Is Tai Lopez a Scam? **Shocking Truth**

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Is ty lopez a scam by the end of this video today some of you guys are gonna be so upset some of you guys are gonna be so pissed off so many of you guys are just gonna be mad in general so many of you guys are gonna have your eyes open to something so much bigger then just a tie lopez discussion at the end of this video and you’re not gonna be mad at me you’re not

Gonna be mad at me you’re gonna be mad at the system you’re gonna figure out how much you’ve been brainwashed you’re gonna figure out how much you’ve been lied to the deception that goes on you’re gonna you’re gonna find it all out by the end of this video today and it’s gonna amaze you guys it is gonna literally shock you the words but what i’m gonna tell you today

Will literally shock you okay so i want you guys to tell me which one of these is ty lopez and which one of these is something else okay we got subject a and we got subject b all right we got a subject day and subject b subject a uses ads they use advertisements okay subject to are subject b they also use ads the other ads are everywhere okay the second thing is

The this one uses images to show success what does this one do they use images to show success number three products results vary this one product results vary this one is hated vilified this one is loved the greatest thing ever the greatest time of your life this one costs a little money this one puts you in a debt hole like never seen before tell me which one is

Which here do you guys know this one over here this one is ty lopez okay ty lopez we all have seen his ads ads are everywhere you can’t go anywhere online without seeing his ads it’s insane you know what this one is college college using ads we know todd lopez he uses ads they’re everywhere what it was what our colleges do these advertisements all over the place

They’re putting ads in front of you come to our school you can have success you’re the only way you can have success is if you go to our university you’re going to be a loser if you don’t go here well how many times as a kid you’re told that if you don’t go to college you’re gonna be a loser you’re what are you gonna do you’re not gonna have a job you’re gonna be

Homeless you’re gonna be poor you’re not gonna be anything if you don’t go to college i remember i lied so many times to friends and family and stuff and just said i wanted to go to college or i was gonna go to college where now all i knew it wasn’t really for me the only reason i even went to community college was to run track that’s it that’s really yet they

Both use ads all over the place they people spend huge amounts of money on advertisements okay number two they use images to show success ty lopez what did you see doing all his ads he’s got lamborghinis behind you made it’s very in-your-face got em please he’s got all these fancy cars he’s got a fancy house he’s got that lifestyle man he’s got all these chicks

In his videos in bikinis a lot of times and whatnot that looked like they’re supermodels all there’s awesome stuff right he’s showing you this lifestyle this way to success all right what do colleges do they do this same exact thing it’s just not as in-your-face how do they show success nick saban football coach the college football coach of alabama makes more

Money in a year than anyone i know and i lo a lot of rich ass people and i don’t know anyone that makes as much money in a year as a guy that coaches football why does he make so much money for coaching a college football team because he’s so damn good at it and he coaches such a great team that it shows success which brings in more in more students because they

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Want to feel like they’re part of that success the same way somebody wants to feel like they’re part of that ty lopez success they want the lamborghini they want that bentley they want the hot chicks they want that big house okay the same people that are signing up to go to these universities they want the success they want the success that brings it’s just not

As in-your-face it’s more sub liminal messaging why do these college basketball coaches these college football coaches make so much freakin money if there wasn’t the payoff and going go ahead and watch a 60 minute documentary piece it’s on here at youtube after this video go ahead and watch that on nick saban there’s a guy in it okay i either worked super high up

For alabama university or he’s a booster or something i can’t remember what his position was he said and his quote was nick saban is the greatest financial asset the university of alabama has ever had in their history okay why is that because they show in success man looking at we score all these touchdowns we do all this stuff with a number one team in the nation

We beat everybody come join our team we’re gonna show you the way to success and also you know it might cost you $10,000 $20,000 $50,000 $100,000 but come play on our team showing success when that has nothing to do with anything right it’s just so it’s just a gateway drug to get you in through the door because really what we all are we’re just a bunch of stupid

Monkeys we’re all just a bunch of stupid monkeys we see success and we’re like well let’s go over there it’s exactly what’s going on exactly it’s the same exact psychology only difference is instead of lamborghinis and things like that they’re using football teams basketball teams baseball teams sports teams okay in their advertisements they show nothing but

Success and all those kinds of things by the way you know those things called sororities with all those hot chicks in it they make sure that those are well seen they make sure those are well seen those videos get all over the internet of all these hot chicks at their sorority and having so much fun hmm kind of similar to tai lopez he’s got a lot of hot chicks in

His videos right so wait a minute which ones which ones scam and who which one’s scam and who so far they right now they’re pretty freakin identical right do you know most colleges they will have a prettier prettier female go around and show people the campus did you know that have you ever watched university ads i’ve never seen an ugly person in a university at

I don’t think ever i’ve never seen someone super overweight in a university ad ever you know who they use they use a bunch of models they want you to think that everyone beautiful there everybody’s beautiful come here this is where everybody’s beautiful this is the way to success all right wow okay which one’s a scam so far three product results very right you buy

One of tai lopez’s courses i think he’s selling an e-book tout i’ve been seeing ads all over youtube and yeah having financing places for some book he’s coming out with products results probably very for some people that might be their golden goose and that just sets them on a trajectory that changes their life right and some people they might have bought that

And it did nothing for them college is kind of similar right i know a lot of people working at i know when i worked at walgreens i knew assistant managers that had bachelor’s degrees we’re tens of thousands of dollars in debt and we’re working as an overnight assistant manager making thirty one thousand dollars a year at walgreens okay go to your local gamestop

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I guarantee you probably the assistant manager there making twenty nine thirty two thousand a year probably has a degree or something like that guys how many people do we know that goof graduated college i’ve been out a few years and i’m still living with their parents still living in their parents basement come on guys come on the product results vary right some

People could be successful absolutely and by the way you’ll never hear about the ones that are successful same way with title opens you won’t hear about the ones that aren’t successful sure as heck in college do they ever talk about the the people that you know do suicide when they get out of college absolutely not do they don’t ever talk about the people that get

Stds while they’re in college hell no do they ever talk about the people that pick up an alcohol addiction while in college nope do they ever talk about the people that you know pick up a cocaine addiction while they’re in college all these things no they don’t they don’t talk about that they don’t talk about that but what they do show is the ones that have been

Successful you’ve seen the university of auburn ad right university of burnett they show a bunch of successful people one of them being tim cook in that advertisement tim cook ceo of apple they’re trying to show this success side they’re not trying to show you know the people that aren’t doing it okay product results very one is hated ty lopez probably one of the

Most hated people on the internet people despise him because he puts ads all over the place colleges loved how many times you’d be heard college is the best time of your life blah blah blah man that’s got to be the most depressing statement i ever heard in my life if that’s the best time of your life then that means it’s all downhill from there man holy smokes

I sure hope that’s not the best time of everybody’s life because that is the most depressing thing i’ve ever heard you’re gonna tell me this one segment 18 to 22 24 28 whatever a price or whatever amount you go up to there you’re gonna tell me that’s the best part and then you’re next 70 years of your life or 80 years is garbage come on man i i don’t think so but

Yet this one’s loved you know is this a way to success come on man this one costs a little from what i’ve seen rallies from tai lopez things they did not that expensive i think he’s got like a $67 a month membership or something i think he sells like some ebooks and stuff his stuff is not very expensive right college you better cap tens of thousands of dollars you

Want to get a degree at college or you better be one of those really good football players or basketball players to get a scholarship or something like that right this is gonna put you in a massive debt hole a massive debt hole and a lot of people say well what if we just make college free well you just no such thing as a free lunch right so if it’s not free we’re

All gonna have to pay for that all our taxes are all gonna go up and we’re all gonna have less money to spend because we’re paying for everybody to go to college for $40,000 this one has has you know they talked you into upgrading you right college upgrades you so they will sell you a bachelor’s degree which is basically what they’re doing they’re basically selling

Your stuff right we’re gonna sell you this bachelor’s degree but if you really want to succeed and they stay with us a few more years and get your master’s degree pay us you know twenty thousand fifty thousand eighty thousand dollars more and you can have this master’s degree here you just got to get you know good enough grades and we’ll give you this master’s

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Degree here oh and then get your doctorate oh and then get a second master’s degree they just keep selling you products and upselling you ten thousands of dollars out of time thousands and thousands of dollars at a time and it just keeps adding up and adding up and this is a way to success right so when i look at it i get a say if this guy’s a scam then this sure

Tells a scam too if this guy’s a scam then this sure as hell is a scam too this one just trying to upgrade you an upgrade you and hey you know what you can have even more success you do this and just pay us another twenty thousand fifty thousand dollars and you’ll be even better come on man product results very okay you know many people have never done gone this

Route and been unbelievably successful like light-years light-years successful right in this one you’re gonna have to give possibly eight to ten years of your life right you want to get them you want to get the best chance to succeed right you probably should be something in the medical field or a lawyer or something right well guess what that’s gonna take you

Eight ten twelve years so you’re gonna be in college from time you turn eighteen tell you like thirty years old and then finally your life has started and guess what by that time you might be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt by that time so you’re gonna be climbing out of that hole for a long time all for your guaranteed payout here it comes now yours how

To give us so much money and now you’re finally gonna get something back for it holy smokies guys holy smoke us so you know how if you’ve got a call ty lopez a scam then you’ve got to call college of scam you’ve got to say it guys because this is such a bunch of malarkey here it’s unreal tip then if we’re talking business if we’re talking jeremy would you rather go

Out and spend your money on something ty lopez related or something college related if it’s something anything regards to business where would i spend my money i wouldn’t spend it really on either but if i was without question ty lopez without even the shadow of a doubt question you know why i would do that because guess what you are in business at a university or

Something the person teaching you that that thinks there are no it all probably has never even done anything in the business world if you’re learning business classes if you’re going to business classes you the first thing you should ask on that day is what has that person done or proven in their experience in the business world have they ever been successful if

So how recently was it was it like twenty or thirty years ago when the market was totally different if i was to learn business from some guy who’s never done and just teaches from a textbook or guy who’s actually built a business he was someone that’s actually knows how to social media ads hello majority these business professors they don’t even know how to set

Up a social media ad they don’t even know you could do a social media ad on snapchat hell they probably have never even used a service like a snapchat or an instagram and yet they’re gonna teach me business in the 2017 year hell no hell no yeah i’m not gonna fall for that trap come on guys we got to be smarter than this

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Is Tai Lopez a Scam? **Shocking Truth** By Financial Education

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