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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re going to look at swagbucks calm as a sort of a case study and try to figure out how much you can actually make money off of it it’s one of those shopping portals when you buy something through the website you get a certain percentage cashback but it’s not in the form of cashback it’s in the form of swagbucks

You can make swagbucks in various ways on their website such as completing the profile installing their app shopping button you can take surveys you can watch videos and you can also complete offers which provides the most wag bucks those seem like there’s a lot of stuff that you can do but let’s analyze each one and see how much you can actually earn now a long

Time ago i participated in a similar site called inbox taller they still have it around but the offers are not as good anymore the companies are not offering free money for you to sign up so basically you sign up for something you get a certain amount of money maybe like one to ten dollars and that this gets deposited in your account and if after a certain period

You can cancel this thing and then you get to pocket the little offer amount that they give you i remember back then using inbox taller i was able to accumulate something like 100 to 150 dollars just for signing up on offers netflix being one of them i believe however these days when you look at all the offers that’s available they no longer give you free money for

Signing up for something where you don’t have to pay for anything a lot of times they change things a little bit nowadays where you actually have to pay a little something and then you get a certain amount back and a lot of times nowadays the net gain is actually negative so then you can’t actually do this to earn extra cash over here is a survey of all the surveys

You can take on swagbucks comm you can see over on the right-hand column is the number of minutes it takes to take this survey and i’ve actually taken one or two of them and it awfully takes about that amount of time maybe sometimes up to two times at that amount if you’re slow about it or you can do it a little faster but when you look at how much web bucks you

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Actually get this amount shown there it usually equates to roughly 1 cent per swag so 100 swag bucks is really $1.00 and if you happen to calculate how much money you get per hour on this let’s say you can just do that single survey for a full hour rather than only for four minutes you can see over here you get the dollar per hour and it varies from about 60 cents

Per hour all the way up to seven dollar and fifty cents per hour but you gotta know that you don’t always qualify for these surveys because you might be able to take a small portion of the survey and then they’ll say if you qualify or not so not everyone qualifies for every single survey let’s say you take every single survey and you qualify for all of them you’re

Going to take about 206 minutes doing all of them which is really about three hours and 26 minutes it’s quite a bit of work it’s actual work because you’re doing something for this company taking surveys and you’re getting a certain monetary payment back this monetary payment that you get is about 850 swagbucks which equates to roughly $8.50 depending on how you

Spend it now if you averaged this out you’ll see that you’re getting paid two dollars and forty eight cents per hour when you spell out how much you actually get per hour this is so little that it’s just not worth your time to even attempt to do even one of them maybe you can try the seven dollar fifty one but even in the best case if you happen to qualify for

It it’s still minimum wage so if you’re thinking that you’re going to do this and make a decent amount of money don’t think that way because you won’t it’s just kind of like spare change and you don’t have anything else to do you just click around that sure you can make a few dollars doing that or if you have no job then maybe you might want to do that but it’s

A really really terrible way to spend your time next let’s look at how much you get paid in swagbucks when you watch videos are you getting paid roughly two to thirteen cents per hour to watch random videos that you know you may or may not be interested in if you are interested in it then that may be pretty good to spend your time but i’ve that some of the videos

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In there it’s kind of like advertisement to me so i wouldn’t go around watching them if i had my free time so watching the video to earn swag bucks is also not very worth your time now they have these offers word it give you quite a bit of swag bucks for this gobble thing they give you four thousand five hundred bucks that’s equivalent to about forty five dollars

But the catch here is that you actually have to spend forty-one some dollars in order to get the subscription started and oftentimes this swag bucks stuff they wait until you keep the subscription for a certain period before they give you the swag bucks so you actually have to spend money in order to get these swag bucks which makes it a a not very good thing to

Try to earn money because if you’re spending money to earn money if you’re spending more money then the money that you earned you’re not actually earning any money and then after spending this forty-one dollars for the first week which you get a thirty dollar coupon on you’re not going to get that again for the second week so the second week for six meals is going

To cost you about $71 so right off you see that even taking offers is not that great a deal now there’s this cami thing which took me quite a lot of research and try and figure out how much they actually want to charge you get about 58 dollars worth of swag bucks here if you pick the cheapest security camera from cami you still have to pay a $19 activation fee and

Every single month you still have to pay about 1450 kind of like a service fee type of thing and in order to get this $58 worth of swag bucks you actually have to keep it for one month you think that oh let me just keep it for one month and then you’re cancel it but the deal here is that with cami if you keep it for longer than one month you are then stuck in a

One-year contract if you look at the camera website it’s funny in that it says oh there’s no long term contract long term contract to them is anything longer than one year because once you pass that one month you’re stuck in a one-year contract which it appears that they don’t think a one-year contract is long so as long as you pass this days then you’re on the

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Hook to pay one full year worth of submission which is 174 dollars if you subtract all that out you’re actually spending $100 rather than gaining 58 swag bucks oh no again you’re not gaining any money for signing up for these offers the last one which i actually did participate in from swagbucks which is to sign up for a dollar shave club i did it for the first

Month and this is if you keep it for two months you actually get another round of swag bucks i did not get the second round of swag books and actually well don’t care too much because it’s so little and i’ll just let it go but they do say here that you get 1200 swag bucks which is about $12 and the subscription is actually pretty cheap the simplest razor is $1

Plus $2 shipping which is $3 so in two months you’re only going to pay about $6 but then you’re going to get back 12 so you can use this for free for a little while get a little bit of swag bucks but within the swag bucks thing you have a certain minimum threshold i believe it’s like $10 on these days for an amazon gift card when i used it it was only $3 so with

All those examples you’ll know that this site is not very much worth your time unless you’re already going to buy something or maybe if you’re going to buy something through their deal website you can get certain cashback percentage but only if you are already going to buy something i know you’ve been with my fair warning some people may go hey $2 an hour maybe

That’s not too bad let me just do it anyway well i’m gonna leave a referral link down below if you’re still interested and that’s how i suggest everyone else to use this thing if you have something you want to get already get it get enough swag bucks and then just cash it out and just leave it alone don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below

Let me know if you already did the swag bucks name cashed out and moved on and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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