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KSI Boxing vs Logan Paul and other YouTubers Explained – FEBRUARY 25, 2018 – RICH TV LIVE – SO KSI BEAT JOE Weller another Youtuber in a real life boxing match. Following the fight KSI called out both Jake Paul and Logan Paul. However, both Jake Paul and Logan Paul didn’t show interest in fighting at first which then forced KSI to challenge everyone else on youtube. Consequently, a few big Youtubers, have stepped up to the challenge they include: Vitalyzdtv, Fousey, Adam Saleh Vlogs, Furious Pete, and recently Jake and Logan Paul.

Hey guys it’s rich from rich tv live here and today i want to talk about something that’s really been trending on youtube it’s the ksi jill weller fight for those of you guys don’t know ksi is one of the top youtubers got like 18 million subscribers jill weller’s another big youtuber he’s got a few million subscribers and what happened is they got into an

Altercation and essentially set up a boxing match which was televised and live streamed on youtube which broke the record for the most streams ever for a boxing match an amateur boxing match i believe there was over 1.5 million viewers watching on youtube alive which i think is absolutely brilliant now the reason i want to talk about this is it is one of the most

Trending topics on youtube you can see it everywhere all you got to do is search ksi boxing and after the fight after ksi just annihilated joe weller no offense to joe weller i don’t know the guy and no offense to ksi i thought it was entertaining fight but i thought it was pretty one-sided ksi threw all the punches joe weller just took them got bloodied got beat

Up and did a standing ko shortly after the fight started so it wasn’t really even a fight so now after that fight the part that i thought was really entertaining was ksi called out jake paul logan paul and essentially any other youtuber that wants to fight him after he called them out jake paul and logan paul had been going back and forth well what happened was

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Which i thought was entertaining is that ks eyes brother desi got challenged by jake paul on a bat a boxing match at a park and as he said he was sick he didn’t want to fight now they’ve been going back and forth talking about whether or not they will or won’t fight but i think that it doesn’t fights jake paul and i believe that if ksi fights logan paul he will

Also get destroyed i’m not looking to box anybody okay now i just rich tv like we interview celebrities boxers entertainers business individuals we just interviewed two-time world boxing champion shannon briggs and i believe that i would love to interview ksi and anybody else that wants to go and fight i would love to interview them on my show get their opinion

Get their angle get their side of the story so that we can really hype this fly it up and get viewers from all over the world to really understand what is really happening because after the call-out and the shout out of jake paul and logan paul an entire group of youtubers came out and started saying they wanted to fight ksi and some of those youtubers include

Bigger ute some pretty big youtubers like fouseytube and vitali and adam saleh and so much so that ksi actually has a poll going out where his subscribers can decide who he’s going to fight next and adam salette adamson lee vlogs i believe is this channel is leading in the polls and it’s because adam saleh actually has a lot of boxing experience i believe he has

13 amateur fights and if you look in em adam salette vlogs channel you will see he’s got a lot of fights that he’s been a part of on you see very well and if adam slade does fight ksi i believe it’s gonna be a very tough fight for ksi because he’s actually gonna fight somebody that knows how to fight knows how to dodge knows how to punch has a strong punch and

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Yeah maybe he’s a little bit smaller than ksi i just recently came out saying he’s fighting a child i’m gonna eat those words ksi because if you look at the way adam knows how to fight he can take a punch he can throw a punch he knows how to dodge he knows how to you know he’s got some good cardio and he definitely has some strong hands so i believe you’re gonna

Eat some words there i don’t know who will win the fight you know i think he’ll be entertaining i’ll definitely be watching but what i’d like to do here on rich tv live is i’d love to interview you ksi and i would love to interview any other youtuber that either wants to fight ksi or is fighting ksi because i believe this fight needs a professional interviewer

That can interview both fighters that can communicate clearly that can tell the story clearly so everybody really knows what’s going on because what’s happened is six different youtubers have now been put on the poles to fight ksi and i think it’s great i think it’s amazing for too long too many youtubers have been able to call people out without really having

Any way to determine you know who really is tough and who it really is listen man you want to call me out you want to call me a meme you want to call me a p word you want to call me the b word you want to call you want to make you know racial slurs or whatever now we got away on youtube where we can settle it we can settle the score and if somebody wants to

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Call someone else so another person has the ability to say let’s get into the ring whether it’s a boxing match mma let’s get in the ring and let’s handle this like true adults whether it’s males females we can do it all now and this is the beauty of youtube youtube is creating new opportunities for people all over the world to address their concerns if someone

Has a beef now they can address it in the ring i love it i think it’s amazing i think it’s brilliant i think it’s extremely entertaining and what i like to do is like have you guys come on my show so i can interview you to get your side of the story whether you’re fighting whether you’re thinking about fighting whether you’re training i want to hear from you guys

I know the audience wants to hear from you guys and i think we need to start doing some interviews guys so if you guys want to get a professional interview someone that’s interviewed two-time world boxing champion shannon briggs just a few weeks ago let’s get on rich tv live i’d love to hear from you ksi i’m a big fan of all the youtubers that are participating

In this and i just like that you don’t get involved and and get a chance to speak with you guys and get to hear you know your side of the story so this is rich from rich tv live that’s what’s going on all the youtubers want to fight and i think it’s great all right this is your boy rich and i’m o

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