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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the financial education channel i am jeremy and as always my goal is to provide the highest level of financial education possible today we are talking about the key to having a successful business the key to starting a business and making sure it’s a success what’s the number one thing well obviously

Important things are things like you need to have a good product or service whatever you’re providing it needs to be high quality you need to have a price point that makes sense if you’re trying to go around cleaning cars for people detailing cars charging them a thousand bucks probably isn’t gonna get you much business so obviously you need to have a good product

You have good pricing whatnot but i would say the key more than anything out there is being able to find customers in a very efficient way that is the key to key being able to find people who are realistic potential customers and do it in the most efficient way possible let me go through my business my business is real estate photography videography all those kinds

Of things anything that has to do with pretty much marketing a product on the real estate market so for me my most important contacts are realtors so what i have found from my personal business is it’s best if i email potential realtors tell them hey i’m a professional videographer photographer would you mind if i sent you some samples of my work and then some get

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Back to me some don’t but that email i just do copy and paste and i find you know realtors there’s a thousands of them here in nevada i find them i go ahead copy paste boom send it out if one in ten get back to me if one in fifty get back to me that’s great for me because it didn’t take me much time and in my business one customer can mean a long term customers

Which could mean a lot of revenue down the line so that’s the best way i do it say you were doing a detailed car service uh you know my opinion there would be have a nice professional business card a thick one that looks really good glossy and i would go to neighborhoods that you thought could realistically afford that on the detailing of the cars so you need to

Go to at least middle-class neighborhoods if not upper middle-class and wealthy areas and leave your car there card in the front door if you see someone out and they have a nice car talk to them and say hey you know i tell you don’t always be positive put your little salesman pitch out there see if they’re interested don’t take up their entire day things like that

That’s a very efficient way in that business do it so whatever business you started you need to think before you even start it how am i gonna get potential customers in an efficient way how am i gonna get customers in an efficient way and too many potential customers because there’s no different than handing out your business card to each household you know putting

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It in the door one in fifty or one of a hundred households probably will be the only one to contact you same thing when i send on emails one in fifty one no hundred so you need to be able to do it in a way that’s fast it doesn’t take up a ton of time and where you have the biggest chance of a possibility of realistic leave the person coming after you and saying hey

You know what i am interested send me samples hey i’m an erisa new detail in my car you know come by this day or whatnot tell me more about your services so that right there is by far the biggest key of them all most businesses failed not because their products bad not because their service is bad not because their pricing is way off but because they have trouble

Finding customers in an efficient way and when you’re starting a business it’s not realistic to go out and advertise if you’re a big business oh yeah you can spend thousands of dollars tens of thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising online and on google search and commercials on tv and on the radio all those kinds of things but

First startup it’s unrealistic we don’t have that kind of money to be spending on all those things you need to do it yourself and do it in sufficiently possible so i hope that helped guys that is the key in my opinion to business overall by far the biggest key by far the biggest key i hope you enjoyed if you enjoy business videos and financial education videos go

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Key to Starting a Successful Business! – How to Start a Business By Financial Education

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