Key Tesla Supplier To 2X Shipments! Plus Elon Musk Engineer Does Tesla Dirty!

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Well good day subscribers hope you guys are having a great day out there as always if you are new here i am jeremy and today we have two very big tests and news stories to talk about what is a very positive story in regards to production around tesla the other is super negative in regards to an employee stealing a ton of intellectual property from tesla in

Giving that information to a chinese competitor okay it’s really bad news all right so we’re looking at tesla stock here today it’s not really doing much as i’ve taking the screenshot it’s up about point zero five percent so kind of a break-even day for tesla stock overall and i just want to give an update to basically we did a video yesterday around tesla and

The whole bonus situation so that basically there was a lot of employees that if they hit a certain number around 33,000 units in the quarter delivered these employees were gonna get a bonus but they came about 200 vehicles short of that number they needed to hit and a lot of people are saying tesla should still pay out that bonus because they got pretty close

From our understanding at that time tesla was saying they weren’t gonna pay the bonus okay and so the now there’s another conflicting report out basically it says that you know this is coming out of electric they say after our article came out some employees told electric that they’re now being told that they will get their bonuses it’s not clear when and let’s

Be clear about this they did not hit is i don’t know like though the terminology the electric uses their their bonuses because they technically didn’t hit the number that they needed to hit to actually be their bonuses so we’ll have to see what happens with that whole situation i don’t know i just wanted to kind of update it just kind of give you guys the most

Relevant information regarding that if that was something you were paying attention to alright so information has come out that a key tesla supplier in china is getting double shipments digi time reports precision stamping service provider china fine blanking technology plans to boost monthly shipments for tesla model 3 relay components to 40,000 per month from a

Prior level of about 20,000 a month the increased output is due to start in august sources indicate that cf tea shipments to tesla are expected to increase even more as production ramps up out of the company’s gigafactory 3 in shanghai which is probably to open in the next three to six months just so you guys know okay earlier this week tesla’s jerome gillian also

Hinted at increased output at the fremont factory okay so this is double good information basically on back-to-back days regarding tesla production this basically means that demand for tesla’s are incredibly strong at this point i’m okay incredibly strong stronger than a lot of us bowls probably even thought in regards to this okay and it got me to thinking why is

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The man so strong right now we’ve see the federal tax credit actually shrinking right now and yeah tesla’s have even got a little more expensive some of the products are k malo 3 actually went up in price recently and so it makes you think like why is the man so strong and i think there’s something going on here that not a lot of people are kind of seeing okay and

Basically just a few months ago tesla opened up the model 3 to leasing ok this just happened a few months ago and so what i’m thinking i’m thinking the leasing is causing a lot more demand for tesla’s now because keep in mind that when you’re looking at the auto market right there’s they’re kind of like three ways you can go you can buy a car cash you don’t like

Just outright right let’s see you want a model three base model three you know $40,000 right you buy that cash that’s very few people not everybody just has $40,000 it’s laying around that they just want to get rid of and put into a car right then there’s bank loans so you can actually buy the car but it’s on bank loan which is a route a ton of people go obviously

You know you go ahead and take a loan out for that car and the third way you acquire a car is through at least okay and a lot of people enjoy leases for different reasons they just don’t want to own it they don’t want to take out the bank loan to get that car something like that maybe they don’t have the ability to get that bank loan maybe there’s something for

Tax reasons why they lease so needless to say leasing is a very popular product and it just started with the model threes a few months ago and so what i’m thinking is the demand is going even higher into much bigger rates now that they actually can lease model three because there’s a lot of consumers that like to lease their cars and when you do something like

That it can actually be a way bigger demand uptake then a lot of people hadn’t even thought about okay now one thing i just want to say on seeking alpha i’m very happy the bears have finally gone into hiding thank goodness okay i can actually look at the comments section of a tesla article or tesla news related thing and not see all bearish comments so i will i’m

Happy about that let’s just put it that way okay now this next story not so positive for tesla this is a very negative story okay this is unbelievable what has happened here okay a former tesla employee admits to storing autopilot source code on his own icloud he allegedly took the code to his new employer okay a former tussle employee is being sued for downloading

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Data related to the company’s autopilot feature and allegedly taking that data to a chinese rival company this is kind of a big news story needless to say okay in the court filing ex-employee who i won’t even try to pronounce their name admits that he accessed tesla’s source code and uploaded the files to his personal drive denies that his actions constitute

Theft of trade secrets tesla disagrees writing in the complaint that the autopilot feature cowell worked on is the quote crown jewel of tesla’s intellectual property portfolio and that tao tried to bring these trade secrets to zhang ping motors his new employer cal received an offer to work for that company in november 2018 and tesla alleges that long before he

Left cal began uploading complete copies of tesla’s autopilot related to source code to his personal icloud account more than three hundred thousand files in directories in violation of tesla’s policies in its agreements with cal okay three hundred thousand files needless to say this wasn’t like it was just like one or two little things here and there that they

Like he wanted to keep for whatever reason three hundred thousand this looks like it’s pretty malicious and it looks like there’s definitely in 10th there to steal the information from tests of the company which even if you created something or helps treat something for a company doesn’t mean it’s your own that you can take just because you know you might have

Worked on an iphone you know and you worked for apple let’s say and you were one of the iphone engineers you helped make the iphone doesn’t mean when you leave apple you can go ahead and take all those trade secrets and download all a bunch of forms and whatnot on how that iphone is made to help out the next competitor or say hey the iphone is actually my product

Cuz i helped to create that or something like that it doesn’t work that way when you’re dealing with a company ok so shopping motors also known as x motors or x pain is a rival chinese electric vehicle company which has been at the center of trade secret lawsuits before last year a former apple employee was arrested after stealing a trove of data from cupertino

Self-driving car lab the employee downloaded files in admitted to taking hardware and he had announced his intention to move to china to work for that company xiao ping motors ok so needless to say this is a huge deal and this is what happens a lot of time in big business ok we’re talking a lot of money up for grabs we’re talking a lot of power up from grabs and

We’re talking about this country wants to be this country and things like that ok we’re talking about big stakes here and so what you’ll see sometimes from companies that are playing dirty is no contact an employee who ranks decently high up in a company but not super high up not like executive level or something like that but somebody that’s an important figure

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At that company there’s kind of important on the dlo and basically they’ll contact them and they’ll say hey you know what you go ahead you you access all this information you bring that over to our company we need that information that that company has go ahead and do that we’ll give you a 5 million dollar bonus or 10 million dollar bonus or whatever across the

Board and you have some individuals that maybe they’re making 100k year 200k a year and they hear five million ten million or even a few million and then their brain starts to work in they’re like dang that sounds like a lot of money let me go ahead and do that and they’ll make a big theft like that in the company that that access to information they make out like

Bandits because sometimes if they just have to pay an employee five million dollars let’s say ten million dollars to access all this information for that employee take the risk that’s like a joke okay because some of these companies have spent hundreds of billions of dollars billions of dollars even tens of billions of dollars on research and development work so if

They just have to pay a few million bucks or some type of a bonus out to the employee for bringing over those trade secrets that’s really cheap for that company in the end okay and this is what we see happen sometimes with these big companies and especially a lot of big companies that do business internationally they they can fight really dirty ok like my strength

And conditioning coach used to say to us football players say if you’re not cheating you’re not trying and that makes me think maybe that was why so many players on my team dished steroids but you know that’s just a story so people will try to win by any measure possible even if it means cheating even if it means breaking the law they will try to do it and that

Looks like it was more unlikely what happened here in the tesla situation we’ll have to see all the shakes out as it’s a quite a tricky situation because you’re dealing with an american company you’re dealing with a chinese company i probably don’t see any resolution and probably whatever was stolen bought by that employee from tesla to this new company it’s probably

Is what it is and i don’t think there’s any way getting it back now so anyways i want to hear your guy’s opinion on anything we discussed in today’s video make sure you smash a thumbs up button if you enjoyed today’s video as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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Key Tesla Supplier To 2X Shipments! Plus Elon Musk Engineer Does Tesla Dirty! By Financial Education

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