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Whoa honey there folks crypto oh boy okay we gotta talk about crypto uh i always it’s interesting when it comes to me and it comes to crypto because i notice a lot of times people um make very very uh stark assumptions around my opinion of crypto around if i have any money invested i saw a comment a day or two ago it said uh jeremy has no money invest in crypto

And i was like oh you know that’s inaccurate but all right and so i was like let me do a full video addressing my opinions on crypto the whole category okay let me tell you exactly what i have in money invested i actually have uh a much more substantial uh let’s call it investment in crypto that i think a lot of people assume a lot of people think i have literally

No money and actually i have uh a lot of money you know everything’s relative obviously but i have a lot of money invest in crypto i’m going to take you through exactly the cryptos i own and uh last thing we’ll talk about is kind of my goals when it comes to crypto personally now you know let’s say bitcoin okay bitcoin came on my radar it was probably around

I’m talking about in a real way around 2017. that’s when bitcoin first really like came to my attention i think i had heard about it a few times on cnbc or whatever in the past they didn’t really discuss it as like a you know real respectable thing it was just kind of like oh a bunch of people made some money off this bitcoin thing right um but in terms of really

Coming on my radar it was 2017 and at that time i looked at bitcoin and i was like i think that’s uh you know a very bubblicious thing necessarily at that time there was you know in terms of where bitcoin was in 2017 versus today um definitely a lot more folks take it a lot more serious than during that time during that time it was a very very niche thing and now

I can tell you i think if you talk to most folks they would know what bitcoin is nowadays right i mean you see actually like real transactions going through now for bitcoin like at real businesses right which is just a very very different scenario than we had in 2017 and so then obviously bitcoin peaked out right around here in uh december of 2017 and obviously

Then it went on a massive massive crash now if we go back a five years ago i pulled up a five-year chart here five years ago bitcoin was a little over a thousand right and then it goes to around 20 000 it has this massive kind of drop there all the way down to 3 300 in 2019 lows 2018 2019 lows right around 3 300. then it climbs up and it has a great kind of run off

That 3300 level to 29 you know summer of 2019 bitcoins back over 10k and it’s like woo everything’s going great then the rona drop happens and uh then you know obviously we we climb all the way to about 70k bitcoin peaked around 70k on a five-year chart it only shows 65 but technically in the last 52 weeks bitcoin uh got really really close to 70k obviously to here

Today 46. so first off here and by the way uh thank you ftx for being my official crypto partner if you guys want to sign up for ftx and uh check that out that will be pinned comment down there no fix fees when you buy crypto with ftx so first off my fees on crypto or my opinion on crypto in general this is a space that’s just going to get bigger and bigger over

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The coming years whenever you’ve heard me ever talk um you know like question crypto it never comes from a standpoint of like oh i don’t believe in it or it’s all a scam or something like that every single time andre and i ever you know debate on millennial money about crypto about bitcoin what do i always bring it back to valuation every single time i never say oh

I don’t believe in crypto or they’re all going to zero you never hear me talk like that you watch every single episode we’ve ever done every single time i ever talk back and forth about bitcoin crypto in general it’s all about well why does it deserve this specific valuation and so let’s say bitcoins trading at a trillion right why does bitcoin deserve is traded a

Trillion and so if you look at like real estate you can give a really strong case on why a certain real estate property deserves to trade at a certain value right because you can look at the comps in the area you can say well if i got this for a rental it would command me about this price which is around the same as a mortgage so you can start putting the numbers

Together on a stock you can look at something like a pe metric you also look at things like price to sales you can look at 4p but you just look at like the trailing 12-month pe and say is it under 20 okay if it’s under 20 it’s more than likely undervalued unless the whole business is falling apart or something like that and so when it comes to real estate stocks

Those are very developed spaces so you can put a valuation on it and you can make that make sense and like this is why i’m paying this price this is justified right when it comes to crypto it’s so early days there it’s still very hard to say you know if bitcoin should be worth 500 billion dollars or 50 billion dollars or five trillion dollars that’s a really really

Tough thing to say because it’s so dang new and you you can’t really value it the same way you would value real estate you can’t value it the same way you’d value stocks and so that’s what makes this a very difficult thing and so that’s why i don’t have a lot more invest in crypto than what i’m going to show you here today and share with you here today um but that’s

Kind of my belief crypto is going to continue to get bigger there’s a lot of brilliant people around the world working on crypto projects some of the smartest people in the world are working on crypto practices if you think crypto’s not here to stay and you don’t think crypto is going to get a lot bigger i’m just saying you’re you’re sorely mistaken it’s going

To be here it’s going to get bigger there’s going to be some vicious drops and there’s going to be some insane rallies in there but at the end of the day the space in general will continue to find applications because when you put some of the most brilliant people in the world on a lot of these different crypto projects they’re going to build it in some amazing

Projects and do some things that you never even thought were possible okay now in terms of me what i am invested in and then we’ll get to my goals as far as by the end of this year so first off i own 32 495 vgx coins okay which is a voyager token which is another brokerage out there and so the way i look at that one is they’re using it as kind of like um you know

An ecosystem play and all their rewards and all those sorts of things for folks that use that platform uh you’re very incentivized to get vgx coins there and so my hypothesis in why i invested uh you know and have bought 32 495 of those is i believe if that platform continues to have success over the next five ten years that vgx coin is going to be um let’s call

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It much more valuable in the future than it is today okay and so that’s why i bought obviously a lot of those and you can do the math on that what 32 495 vgx coins is as far as a dollar amount it’s a it’s a it’s a pretty good number let’s just call it that okay i have now i know this is going to sound like a really small amount of money i only have 550 invested

In bitcoin okay 550 as of today i have a bigger goal for bitcoin um once again when it comes to bitcoin it’s always been about like trying to figure out valuation that’s the hardest thing for me when it comes to bitcoin bitcoin is honestly at the end of the day it’s the digital gold we can’t deny that right it’s the same view people have a around physical gold uh

Especially my generation have that same view around bitcoin as a digital gold right in a store of value and so instead of holding you know just money in a savings account they folks like to buy bitcoin and you can’t deny that in the bitcoin community the thing i’ve always appreciated about the bitcoin community is oh those folks are really ride or die like they

Are really like about the bitcoin long-term story and how big it’s going to get over time and most of those folks aren’t looking to trade and trade out and regardless whatever happens to price a lot of those folks just aren’t willing to sell and i know so many people that own bitcoin and i got to say every single person that i know that has a substantial position

In bitcoin right let’s call it a six figure more position none of those people care if bitcoin is valued at ten thousand tomorrow a hundred thousand tomorrow they’re not selling and so uh coming from the stock world that’s a shareholder base that i really don’t appreciate i gotta say that those type of folks that are there for really the long term okay so i

Definitely want to build bitcoin into bigger i’ll share that in just a moment i own 59 593 of a coin ckb okay nervous network now i know i know almost nothing about this thing okay i put money in it as an experiment i i was like let me just look at some of the smallest market cap like uh you know cryptos and i was like let me just throw money in it and just see

What happens with this over time and so literally it’s just a complete gamble i read the little uh like the little bio thing about it i was like okay that one and let me just take a gamble on this one so i did the same thing there that some people do in the stock market community where they have no clue about a stock or anything about it and they’re like oh let

Me see that i i’m gonna buy that okay it’s a complete gamble it’s been going bad i think i’m down like 30 on that but it’s just like a complete gamble okay now i also own 296 dollars of solana i have no clue how i own 296 dollars of solana okay i don’t know the first thing about solana i would probably do some research over in the coming months when it comes to

That one maybe it’s like the next best thing the greatest things in sliced bread i have no clue how i own that i did not personally buy that i went in my vgx account one day and it was just there and so i was like oh cool i got 296 dollars it’s a lot of things so yeah i don’t know you know maybe ftx just like you know gives you out some free coins uh i don’t know

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I have no clue but i literally went into my v my ftx account one day and there was just 296 dollars of slotted there so cool okay i own one dogecoin not because i bought that dogecoin but because i bought some bitcoin through ftx and you when you buy uh you know like like you know i bought bitcoin through ftx i got a uh a free coin essentially and so my one free

Coin was uh dogecoin which i believe if anybody signs up with my pin comment down there i believe you also get a free coin when you buy something so i wish it would have been better than dogecoin uh that would be an ethereum would have been nice uh-huh a bitcoin would have been nice i’m just saying you know but uh hey i’ll take what i can get so as far as goals

I only have two crypto related goals um by the end of 2022. one is i would want to i want to own one bitcoin by the end of this year just one okay i don’t have goals or to hold more than that just one and then i can say i own actually one one of the 21 million bitcoin that will ever be mined and that will be that okay that’s about all my goal there and then as far

As aetherium goes actually aetherium i’m really a big believer in for two reasons okay the first is the gentleman that that is in front of that project he’s one of those guys that it’s just impossible and i’ve spoke about this a few times in the past it’s impossible for me not to imagine him being one of the most influential people in the world when it comes to

Uh folks that are focused on building out something massive okay and so that’s one that’s one reason the these and if you watch a few energy views with that gentleman it’s like you know it’s something like a cross between elon musk and an alien and uh artificial intelligence program when you listen to him talk it’s just it’s extraordinary okay so yeah that’s one

Reason second reason is you’re actually seeing ethereum in a lot of real world applications now which i think is big i think that’s like big big because let’s be honest most of crypto space 99 has no real world applications today so when you actually have something that people are either actually using for like real transactions now or uh you know folks are using

For you know things like nfts and stuff like that i think that is a good sign and so i personally want to own at least i have a five-figure position in ethereum by the end of 2022. so those are my goals as far as crypto goes but yeah i just want to set the record straight on kind of my feelings around crypto and how much i’ve invested um obviously i’m going to be

Always way less invested in crypto than stocks i think everybody knows that um stocks is kind of my specialty and that’s why i understand a much higher level and i can see companies that are cash flowing and expanding and doing this and doing that um crypto’s definitely not my specialty so i’m going to always be way underweight crypto compared to real estate and

Then massively underweight compared to stocks at the end of the day so anyways guys hope you enjoyed this always much love don’t forget to check out the pin comment down there ftx much love and have a great day

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