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The most recent trend is that one should not be spending on things and rather concentrate on experiences in order to get the most bang for your buck in terms of happiness. In reality, one can only spend so much on experiences and that in itself is shorter lived than something even better. That is contentment. When you strive to achieve something that has meaning to you while helping others, even if it causes great pain, it is well worth it. In fact, I argue it’s so well worth it that it will exude much more happiness than paying money to experience one of the things travel agencies has to offer.

How’s it going – freddie this is bida bush today i’m going to talk about spending on things versus spending on experiences versus spending on contentment now this topic is really dear to me because i think about this almost every single day how do you spend your money in order to get the most satisfaction out of it if you look online on social media you always see

These inspirational pictures that shows you that you should spend more on experience rather than buy things this seems to be more of a millennial thing where people aren’t actually buying more things these days and instead people are actually heavily spending on concerts heavily spending on travel and stuff like that the whole idea with this is that when you buy

Things you get a huge rush on it in the beginning but after a while it tapers off very quickly whereas on experiences when you have it you tend to think back on it and it’s an experience with that you can relive it all the time and so you could have a feeling of happiness much longer than if you bought a thing instead a thing sometimes just clutter up your space

And actually doesn’t bring you much happiness at all you know what i think about all this travel and all that i think the travel industry actually made this up traveling it’s actually a pretty new concept people used to travel because they want to move from one area to another in hopes for a better life nowadays ever since we had these low price air fares people

Can jet one place to another really quickly and you know how much fuel you’re actually consuming when you go from one place to another on a 10-hour flight just one way actually take 72 gallons of jet fuel so when you have an aggregate of that just flying the whole plane it’s about 36,000 gallons when you think of actually how much fuel you’re using is actually

Not very environmentally friendly to just keep on getting every single place all the time every couple months another bad thing about it is usually maybe you take one week vacation maybe one and a half week but then you usually go to a new destination you get dead lag for three days you spent maybe four to seven days at that location and then when you come back

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You get jet-lagged for another three days i don’t know about you whenever i travel i have to suffer three days when i’m there thursday is i’m back and then when i’m there i really lethargic and really tired and groggy and overall it actually takes a lot of effort on my part i’m actually things often after i come back from vacation another point that may actually

Cell feed your wanderlust is looking at all this social media it all these people take the same exact picture at machu picchu right have you noticed this because everyone takes a selfie and in the background you see the whole metro picchu landscape over there and the fact that everybody is going to the same exact spot to take the same exact picture comes off as a

Little strange to me maybe you want to go to that location but then after seeing so many people just doing the same thing it just kind of turned me off personally so what’s my whole point in this traveling yes it does make you happy much longer than things actually do but when you actually strive to get the happiness itself it’s kind of like a drug you’re like oh

Let me do this i get a little happy oh let me do that i get a little happy so you’re just constantly trying to become happy by doing this experience by doing that before you know your whole bank account is going to go down to zero just from trying to do as much experience as you can the question to ask is when does it end are you just trying to be as happy as you

Can throughout your whole life and just never ending is that actually the goal to be as happy as you want to be let me introduce this concept which may or may not be brand new to which is contentment contentment is obtained by an achievement when you have a big achievement you kind of suffered a bit through it because you have to work hard maybe you don’t have to

Sleep maybe you’re suffering a little bit but once you’re done with this thing that you’ve worked on so hard on this achievement exudes contentment which exudes happiness it’s like a cornucopia of happiness cooperate you have this thing that you obtain no one can take this away from you because it’s part of you and it just exudes happiness it’s just never-ending

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Flowing so what i propose is you’re not really looking for happiness in itself you’re searching for meaning and purpose and just by doing that you’ll get a lot more happiness from all the achievements from the contentment that you get and the happiness that exudes from all this it’s likely ten times as much as if you just go somewhere to look at something that’s

Man-made that’s we create it there and all your other friends have already been there already it just seems like it’s something that you pay and if you have a little time that you can go there as well everyone can do it but if you do something that you really like and you really enjoy it matters to you most and that kind of happiness is really lasting let me finish

By saying that a person can actually take a lot of pain if they know there’s a purpose to it however even if it’s just a tiny little pain if they don’t know the reason behind it it will actually drive them crazy remember achievements creates contentment and actually it doesn’t cost that much money of course when you achieve some things that also helps other people it

Makes it even that much better whatever you do if you find an intersection between all of these things you get you really really good contentment the first pieces is you’ve got to find something that you love to do and then you can just find anything that you really like to do you also have to be really good at it as well if you really like doing it you’ll eventually

Be really good at it because if you just keep on doing it you will be very good at it also needs to be something that the world would pay for so if you’re doing something that you’re good at and you do it well and if no one wants to pay for it then you can’t get paid and you can’t continue doing it and so you need to find someone to get paid for what you do well and

What you love to do even if there’s no actual way to get paid currently you might be creative and create something in a situation we can actually get paid to do what you really like to do and now you’re well at it the last thing that needs to intersect with all this is that the world actually needs something like this when the world needs something that you’re good

At that you love to do and people would pay for well when the world needs it the world would pay for it i realize this is not the actual intersection of all these circles but i do it a little bit wrong just bear with me here this is the intersection of all these four things okay so that’s contentment so i hope this video finds the people that are just striving to

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Get as much happiness as possible rather than buying things because i think this whole concept of trying to get the most happiness it’s just a little misguided don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of striving to get the most contentment rather than the most experience instead if you’re interested in supporting

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There was this one scene at the end where there’s like a gigantic amount of aliens instead of attacking all the other ships i think we did something like he just made all the other should protect him and basically they died off and actually real people were in those ships but that essentially allowed them to tunnel through and kill the mothership so that scene i

Probably not doing it good justice i’m describing it but it’s so epic on a grand scale and rady player one has something just like that at the end of the book which is something like it’s like epic oh my gosh that type of grand ending so if you’re interested in getting that book you can get it through the audible link down in the video description below and if you

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