Jeff Bezos Getting 37,000,000,000 Divorce

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Hi may i speak to jeff bezos please okay thank you i can’t wait hey jeff it’s jeremy hey good about yourself yeah i know i heard on fortunate news i’m so sorry to hear about your divorce i’m so sorry yeah you know you’ve been with women for a while i was just wondering like have you thought about like a big man in your life you haven’t well let’s put it this way

You got a rocket company and they call me the big rocket you know what i’m saying hello hello holy smokes guys if you didn’t hear the big news today i don’t know where you have been hiding but if you didn’t already know jeff bezos the richest man in the modern world has went ahead and he’s basically getting divorced okay if you don’t know who jeff bezos is he’s a

Founder and ceo of amazon as well as blue origin which is a rocket company kind of almost a similar competitor to something like spacex which elon musk runs jeff bezos right now has a network of somewhere around 137 million dollars yes you heard me right 130 seven billion dollars like that is ridiculous okay i just thought this would i never thought we would talk

About a big name divorce on the channel but this is worth talking about because i’ve seen a lot of people coming to me okay is his wife gonna get any money now how many amazon shares is she gonna get if she gets any like what if she sells them what’s that gonna do to amazon stock price like i’ve seen a lot of people comment on this this is just like huge news out

Of just like the business community like this is just swept the entire internet okay so first off we got a look at what was posted on jeff bezos twitter page today this was kind of like a statement that kind of came out of him and his soon-to-be ex-wife there it says we want to make people aware of a development in our lives as our family and our close friends know

After a long period of loving exploration in trial separation we have decided to divorce and continue to our shared lives as friends on the weekend when we’re very desperate we feel incredibly lucky to have found each other and deeply grateful for every one of the years we have been married to each other if we had known we would separate after 25 years we’d do it all

Over again we’ve had such a great life together as a married couple and we also see wonderful futures ahead as friends partners and ventures projects individuals pursuing ventures and adventures holy smokes he’s a rapper though the labels might be different we remain a family and we remain cherished friends jeff and mackenzie alright which is his soon-to-be ex-wife

Alright so key thing in this paragraph to look at is 25 years alright 25 years why is that important well i’ve been married for 25 years so we got a thing you know if they’ve been married for 25 years it was basically amazon found it within the last 25 years or not this is very key to understand you know what she’s gonna get or not get well if we look here yes okay

See also  5 Money Questions You Were Afraid To Ask | The Financial Diet was founded after they had already been married for you know several months to almost a year before so basically as part of her property as well but is it a part of her property because different states have different rules around a divorce in this situation okay so where do they live they live in washington and so we got to ask ourselves is

Washington a community property state okay and if we will go ahead and search that up if you’re facing a divorce in washington and wondering what property you get to keep the first thing you should know is that washington is a community property state that means that all income earned and property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is community property

Which means a split half in half okay so this means that essentially you know half is going to her half of staying with him it’s a community property state not every state is like that and because was was basically founded during the marriage and the same thing with blue origin the other you know his rocket company basically essentially she’s gonna get

Half he’s gonna get half and that’s just the way it is it’s almost no way out of that situation okay from our understanding he need to have a prenup or anything like that and even if you had a prenup sometimes in those type of states where it’s community property sometimes even then it can get overthrown so it’s basically you have their split and stuff half and half

That’s basically the bottom line there all right now if we look here there was a he owns around a little under seventy nine million shares in the company so meaning she’ll get around 39 million ish shares of which is gonna be they’re saying somewhere around an eight percent ownership she could end up with in that whole situation so it’s a big ownership

Stake in amazon first off okay now second off oh as far as blue origin it’s hard to find a valuation for blue origin for my understanding it looks like jeff bezos owns a hundred percent of blue origin so it’s not like amazon was a bunch of different shareholders and bunch of people have ownership from my understanding he owns a hundred percent of blue origin which

Is the rocket company very hard to find any type of valuation on that but the next closest competitor is kind of like spacex rate which is elon musk company elon musk’s spacex is worth somewhere around roughly maybe twenty five billion right now so you know you can say maybe blue origins worth somewhere around twenty billion so maybe she’ll get you know half that

Ownership maybe a ten billion dollar stake or so within that whole situation now the question is is she gonna go ahead and sell off all their amazon shares which if she started dumping amazon shares yeah puts a massive seller in the market right if we were talking about an eight percent ownership but she just wants to start dumping amazon shares like crazy you

Know that would be a lot to put onto the market in a very quick amount of time but if we look at this i’m not too convinced this is this then would be a situation where she would just dump all their amazon shares and crash the stock or something like that because if we look here last year the couple announced they committed to a two billion dollars to fund existing

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Nonprofits that helped homelessness families and also create a network of preschools in low-income communities so they already announced that in the past and they’ve already probably put a ton of money toward that as of right now no i’m sure they want to do more charity work in the future and i’m sure at some point in time they’ll sell off some amazon shares but

As of what from what my understanding as of right now the the situation is you know she wants to you know obviously build the wealth and you know make them of the money into more and more money over time and then eventually as they get older and older they can start selling off more and more shares as time goes on and it’s like a warren buffett situation where

They want to pretty much from my understanding give away most of their wealth over time especially as they get later into their later later years 70’s 80’s 90’s and whatnot so as of right now i’d highly doubt she’s gonna get you know the ownership stare and just dump all the amazon shares on the market at once i so unrealistic from my understanding of the entire

Situation all right so if you’re owning amazon stock i don’t know if this is a big huge worry as far as oh my gosh might she’s cross her stock because she sells out all their shares it doesn’t look like that and i think that would not be a very intelligent movement i don’t that’s a move she wants to make or jeff would advise her to do or anything like that okay

This bring me a even a bigger point you know when with a lot of these guys you know elon musk for instance ben’s divorced like three times and whatnot you know a lot of these billionaires that you get divorced a lot in there in a lot of different relationships and i got to say it’s probably really hard for that some of these guys that are running massive companies

Like this and especially you know many many companies like look at elon musk for instance he’s got you know tessa he’s got spacex he’s got the boring company different other side projects and whatnot you look at jeff bezos he’s running arguably the biggest company in the entire world in amazon right that imagine just being the ceo of that and how the manning of

A job that is and then on top of that you have all the media relations you have to deal with and then on top of that you own this rocket company blue origin you gotta keep track of everything that’s going on there it’s a lot guys so i’m surprised that they made a twenty five years in that whole situation just because it is so much it is so much on your plate when

You’re talking about you’re going after billion dollar type idea and trillion dollar ideas really you know amazon hit the trillion dollar market cap at one point in 2018 okay these are trillion dollar ideas and i’m eli musky station the same type of thing with these type of guys that’s a tough situation i kind of stay you know married for a long time because both

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Sides want attention and if you’re you’re going after these multi-billion dollar dreams that’s a tough thing to pull off to try to you know keep everything copacetic and whatnot that it’s funny because a lot of people think like oh my gosh man being a billionaire would be so cool like you hidden there like it can open the door to like talk to so many women or if

You’re a woman in you’re super rich oh my gosh it like opens the door to talk to so many men and whatnot that you might not usually get to talk to well here’s the situation that where that’s very bad imagine the paranoia someone that’s a billionaire would have about you know if somebody even really likes them right you’re going on a date and it’s like is this person

Really going on a date because they’re interested in me there may actually be physically attracted to me are they simply going on a date with me because i’m a billionaire are they simply trying to get with me because i’m a billionaire something like that you that that thought has to always be in your mind if you were super-rich out there something like that whereas

If you’re just an average joe and you’re going on a date whether you’re a girl or a guy right yeah the person is probably actually into you and they’re probably actually interesting you but if you’re going on in your billionaire you’re jeff bezos going on a date you’re elon musk or whoever you know these big popular guys like imagine the paranoia that must go on

In their heads thinking man this person may not even really be into me there’s only be into me because i own amazon okay or because i own tesla or something like that like you got to imagine that that’s a bad thing that’s one of the rare downsides of being a billionaire is the paranoia that people are just trying to be your friends or insignificant relationships

With you simply because you have this ridiculous amount of money out there it’s got to be going through their heads all the time so here’s a basic situation jeff bezos is single and ready to mingle out there okay so it’s time to shoot your shot it’s time to try with them i’m just kidding but anyways if you own amazon stock i wouldn’t worry too much about you know

They heard personally dumping a lot of shares on the market i probably worry more about just the overall market in general and maybe amazon stock going down but as far as worried about her oh my gosh she’s gonna sell her whole ownership stake i would say there’s a probably less than a 1% chance of that happening or dumping out all our shares on anyways i want to

Hear your guy’s opinion on this whole situation what do you think about it let me know in that comment section i would love to hear from you guys in that comment section as always make sure you hit a thumbs up if you enjoyed this today thank you for watching and have a great day

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Jeff Bezos Getting $137,000,000,000 Divorce By Financial Education

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