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Join The Trading Club – January 17, 2020 – RICH TV LIVE –

Hey guys how you doing this is rich here we have rich tv live and i want to talk to you about the new club that we started it’s pretty wild pretty exciting to grow and evolve and see evolution and that’s exactly what we’re seeing um we’re seeing lots of it actually uh lots of growth lots of evolution and i believe we’re going to continue to and

This is just one of our picks that we were able to identify early look at this aitx at double o2 and currently at five cents right now so a lot of our members have got in you know right around i think around a penny on this one when i started talking about it and then we did a video on it on youtube it was a little over a penny after that and it’s gone as high as

Five cents came back down to two cents and that was another buying opportunity for investors clearly and now it’s back up to five cents and i mean look at the volume on this thing 322 million shares really that’s some pretty substantial volume for a penny stock you don’t see that too often so this is kind of what we do you know this is what we do at rich picks

Daily we identify companies that we think are undervalued under appreciated underexposed aren’t getting enough attention aren’t getting enough visibility and maybe we can benefit from that maybe we can capitalize on that maybe we can take advantage of that so the reason why we created a club is we want to be able to find the hottest picks every single day before

They explode we’ve done that i mean we’ve done that we’re going to continue to do that here’s one of our picks n-e-x-e brought this pre-ipo everybody in our club knew about this it ipod actually had 40 cents when is low on day one as a dollar 21 was as high i believe as what dollar 80 on day one of their ipo which we brought to you guys first and today they trade

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At 2.82 so anybody that got into this trade all of our club members knew first have had an opportunity to have a huge return on their investment congratulations to investors so really that’s that’s the idea the idea is to try to find early stage companies early stage super hyper growth companies and get in before they explode let’s talk about some more picks that

We talked about within our club how about very good butchers we brought you this pick at a dollar did the videos all on youtube i believe we’re the first pretty large youtube channel ever to talk about very you can see we brought them you could see like this is all marked up right like this is pre-marked you can see when i marked it up like i’ve been talking about

Very since august okay uh they were under a dollar when i first started talking to our club members a lot of our members got in at around a dollar or even less today very trades at 7.89 has been as high as 9.50 an absolute beauty and another huge winner for our club how about good-natured foods yeah we brought this pick at 12 and a half cents right we all got

In at our club uh 12 and a half 13 cents it went to a dollar 38 massive massive move for good natured food so what we’re doing in the club every day is we’re just spending the time doing the research doing the research doing the due diligence and consistently looking for undervalued underappreciated underexposed companies before they explode here’s doc cloud md

Software i mean there’s a million people trying to tell me that that they they brought me pics i mean we got pics that we talk about in our club every single day so uh like literally hundreds of pics and you can see we try to find them early here’s doc i’m pretty sure i was the first one ever to talk about doc on youtube at 50 cents you can see they’ve gone from

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50 cents to 2.22 cents another huge winner all these videos are on youtube all these videos are there for everyone to see how about tat lifestyle and wellness we were the first ones ever to talk about tat lifestyle and wellness you can see it’s all marked up we brought it to you guys pre-ipo when it was actually you could see marked here actually at 41 cents it

Opened up at 67 day one because of all the anticipation and it gone as high as 440 and it’s been going up and down yo-yoing up and down in these zones currently at 267 huge winner for the community once again these are all picks that we brought first and we’re going to continue to and we always talk to our entire community about these picks first before we even

Go on youtube here’s eats another one that i personally profited from another one that our community got in early we planned it perfectly we timed it perfectly we saw an opportunity we got in and uh we took profit so this has been another winner for our community and there’s going to be more we’re going to continue to find more and in fact we’re talking about

More right now so if you would like to be a part of the community all you need to do is join the club at how you guys doing picks and i really appreciate the support of all the club members and anybody can join the club you just go to and if you guys like this video please smash the like button comment down

Below share the video everywhere we’ve been doing this for four years and there’s been a lot of ups and downs in our trading and over the last year it’s been pretty much all ups we’ve had a lot of success i’ve personally had a lot of success trading our members have had a lot of success training i see troy’s on here hey troy’s been having crazy success trading

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And one of the things that we really try to focus on in our club is we don’t focus on how big your account is we focus on being able to grow your account and what is the percentage you can grow your account here’s christina lake cannabis another one that we brought our entire club first at 46 cents currently today at 98 cents another huge winner for our club and

All of our club members learn about our picks first before we go on youtube everybody in the club gets a chance to hear about everything because we’re talking about picks literally 24 hours a day seven days a week okay so this is what the club is all about it’s about the research having a place where we can talk about pics people can give their opinions do they

Like them do they dislike them why do they like them why do they dislike them and we’re in a unique situation here rich tv live because we get a lot of the winners first i mean here’s green lane renewables another company i interviewed at 50 cents currently at 2 and 20 cents so there is winner after winner after winner and we’re going to continue to find winner

After winner after winner we really focus on early stage super hyper growth companies and getting in before they really tell their story to the world and we’ve had really good success members are having great success i’m personally having great success and you too can have great success all you got to do is join the club at thank you guys for

Watching if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring the winners and we bring them to you first if you want access to these picks first if you want access to these winners first if you want access to the research news and analysis first you can join the club too have a great day we’ll talk to you soon

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