Jeremy Lefebvre is in Deep Trouble

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So i released a video last night called kathy wood is in deep trouble discussing kathy wood’s positions at arc and uh yeah a lot of them are getting absolutely destroyed including teledoc and talked about that i saw this comment and said okay now let’s talk about corsair tattooed chef honest planet 13 dropbox sky works and you know i saw that comment and i thought

To myself oh you mother father oh keep my stocks names out your flip and flap jack and mouth okay that’s what i thought about that but in all seriousness i know people have been wanting to see it okay they’ve been wanting to see how bad your boy has been destroyed in the market and oh yeah yeah uh i can show that wait let’s get into that i’ll show you how bad

It’s really been and uh yeah i have been destroyed okay it’s been nasty and i mean nasty i mean the worst i’ve ever gotten destroyed in the market that is uh right now okay it’s been absolutely awful so without further ado let’s go ahead and let’s look at everything that’s going on let’s let me share my perspective on what i’m doing what has gone on and what

I’m planning on doing in the situation okay we’ll start out the least bad we’ll start out the least bad and then it’s just going to get progressively much worse as this video goes on okay so this is my dividends only account i started this account a couple years ago in the private stock group essentially this one’s actually holding up well okay of my accounts

This is the only one i mean the only one that i can say has actually been holding up well everything else disaster okay and the interesting thing about the the dividends only account is the stocks i hold in here some of them are seen as more the edgier plays when it comes to dividend stocks you don’t see like coca-cola and pepsi in here you got foot locker you

Got jp morgan obviously which jp morgan’s come down a lot down to 123 that stock was 170 it seems like a snap of fingers it got wasn’t that long uh nordstrom’s come down uh but we’re still up huge on that one because i just got in a really really good price 1507’s my cost basis there on nordstrom pfe pfizer they’re they’re just a beast i mean you know they put up

Amazing numbers great dividend stock qualcomm just reported a great quarter so qualcomm that’s kind of seen as one of those edgier stocks i should have made that one so much bigger i that’s one of those stocks i regret so much about 2600 worth of qualcomm i should have bought 26 000 worth qualcomm that’s one that’s one of those that was a regret for me a huge regret

Not just because it’s gone up because qualcomm’s such a great company and i got a chance to buy it at such a low price 66 dollars a share and to have you know gone as as let’s call it weak sauce as i did there uh tapestries always done is phenomenal it’s come down some but you know it’s still done pretty darn well but this stock was up to almost 50 bucks at one

Point 163 percent there well you know wba walgreens held up very very well wind resorts is um i mean not doing that great but we’re at a low cost basis here of 79 i should probably add some more wind resorts in this account so that one’s held up decent okay but let’s get into the ugly and boy does it get ugly okay so now you’re looking at the public account all

Right um obviously you know tesla’s done is amazing and uh revolves done is amazing facebook it’s done that’s okay but that one’s come down so much though uh skyworks has done us okay that one’s come down a lot dropbox has done us okay um elf beauty has done it’s okay uh you know i shouldn’t say elf beauty’s done it’s okay elf beauty’s done is great but outside

Of that we’ve been absolutely decimated all right now so first off um you know fidelity investments i needed them to combine because they had some like tattoo chef shares in margin and then some in cash and i needed to put them all in margin so what that means essentially is like i can margin against those i have zero dollars margin in the public account which

You’re looking at right here now i’ve considered the possibility of margining on this account if all the indexes were to go into bear market but i haven’t really decided on that but i have it set up so if i ever want to do marginalized account i could it’s just it’s hard for me to do that because you know i know people follow me and if they see me doing margin um

And investing on margin you know in the public count i feel like a lot of other people feel like it’s okay for them as well and it’s a margin is a dangerous game so it’s set up like if i ever want to do it i can i don’t know if i ever well very divided on that but anyways so tattoo chef so the numbers you see down here no it’s far worse than that this account’s

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Probably lucky to be up like 100k which is crazy because this account was up like i want to say like a million dollars at the peak like a million dollars right uh so tattoos chef our cost based on this one alone is in the high 15s low 16s and honest in this account is in the 6s range for for cost basis on that so those two have just gotten absolutely destroyed

You can do the math on on how much we’re down on those positions corsair we’ve been devastated on this stock’s down 50 percent for us uh cost basis here are 31.56 that’s just an awful right uh these three have held up very very well and uh facebook actually added some shares uh recently a couple days ago so that one’s done is you know like i said decent but that

Stock should be up so much more in that but we’ve been vicious market that doesn’t want to own these sorts of stocks and you know it is what it is the planet has has um you know it’s done us okay and obviously i mean it’s down 14 so i mean when you’re looking at corsair down 50 and tattoo chef probably down 50 i mean a planet deemed being out fourteen percent of

This account we’ll take it we’ll take what we can get okay uh but the planet you know i i would like to add uh hopefully some more shares in this account here dropbox is the most disrespected stock probably in the market like it’s just insane um but you know that one’s done it’s okay avon brands has not done us well at all the problem with the von brands so their

Numbers have been incredible and everybody that tracks this company look at their last quarter the results it was phenomenal it was better than even folks like myself that are bulls on the stock you know it’s just amazing but for avon brands dude um who even looks at a von brand stock you know what i mean like like in a market where you have facebook crashing or

Had been crashing up until today netflix and and paypal and all those stocks right it’s like who’s even out there looking at a font brand so they report these amazing numbers and like 67 revenue growth last quarter but right now in this sort of market no one cares like no one cares about avon brands in this sort of market there’s no retail in this market right

Now wall street can’t own a stock like this under 100 million dollar market cap so there’s no one out there looking at avon brands earnings and it sucks it sucks because you can’t get any respect for the stock price i’m just adding shares but um you know that is kind of what it is right elvis does very well we took a lot of profits over time and elf on a shelf uh

Oatley i gotta add much bigger position of oatley we’re down eight and a half percent so far maybe we’ll go down more over time but when it comes to oatley in this account i would love to get it up to like 25 000 shares or so right now we’re at 5800. paypal this is a kind of a newer position for this account we’re down one percent on paypal right now i would love

To add some more paypal shares maybe get up to like 500 shares or a thousand shares of paypal in this particular account amazon the very very new position down three percent i’m hoping that one goes down in earnings so i can build that one into a bigger position as you know low as uh possible so let’s hope that one goes down voyager digital’s been a disaster zone

75 percent down in this stock you know i in the short term there might not be any hope for voyager the you know long term still there obviously the space is very competitive brokerages exchanges in the crypto space very very competitive space but that one’s just been an absolute disaster the only good thing is with voyagers i did a that one was a much smaller

Possession you know then some of these other stocks that i built in a really really big position so thank goodness i didn’t build that one in a massive position so you know the fact that this account is probably lucky to be up maybe 100k now after at the peak it was you know like i said i think we were up like a million at the peak no you might see this and you

Say well and we’ll get into some more devastation here but you might see this and saying see dude you should have taken profits when you’re up like a million in this count and now you could have bought back in for cheaper yeah uh yeah hindsight’s perfect and and you know i wish we always knew uh you know what was going to happen with these stocks and oh you know

We’re about going to bear market here and you know russia ukraine situation isn’t going to happen i wish uh you know i could rewind time and be like oh yeah i sold it at the peak and you know bought at the bottom or something like that but that’s just not realistic that’s not you know what has made me successful over time what made me successful over time staying

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Focused on the long term buying the dip and making ownership positions in companies bigger and bigger over time and not trying to time the market i try to play that game and lost bad okay i tried to play the whole oh let me get in the market let me get out of the market oh time to get back in oh time to get back out dude so stressful and um and i i ended up you

Know be in a way worse position and i was like dude if i just held through and bought the dip instead of trying to get in get out get in get out i would have been much better off and so you know i just stay with kind of my game plan now that you know this is where it starts to get really ugly what you’re looking at here this is my main private account these are

My tattooed chef shares in my main private account okay uh down 626 000 on tattoo chef in this account 620 six thousand dollars oh my gosh okay look at the cost basis oh it hurts me to see it it hurts me to see it 1790. oh man that’s rough 1790 cost basis you got to be kidding me uh you know sometimes you’re speechless you know you don’t just don’t know what

To say and you yeah i just don’t know what to say down 626 thousand dollars my second uh in terms of the position i’m down the second most on in the private account honest 241 thousand dollars almost a quarter million dollars you combine those together and uh what is that nine hundred thousand dollars or so down yeah it’s been rough it’s been rough baby okay

It’s been rough okay but you look at these and you’re like my gosh that’s just devastating right 900 000 plus dollars down on those two stocks but here’s kind of the way i i personally look at this right so with tattooed chef i’m 100 convinced this is gonna be a five to ten billion dollar mark cap in 2030 based upon where i see their revenues going over the coming

Years based upon where i see their net income going their margins going everything like that okay it’s a 687 million dollar mark cap right now so i think this company’s going to be a 5-10 billion dollar company that’s why i’m investing in it right and i’m investing in this company and so whether it’s at a 687 million market or a one billion dollar mark cap or 1.5

Billion mark cap right it’s all in the end it’s all gonna end up being gravy in my personal opinion right and right now i’m going down with the ship i’m the captain of the titanic and we’re going to the bottom of the ocean little do they know this is not a regular ship we’re in a submarine and we’re gonna come back up baby and we’re gonna fire the nukes okay this

Is a nuclear submarine but they don’t know that right now but uh it’s been it’s been rough right and so with me with the stock like tattoo chef i just continue to buy the dip and um you know i don’t know if this stock is bottomed now i don’t know if it still has more to go whatever like whatever the short term is at this point it doesn’t even matter the stock goes

To seven six five you know eight nine ten it doesn’t matter um for me it’s all going to be gravy in the end and i’m making stupid money on the stock in my personal opinion i could be wrong and every once in a while i will be wrong on a long term basis i’ll be wrong a lot on the short term basis i can tell you that every once in a while i’ll be wrong on a long term

Basis i don’t think i am a tattooed chef i really don’t um you know when it comes to chef i’ve seen them just you know obviously just grow like a you know a beast over the years and i’ve uh well really over the last two years has no one ever heard of the company you know more than two years ago i’ve seen them get into all the retailers i possibly want them to get

In but faster i’ve seen them innovate have some of them come out with new products they’ve seen that their sell-through is amazing and so you know tattoo chef i just gotta wait i just gotta give that time um right now not everybody sees it also the plant-based food movement we’re not going backwards on this we’re just gonna continue to move forward on this and uh

You just have to let these things play out i think you know in five or ten years from now i think everybody’s gonna look back and be like oh it was so obvious like why didn’t we see like how big these plant-based companies were gonna get uh but right now like people don’t see it and i understand it like you know uh i remember talking to friends about you know evs

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Were going to be the future and this was like five years ago and they’re like dude you’re crazy like no that’s not happening no i everybody i talked to they’re like yeah ev’s are the future like everybody’s gonna have evs in the future and like that became a thing that just everybody knows plant-based food companies these these companies the oatleys the uh tattooed

Chefs um you know beyond to a certain extent impossible foods these companies are gonna grow into just massive food companies like crazy big like the biggest of the bigs like bigger than actually we’ve ever seen companies in the past but um you know anyways you know that’s just kind of a tough fight to fight right now when uh you know the stocks are getting

Devastating and a lot of folks just don’t see it so that’s fine honest this is a 376 million mark cap it’s a joke um you know this is a two to three billion dollar mark cap easy within five years not even we don’t even have to wait to the end of the decade based upon where their their net income is going to go where their revenue is going to go over the coming

Years um but they went public at the worst time possibly went public you know in 2021 after all the hype cycle had already been dead and the stock’s never been able to find footing from wall street from retail anything like that and it’s just obviously in this downtrending market it just hasn’t been able to find any support but yeah as easy 2 to 3 billion in

Five years i’ll make a ton of money on that the submarine will come back up but right now we’re going down with the ship okay so in the stock market uh very similar to boxing it doesn’t matter how good your defense is doesn’t matter how hard you work you’re still gonna get hit with some punches and uh you know even the the greatest defensive uh fighter of our uh

Not just of our generation but in the history of boxing floyd mayweather the greatest defensive fighter ever right even he got hit with some punches sometimes i was like wow you know mayweather just got hit with that one wow can you believe that right and so in the market it doesn’t matter who you are doesn’t matter how much work you put in it doesn’t matter how

Solid your strategy is just still going to get knocked sometimes and that’s when i’m going through one of those markets right now where i’m getting knocked and i’m sure a lot of other people that are watching this video are getting knocked right now now the most important thing when you’re you’re getting punched like that is to not uh panic and uh you know start

Throwing haymakers because like oh man this guy’s got me with a big punch oh another big punch oh let me start throwing you know crazy haymakers and stuff like that anybody knows anything about boxing you gotta stay you gotta stick to your strategy you can’t get caught up into oh i you know gotta change my strategy because i got hit with a couple punches um so for

Me in this market it’s like i’m staying to the name of the game i’m looking at the companies that i love for the long term i’ll add those positions bigger and bigger there’s accumulation year for me um you know this is a year this is why i’m not buying houses cars washes anything like that this year i’m staying focused on stocks i don’t care about any of that i

Don’t even remember the last time i went clothing shopping for myself like i don’t care like for me i’m stocks all the way this year stock stock stocks and when i look at i’m down 50 on this stock and 40 of this stock is 60 on this stock that in that sort of market i got to buy buy buy and um that’s just the name of the game and i know i’m gonna make stupid money

On all these stocks or the majority of the stocks should save them all because i’m never going to shoot 100 right but the majority stocks i’m gonna make stupid money on over the coming years and um every dollar i put in these stocks i believe that dollar is going to be worth two dollars three dollars four dollars five dollars or more than that uh you know within

The next five years and so i’m sticking my strategy sticking to the game plan not switching not doing this doing that all let me get into the market oh let me get out of the market it might get worse i don’t mess around with any of that much love as always guys hope you enjoyed seeing all this devastation and have a great day

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Jeremy Lefebvre is in Deep Trouble By Financial Education

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