Is The Housing Market About To Crash?

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Is visiting a friend of mine who is a real estate expert. of a real estate or housing market crash in the near future. and ask him about what he thinks is going to happen and i’m gonna hopefully answer all of the questions and we are currently hanging out in your basement here. so, do you wanna just share a little bit about, maybe, so, guys, i’ve been investing real

Estate since 2011. they’re preventing courts from taking any evictions. is putting a 90-day freeze, and actually forgiveness, the two things are not necessarily tied together in this. and i talked about this in another one of my videos, – yeah, you’re talking the guys who will rent places – that’s scary. – you’ve got nobody booking, so you were subleasing it and now you

Have no revenue and those are the same people that you’re relying on and then it has an immediate impact on the landlords. you know, we have the stimulus checks coming out shortly. they don’t wanna deal with a bunch of foreclosures. we’re in the process of refinancing some rental properties “on real estate, lending on multifamily real estate.” you’re gonna start seeing

Homeowners who are laid off and whether or not we’re gonna have a housing crash, the values of real estate are gonna start going down. is a good operator, they’re doing everything right, the more likely it’ll be that you’ll be able to see deals – but the longer it takes, the deeper the recession’s but it’s really, it’s real estate investing strategies or graham stephan,

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You know, the god graham stephan. and if you guys are interested in that, in my videos, i see that fresh cut, all the barber shops are closed. – but, anyways, guys, all the links are down below. and i hope to see you in the next video.

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Is The Housing Market About To Crash? By Ryan Scribner

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