he sooo it seems oh okay think it’s done looks good okay so look at that i did it even with a with the wrong version of the front looks good this is the corner where i entered there’s like a little thing right here after its own i guess

It’s not too noticeable i also have to go in along these edges and you can see there’s a little thing here also overall pretty good so that’s all i have for today i know cracking your screen for your ipad is kind of a bummer but if you can replace it i actually bought this only for about fifteen dollars and fifteen dollars so that’s a really really cheap way to

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Revitalize their ipad this is my first time doing it and it took me maybe one or two hours so thanks for watching this ipad front glass replacement tutorial don’t forget to click like somewhere over here and subscribe thanks for watching

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