Jordan Bardella: new face of French far right and frontrunner in European elections

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Children videla does not look like the typical european politician but at the age of just 23 the rising star of the french far-right is top of the list of candidates for marina pens hassan bloom on snl for elections to the european parliament in may opinion polls suggest the party which was called the four national when it was run by the pens father jean-marie

Le pen will beat that of the liberal president emmanuel macron be the most popular among all the french parties in the european vote in an interview with the ft but della said the idea was to team up with the other right-wing nationalist parties that have risen in the eu in recent years in the uk italy in eastern europe to try to reduce the power of the european

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Food italiano sido la politique on the trish awakens led fp widows duty on europe who knows any fool of a woman from the google erica yet the real goal of marine lepen and bar della is to come to power at home in france on a program of trade protectionism and adamant opposition to immigration the rn has benefited from weeks of so-called religion or yellow vest

Protests against president macro and his government marine lepen spore performance in a debate with macro sank any chance she might have had of defeating him in the 2017 presidential election even so an overwhelmingly white party that for decades seemed unelectable in modern france because of its reputation for racism has been revived by her drive to improve

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On our system to alcatraz attractive most of it was of anabolic or well articulated only spirit in over table your system in industry study popular of hospital seminole is young adela and the rn are likely to do well in the european elections because the results are based on proportional representation and voters often want to make a protest vote by choosing an

Extreme party they might shun in the national poll the question after that is whether marine depends party can ride europe’s populist wave to take power in a french domestic election

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Jordan Bardella: new face of French far right and frontrunner in European elections By Financial Times

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