Is Elon Musk Going To Jail? (SEC INVESTIGATION)

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Before i even get into today’s video let me just tell you that in the ten years i’ve been in the stock market i have never seen a company with as much drama as tesla has with this company i have never seen it this takes the cake over every company ever alright so it looks like the sec is finally seriously looking into tesla so i want to take you through three main

Points we are talking about is it possible that elon musk could actually go to jail for what has happened here okay we also got to talk about this another a whistleblower employee former security guard of tesla that has come out and made some serious allegations we’re talking about possible drug trafficking that was not reported like this is crazy stuff guys there’s

So much drama with this stock right now it’s unbelievable okay so it looks like the sec is seriously looking into tesla now doing a serious investigation it went from though we’re just trying to kind of ask them some questions around – now it looks like they’re doing a serious investigation okay which means they’re gonna probably want text messages emails a lot

Of different stuff okay so i’m gonna kind of share with you in order for tesla to really get in trouble – specifically elon musk what is it gonna take okay so the first thing is material info was leaked on it was was given out there on twitter okay elon musk all this stuff started on twitter when he said the company is going private for might go private for $420 a

Share funding secure all that came out on twitter so most people saw this right off the bat and they say whoa whoa whoa this is so sketchy why is it a no press release why isn’t this stuff on the company’s website everybody was freaked out over this well on 2013 a law got changed that you could release material information on social media as long as it was already

Registered on the company’s website and whatnot and tesla has done that so in terms of releasing that material info on twitter elon musk cannot get in trouble for my understanding at all illegally okay because it was it’s a it’s a new law that was enacted back five years ago in because you know tesla had already said that you don’t pay attention elon musk twitter

Page if you want some material information basically at the end of the day okay so in terms of that there’s nothing the sec can come down on him with in my opinion as far as that goes all right no we got to ask ourselves a serious question did he just do this all to get the stock price off danny just go through with all this to get that stock price up there are

Definitely some arguments to be made on why he would have done this just to get the stock price up the first reason being he just bought tens of millions of dollars of more shares and back early in the summer okay amy’s already a huge investor in tesla or you know one of the biggest investors in until the biggest individual investor in the entire company okay so

He definitely has a huge financial gain if the stock price goes up at a major weight then he has a ton more money right so right off the bat there’s definitely a reason for him to want to get the stock price up the second reason being that the company shares have to be over three hundred and sixty dollars by nine months from now or they’re gonna have to pay over

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Nine i think it’s around nine hundred and twenty million dollars in basically a capital okay there have to pay in nine hundred and twenty million dollars in capital if the share price is not over three hundred and sixty dollars a share so meaning nine months from now that the shares need to be over three hundred sixty if they’re not over three hundred and sixty

They have to pay in nine hundred and twenty million dollars where are they gonna get that nine hundred twenty million dollars they would probably have to raise capital you know i must says he doesn’t want to raise any more capital supposedly okay so when we look at that that’s a real bad situation and lastly obviously he’s he wants to burn the shorts he’s got a

You know definitely a vendetta against short sellers and you know he’s he said many times know you guys have a few weeks to cover before you know you guys lose all your money he’s got the short short jokes a lot of different stuff okay so he definitely had you can definitely make arguments that he has a reason to get that stock price up okay the biggest investor

Out there just bought a ton more shares he needs the shares to be over 360 or they have to redeem over nine hundred twenty million dollars and have to pay in and then on top of that he wants to burn the short seller so he definitely has reasons but just because he has reason still doesn’t mean he’s necessarily at fault unless there’s a line in there all right and

This is the opposite of a normal possible sketchy situation so most of time what happens is maybe a ceo will buy shares in the stock they’ll you know try to get the stock price up however and then they’ll sell off those shares while the stock price is high for in just you know go ahead and make huge profit on that from what we have seen we haven’t seen anything

In regards to elon musk selling off his shares all right meaning if you’re looking at it from the perspective of oh he’s just trying to get a short-term gain it’s a little harder to make that argument if he had let’s say you know sold off a bunch of shares you know when it was $380 or a $389 you know a few weeks ago when after that all this deal happened then you

Could say whoa whoa whoa he just sold off tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of millions of dollars of shares it’s obvious he’s trying to get that stock price up so he could sell out a bunch of shares but we have not seen any major sells from elon musk out there as them as of yet so you just put it in the context of all this is a sketchy situation you know

I don’t know if they can make that argument so what does the sec need to find in order to take down elon musk and really caused a major damage to tesla and then we’re gonna look at what this this this former employee of tesla said which is pretty crazy okay so in order to get the elon musk in major trouble where he would actually have to go to jail or something

Like that you would need to find text messages or emails of him basically corresponding with someone else and talking about hey you know i got a scheme for trying to get the stock price up or a man i really want to get this stock price up i think i’m going to do something you need to find some concrete evidence and emails text messages something like that or

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Maybe executives that come out and we’re to say he was saying something or something like that you need to find concrete information that he was saying hey i’m gonna get this stock price up there’s really no truth to this but i need to get the stock price up we need to get the stock price up i’m gonna announce some information there’s almost like a like a like a

Planned agenda there you need to find something like that if you’re the sec if you’re really gonna take down elon musk if they could find something like that emails text messages where he’s specifically talking about getting the stock price up somehow and it’s somewhat recently then also we’re talking about maybe you almost could actually do some jail time for that

Because then it is it’s essentially like fraud out there okay he’s essentially frauding everybody and just trying to get the stock price up however it is but if there’s some real truth to the matter and there’s no like hidden agenda on we’re just trying to specifically get the stock price up if they can’t find anything like that then it’s going to be really hard

To get you musk and trumple at the other day it doesn’t matter how much they investigate unless you find some concrete evidence where he’s specifically stating he needs to get that stock price up wants to get that stock price up and there’s no truth though really the company was going private at the time there’s no truth to that then then you know it’s a totally

Different situation all right no let’s go ahead and get into what this former security guard for tesla is accusing them of here okay so carl hansen has filed a whistleblower complaint with the sec accusing the electric vehicle maker of theft and spying on workers he’s the second x tesla employee to come forward feely so one of the accusations he says they failed

To disclose to shareholders that 37 million dollars worth of goods worth of copper and raw materials was stolen from the gigafactory in the first half of 2018 first off like how do they get 37 million dollars worth of goods jack like that like that’s ridiculous guys that’s that should be a movie made about that that high street there 37 million dollars that’s like

Way better than robbing a high-end jewelry store like that’s ridiculous all right he also accuses a company of spying on your employees specifically by wiretapping and hacking their cell phones and computers okay this is some pretty big accusation was here he says there’s a failure to disclose to local law enforcement and to the us drug enforcement agency that the

Gigafactory employees may have been drug trafficking what are you kidding me this is this is like ridiculous guys there’s so much drama here any i’m retaliating against hanshin hansen for raising such issues internally and they fired him in mid-july i don’t know if there’s any truth to this but if there is some truth to the some of these things it’s a big deal

Okay the 37 million dollars in impossible goods stolen i’m not sure there’s any specific law that says they need to disclose that to shareholders but i think that was some material information they should have disclosed to shareholders the company possibly being involved with drug trafficking in any shape or form like what what exactly is he talking about there

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Is he talking about like there was one employee who i don’t know mubi kilo or something and he happened to be a tesla employee is he talking about something like that was he talking about a system of a ton of employees that were involved with something what is this guy talking about there we got to dive into that if there’s any type of serious you know stuff going

On there that’s a big issue obviously we don’t know okay and then why are tapping employee cell phones and computers and stuff like that is there any truth to that as well these are some big accusation this guy has made he’s a second of a testicle employee to raise you know some some pretty crazy stuff so we got to find out is there any truth to that there’s some

Truth to that and then there’s some truth to this you know it’s gonna look real bad for tesla for a while okay but this is the main part all right and this is a main part was there any concrete proof that elon musk specifically just try to get this stock price up without no real backing to the fact that this was gonna be a private company or anything like that if

They can find some truth there they can find some information there it’s a i’m gonna say it’s a strong possibility that elon musk could actually do some jail time for that it’s not gonna be a long amount of time like even if he was found of this deal and he specifically try to manipulate the stock price by coming out with that story about them going private and

Stuff even if he did get in trouble for that in my opinion he could possibly go to jail he couldn’t still get off remember he’s gonna have fabulous lawyers if there was ever to be an actual you know court situation there but it you know it’s very possible that if you did go jail it would probably be for like a six-month time horizon or something like that but once

Again they got to find concrete evidence they if they if they can’t find anything concrete on this company there’s no elon musk is gonna get away from this you know skate free and he’s gonna give you no trouble and we’re just gonna move on and and things gonna be things so let me know what your guys opinion is on this situation i would love to hear from you guys

Down there in that comment section it is a crazy crazy situation like i said this is a most drama i’ve seen in a stock ever in my 10 years of investing it’s just it’s just wild also let me know in the comment section if you’re a long tesla shares short tesla shares if you won’t touch the stock regardless of which way that’s kind of where i’m at right now i don’t

Want to call ong these shares short these shares if so much drama in here it just takes the cake over every stock ever make sure you follow me on instagram if you love keeping up with stock market news i post a ton of instagram stories thank you for watching have a great day

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