Hey guys how you doing this is rich i’m rich to be live and i was just watching a video with jim cramer from mad money i’m a big fan of jim cramer and on cnbc i’m a big fan of jim cramer actually kind of a fanboy i always been a fan of jim cramer and when i started this show a lot of it was because of jim cramer so um a lot to jim cramer and amongst and as well as

Other people so i was listening to jim cramer and he believes that this market sell-off is an opportunity and he believes and kind of agree with him that this is just a pullback and a buying opportunity and that you’d be crazy not to be buying companies like mastercard which took a huge hit he’s not suggesting he would put all his money to work but he’s saying

That you know it would make a lot of sense to put some of you your money to work in a situation like this if you’re sitting on cash because he believes it’s a buying opportunity and he believes that there are opportunities out there like mrna which i just did a video on and gil eat gi ld which i’ve done i’m gonna do a video on and i’ve been talking about which

Has a cure for potentially the corona virus so mrna co d x which also went up over a hundred percent today and i brought to you guys january 31st one of my top ten stocks for february 2020 it was actually my 10th pick should’ve been my first pick ceo dx exploded today they’ve got a vaccine which is going to be used potentially for the coronavirus gili gi ld they

Are working on a vaccine for the corona virus mrna is working with a vaccine for the corona virus so there is opportunities there and when companies are following good companies like apple like tesla like mastercard have all been falling this is actually a buying opportunity and i agree with jim cramer here i believe it’s a buying opportunity however this could

Get worse before it gets better i don’t know when it’s going to get better or if it will get better but i did predict and i’ve been talking about the coronavirus now for five weeks i did predict that it would hit a hundred countries we’re now in over 40 countries i did predict that we would have deaths in canada and the united states we don’t yet and i hope i’m

Wrong but the reason why i predicted this was i couldn’t understand why our governments were bringing people in from the epicenter of the outbreak when we were safe without any cases where we were we were flying people from the epicenter of the outbreak so you have to understand that there’s an opportunity there with coronavirus stocks which is why i talked to you

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Guys about a bunch of coronavirus stocks and some of them have done very well and vix has done very well ceo dx has done very well and then vc has had some times where it’s done very well it’s been up and down a emd did well and then it got it had some problems with the sec now they’re trading again so they’ve actually been down and i think that might be a buying

Opportunity there so jim cramer believes that this is a buying opportunity and that there will be opportunities with companies that might be able to create a vaccine that could save this pandemic from becoming bigger than what it is and i agree with him there’s an opportunity there however this is a very volatile time for investors so be very careful with your

Investing right now be extremely careful try to stay in a lot of cash the markets are highly volatile and any amount in news good or bad could swing the market in one way or the other so it’s a very very difficult time to invest cole’s been doing very well but even gold’s been taking a hit the last couple days so be very weary because on days where they’re saying

Oh the coronavirus is going to be ok coronavirus stocks are gonna go down on days where the market has a lot of volatility gold’s gonna go up on days when the markets up gold could be down coronavirus stocks could be down so there’s all these moves that are happening in the market that give us opportunity up and down to make money and we need to take advantage

Of the trends the trend is our friend but we also have to understand that this is a very unprecedented time yes donald trump is going to go live in what is it not live already you should be live already know i know trump is going to be going live to discuss comments by the cdc the center of disease control angel says should i start looking into inverse etfs for

Short term yes yes this is a very serious problem and it’s spreading everywhere it’s spreading in our communities now in canada it’s spreading in our communities in america it’s spreading in our communities in iran it’s spreading in our communities obviously in china it’s spreading in communities in korea it’s spreading in communities in japan it’s spreading in

Communities in italy it’s spreading in communities all over the world if a new possibility says this is the work worse the market has seen since 2008 yeah in 2008 we weren’t dealing with a pandemic that could take us all the hope this is very serious problem and it’s going to have very serious repercussions on the global economy which i’ve been talking about for

Five weeks as a friday will be five weeks since i started talking about the corona virus because i always like to bring everybody the news first at the beginning when i first started talking about this everybody said it was crazy the canadian guys says this will drag on i agree because they don’t have a solution yet they don’t and there’s some numbers coming

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Out of china that are just frightening of what the real numbers are andy murray says hey rich smash the like button thank you andy i appreciate you bro jt says my put options are finally looking very nice yeah i bet now’s the time to buy puts cuz the market is under a lot of selling pressure that’s shorting that’s people pulling money out thinking that this is

Doomsday there’s people buying perishable foods and storing them in their homes creating bunkers you know it’s crazy time right now everybody’s got through an opinion on this but it’s definitely a serious situation and i don’t think people are joking about it anymore i never joked about it since day one i always thought it was real and i thought it was serious

More labs for this guy yeah labs is at a really good price but when are the kanima stocks ever gonna turn around jt says i’m in my car watching rich in his car hey man love it love it you know i was watching cramer and i was like you know what let me go live and tell people with cramer things cuz cramer has a pretty good insight on the markets and buffett said the

Same thing buffett said this is a buying opportunity so i believe it is i believe it is the question is how low we gonna go i think this is just getting started so the market could clearly go lower if it wasn’t for the coronavirus the market would be way higher right now so i always said when i was talking about the market melt up i didn’t know how the coronavirus

Would affect the market melt up it’s clearly now affecting the market melt up it’s clearly now affecting the market melt up léo the landscaper says co dx up 147 percent at one point today i caught 80% of it nice good work good work thank you guys for joining i just want to talk about kramer i’m a big fan of kramer’s he’s been hugely successful when i started my

Show he inspired me with mad money i’m not gonna lie i think rich tv live is kind of a cross between jim kramer and gary varner chuck gary varner chuck kind of gave me the idea of building a social media platform jim kramer gave me the idea of talking about stocks and joe rogan gave me the idea of kind of having a podcast like a show where i could interview people

So i kind of got all my inspiration from those three guys and obviously howard stern studied radio and television broadcasting at school and i always analyzed howard stern so that’s kind of what has inspired rich tv live and i think we’re very unique platform because we can talk about anything and we do we do we talk about anything and everything so we have a


Very unique position where a lot of these platforms they’re focused on a certain area of news and that’s their focus whereas with us we can pretty much focus on whatever we want and i like that i enjoy that i think it gives us the ability to be first and it’s funny when everyone now a month later is talking about coronavirus when i was talking about it five weeks

Ago and now they’re talking about it in all of their headlines every day all day and five weeks ago i was talking about coronavirus and i was gonna change the world how is gonna grow to be a global epidemic global pandemic how is gonna grow to a hundred countries and now it’s in 40 countries and it’s only getting worse exactly as i predicted so now jim cramer is

Talking about the coronavirus a lot how it’s affecting the markets a lot how it is slowing the markets globally how it’s going to continuously affect the markets how there are companies out there that are not getting exposure to china so some companies will not be affected that much and that he believes that the markets will go back to being strong and that these

Are buying opportunities this is the thing when you have so many rich americans and rich people all over the world they can’t sit on the sidelines forever every time there’s a dip they’re gonna buy that’s what they do that’s what rich people do they like to invest so if jim cramer who’s managing a hedge fund is saying that he’s got money in the sidelines and he’s

Gonna be buying the dip you know that a lot of the big boys are gonna buy the dip a lot of big boys are gonna buy the dip all right guys i just wanted to share that video with you i got a run i got a busy day other things going on stay tuned to rich tv lie if you like this video smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere might come back

Later i would have loved to stream that that speech by trump but i’m just busy i can’t you know single dad with kids different things going on all the time 24/7 so i got a run but thank you for watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching sure boy rich or mr. b live and i’m a whole piece jim cramer man i showed up to jim cramer mad money cnbc man i don’t

Always agree with you jim but you know what i always respect you it’s true

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