July 5th Market review and analysis with RICH TV LIVE

July 5th Market review and analysis with RICH TV LIVE

Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich your host with the most from rich tv live in mexico live in mexico and we’ve got big breaking news here giving you an update on all the markets recession concerns mount global stocks tumble then rebound the dow jones did finish in the red nasdaq finished in the green and the s p 500 also finished in the green to start off

The beginning of quarter three tesla initially falls after q2 delivery results but regains and finishes green so a couple stocks for you to keep your eye on first and foremost occidental petroleum oxy one of the plays that warren buffett is very interested in and invested in given a buy rating with oil prices down might present a good trade opportunity always do

Your own due diligence and let us know what you think here at rich tv now a cell target given on carnival cruise lines ccl with travel and leisure sectors still struggling and continues to underperform it might cause more of a downturn for the sector do your due diligence and we’d love to share your thoughts with us now let’s take a look at some financial calendar

News in canada opec meetings building permits month over month it’s an excellent gauge of future construction activity because obtaining a permit is among the first steps in constructing a new building all right in america factory orders month over month is a leading indicator of production rising purchase orders signals that manufacturers will increase activity

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They work to fill the orders now let’s talk about cryptocurrency news yesterday the total market cap broke through the 862 billion upper range high and has gone up to the 900 billion resistance where the market cap has been rejected currently the market cap has dropped down to 870 billion there is no clear direction at the moment as to which the market cap will

Play out in the short term to the downside there is major support at 834 billion with resistance above 900 billion make sure to sign up to rich tv dot io for our emails and alerts and get a deep dive analysis and breakdown of the charts 24 hours a day seven days a week now let’s talk about bitcoin bitcoin actually trading right now just over twenty thousand dollars

If it can hold that nineteen thousand one hundred and twenty two mark then we can see it being bullish and going back potentially to twenty 21 435 area which usually starts to see resistance and selling pressure around that level so let’s take a look at the trade in between range if it breaks below 19 122 then we believe it’s going to be bearish now let’s take

A look at the price of bitcoin so if bitcoin breaks down below that 19 122 mark then it it’s going to be bearish most likely and we could see it drop all the way down to that 17 900 level again so you could take a short position if you see it becoming bearish always do your own due diligence and make sure you are taking the best possible trade now let’s take a


Look at the bitcoin chart we’re going to share our screen right now and take a look at the bitcoin chart here we go so this is the bitcoin daily chart you can see it has been as low as 1981 dollars and has been as high as 20 475 and we’re currently trending up right now it’s climbing up looking very bullish this second currently at twenty thousand four hundred

And forty seven so looking pretty bullish right now be very interesting to see if we’re going to be able to hold this range now let’s also take a look at ethereum i will look at the charts on ethereum first of all ethereum has been trading between the 1030 zone and the 1200 zone if it can stay above the 1030 zone it might go bullish again and give an opportunity

For at least a 10 gain of close to the 1200 zone if it breaks the 10 030 zone on the way down it could present a bearish opportunity or a short trade opportunity down to the 890 zone where typically it starts to get support and buying pressure remember to go and sign up to rich tv.io to learn how to trade cryptocurrency stocks nfts and so much more now let’s take

A look at the ethereum chart so this is the ethereum chart right here e-t-h-u-s-d this is the ethereum chart here so you can clearly see the ethereum chart now at one thousand one hundred and fifty five so a little bit kind of in that middle between the bearer zone and the bullish zone so remember what we said if it goes above that 1200 zone then it’s looking to

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Be pretty bullish however it gets resistance in that level so be careful for selling pressure and it’s just sitting right now at 1154 so it’s kind of in the middle of the zone that we’re talking about closer to the bullish zone than the bearish zone but it’s going to be interesting to see if we can break that 1200 mark now always remember rich tv live is strictly

For information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we believe that we dig deeper than anybody else we interview companies we do company overviews we break down the news we do the analysis and we actually physically invest in the companies

That we talk about we invest in stocks we invest in cryptocurrencies we invest in nfts we invest in real estate we invest in the metaverse and so much more thank you guys for watching your host with the most your boy rich from rich tv live in mexico saying have a great day everybody we’ll see peace

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