KSI VS LOGAN PAUL Fight Prediction – RICH TV LIVE – AUGUST 18TH, 2018 – I make my KSI vs Logan Paul fight prediction which is happening with an estimated 100 million viewers all over the world watching. I also talk about Jake Paul and Deji Fight. Let’s Go. So Excited for this event.

You know what’s up guys this is rich from her sheila and i wanted to talk about the ksi logan paul superfight youtuber vs. youtuber okay so the way he went down is ksi fought another youtuber that i mean it wasn’t even a close play can’t say i won made it look easy the other guy got beat down and because of that he ended the fight chris i thought the guy’s name i

Think is joel weller that’s right joel weller he fought joe weller beat him down blood eating him up stop them joella even barely even threw a punch okay after the fight ks i felt really really proud of himself and decided that he wanted to challenge logan paul jake paul and all the faults well now he’s getting his fight august 25th in england it’s going down the

Super fight of the century the biggest internet fight ever youtuber vs. youtuber logan paul vs. ksi now the part that is really interesting is that not only is logan paul going to fight ksi jake paul logan paul’s younger brother is going to fight desi who is ksi brother so it’s gonna be brother versus brother it’s going to be on the internet i think they’re charging

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Like $10 to watch this fight i can’t wait to see who wins this fight so my prediction is in this video that logan paul has a background in wrestling my prediction is that logan paul is going to win okay logan paul’s going to win he’s got a background in wrestling he’s much bigger than ksi i think he’s gonna be much stronger than ksi and i don’t wanna hurt ksi i think

He’s gonna hurt him bad i think he’s gonna win this fight i think he’s gonna knock him out my prediction is that logan paul beats ksi what do you guys think who do you think is gonna win my prediction is that logan paul beats ksi they’re predicting that a 100 million people will be watching this fight that’s right they’re predicting that 100 million people could

Watch this play which could be the biggest fight in the history of the internet it could break the internet now let’s just do the map if they charge $10 for this fight and a hundred million people watch that means that they’re going to make 1 billion dollars for this fight and there are two youtubers that’s mind boggling ok so please guys comment on this video if

You like this video smash the like button share this video let me know who you think is gonna win this fight i’ll do another video where i’ll do a prediction between jake paul and desi and the crazy part is chaos i just dropped a diss track which is the best diss track video i’ve ever seen it legitimately looks like a rap video so ksi oh man respect on your on your

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Diss track logan paul i’m waiting for his diss track i think it’s coming out and jake paul yo what’s going on over there that and jake paul is just dropped his diss track on desi and it’s it’s lit it’s like i still think ks eyes disc this track video is way better but i think that jake paul’s dis video is pretty cool too so my prediction is that jake paul wins he

Knocks okay si what do you guys think let’s see what you’re just saying new tubers up for a fight yo if you’re a big youtuber and you want to do it you know your boy rich i never backed down from a fight so you know my prediction ksi i like you cast i have respect for you ksi i think i think i loved your video i think you got a great future but i just think that

Logan paul’s too big he is a last time i looked he was like a state championship wrestler so he’s got a wrestling background i think that he’s going to be training very seriously for this fight he looks like he’s in great shape and my prediction is that logan paul wins by ko or tko he’s gonna knock him out this is your boy rich with my fight prediction logan paul takes o ks i hope peace

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