Jobs Report Destroys Expectations!

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The jobs report just came out and the numbers are phenomenal labor force increases as biggest us since 2003 as many americans finally get back to work the labor force surged by eight hundred and six thousand the biggest move since september 2003 and now sits just below 162 million those counted outside the labor force declined by six hundred and fifty three thousand

Though the number is still around 95 million the participation trend could be indicative that wages actually are coming up enough to encourage sideline workers look at least some of these numbers more in depth here so the us economy did more than give three hundred and thirteen thousand jobs in february remember february is the shortest month of the entire year so

That’s a lot of jobs in in one month and it was brought nearly three times amount off the sidelines inside the glitt’ring non-farm payrolls report the bureau of labor statistics released friday were even more inspiring numbers skilled labor positions surged with big increases in construction and you meant in manufacturing which has seen its best three month period

Since nineteen eighty four since nineteen eighty four guys before i was born it was it was all part of the jobs market that continued to defy expectations every time economists or officials at the federal reserve pronounced us is at full employment a report seems to come out indicating that there’s still plenty of room for growth as we’ve seen the market is just

You know up and up and up today pretty much stocks across the board or up i kind of want to explain why this is such a big deal for the us economy and just a big deal for the stock market overall and whatnot this jobs report here phenomenal numbers just killed expectations expectations were around 200,000 okay and they came in with 313 it was an absolute huge beat

Now unemployment’s been relatively low for a while came for several years of employments been you know in the fives or all fours range for several years now so unemployment hasn’t really been the issue what it has to do with the issues is wages where wage is going wages haven’t you know gone too far yet as of yet okay in the other issue people have seen with the us

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Economy is people on the sidelines okay people still on the sidelines that maybe don’t show up in the unemployment but are on the sidelines and kind of just waiting for an opportunity or something out there a job that actually pays them a wage i’ll you know get them off their butt and go do something or something like that right that’s a huge thing now you can never

Have a hundred percent participation rate obviously because you have children obviously and then you have you know super elderly people those type of people aren’t gonna be in the workforce but anybody else between the ages of let’s say 16 18 and you know somewhere around 65 you would think everybody should be in there so when you have a situation where you you have

These unemployment numbers come down even more you have more sideline workers coming into the workforce what it is ends up doing is it’s gonna end up pushing up these wages okay because let’s say you and i are competing we have two companies do similar things and we’re competing for you know worker a okay we’re competing for worker eighth well if worker i only had

One opportunity before only one job opportunity that worker a he’s just gonna literally take that job opportunity or they’re just gonna you know kind of stay on like the government system and whatnot we’ll kind of get it into why that’s bad but now in a situation where you have you know you know unemployment dropping more more and more side line workers coming

In what ends up happening is worker a now has you know three different routes they can go okay and they all pay different wages they all pay different wages and worker a is more than likely gonna go to the one that pays the biggest wage okay which basically means these two other guys are gonna be looking here like we need another worker to complete these tasks we

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Need somebody else to do these things so we can expand their company so guess what we got to do we got to bring up our wages now we got to make our wages bigger okay so it’s a phenomenal effect the effect it has is unbelievable on the overall economy okay now also worker a they might have been on government assistance before they may have been on government health

Care or things like that may be on welfare you never no so governor this worker worker number a here that was on the government system they were obviously you know bad on the system they were bringing down the system right but now they get a job they start working they start making money all of a sudden what does that do they start becoming a benefit now instead

Of taking money from the governmental system now they’re actually giving money because now worker a is paying taxes okay now worker h paying taxes they’re helping out their their local economy they’re helping out there there are the federal economy because they’re actually paying taxes and rather than taking money from the system okay which which makes a lot of

Those stats look a lot better so this is big guys and it’s big for the markets obviously because we’ve seen time and time again one do you know the markets are economists are like oh we’re at full employment where we can’t get any better than this this is as good as it gets and things like that and i think we have some levels up we still have to go here i think

Wages are the next thing to really start showing in a big way i think some sideline workers can continue to come in the market but i think wages is the next part that’s really gonna start going up and that is when you still you really get some meaningful things we see strong numbers in the construction business i can’t go anywhere in las vegas i literally can’t

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Drive anywhere in las vegas without seeing construction somewhere without seeing caterpillar equipment all over the road it doesn’t matter if it’s roads homes being built new resorts the raiders stadium like i can’t drive literally anywhere like even like down the block to starbucks or something without seeing some kind of construction on my way and that’s just how

It is out here right now so it’s great to see construction booming again we know a lot of those jobs are good-paying jobs okay a lot of the construction field or a good solid paying job so when when those jobs are in full effect for those type of workers as big on the economy and then those people go out and spend more money and do things and whatnot and it helps

Out everything in general so i’m very pleased to see that report it came in way stronger than it expected to you know come in that 3 13 versus 200 was expected guys that’s a massive massive beat no one really saw that coming so good things all around got nothing bad to say about that whole dealio i would love to know you guy’s opinion on those jobs report numbers

I would love to know that in that comment section down there feel free to share with me what you thought of those numbers i’m looking forward to seeing wages going up and i think that will really start over the courses next 12 to 18 months and we shall see guys but anyways thank you for watching as always and have a great day

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