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Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press Review. Get yours here:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to test out this recon epicurean garlic press it’s a really expensive garlic press i’m going to press some garlic with it and let’s see how it does so check it out it’s probably the best-looking garlic press you’ll ever see and it will likely last forever because when you look at it and see what

It’s made out of just look at how thick the stainless steel here is so when you open it up it hinges open so that after you press your garlic you can fold it out like this and do your washing and you can wash this clean just like that this thing is dishwasher safe and by the construction of the rivets here and they’re really thick and strong assembly i can see

This lasting pretty much forever and it’ll be the last one you’ll ever get it looks great and it feels great in your hand too because of this textured stainless steel fits great like that this garlic press is kind of on the expensive side it runs about thirty some dollars these days but if you’re interested i’ll leave a link down below on where you can get this

Let’s just test it out by pressing some garlic when the hinge here is completely 180 degrees the internal hinge is also 180 degrees but you see i only need to move this 45 degrees before the internal hinge will reach 90 degrees it starts off moving very fast with little force but then by the time it gets towards the end it’s going to move slowly but with a lot

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Of pressure so you see here this is about 135 degrees if i move it to 90 degrees there’s only 45 degrees left for it to close so i have an advantage of two-to-one already right here let me just move this slowly and you can see that this moves very quickly at first and it slows down which means it’s giving it a lot of pressure let me just put some garlic in here

That’s about filled right i’ll put all three of them in here oh gosh it smells really good i try not to touch a garlic too much when i’m pressing it but if you do touch it you can just touch the stainless steel here to get rid of the smell what i like to do instead is use a knife use the back of the knife like this and just scrape the inside like that and you see

It it all comes out and then you just run the rest of this underwater now let’s try an unpeeled garlic and see how it does let’s try and fill it up here so i guess you really don’t need to peel it it all came off pretty cleanly i probably would have got more garlic because some of it sprayed away you see there’s not much garlic stuck to the peels here so this is

Pretty good i didn’t know you can do that actually that’s really cool it’s all in even little bits and pieces so is on this side these larger pieces was on the press side so that’s why they’re a little bit larger this smells really good obviously because it’s garlic so there you have it like the beginning of very tasty neat garlic whatever you want to make with

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The garlic so this garlic press is great in that it minces the garlic very well so that it’s fully minced rather than having little bits of bigger chunks where the flavor won’t get released so let’s just give this a try very exotic i’m just eating some of the garlic itself could actually taste a little sweet those of you that watch my other videos i know that i

Really recommend expensive products but this is one of them it’s a little expensive compared to a normal garlic press but it has several features i really like it releases more garlic flavor per garlic its ergonomic because it has this leverage thing that presses the garlic extra hard given the same amount of force this feels comfortable it swings out so that you

Can clean it easily it’s stainless steel also it’s quite hefty so when you do get it after you paying for 30 some dollars or something and you feel the weight of this thing you kind of go oh yeah that’s why it’s so expensive because this this is like if you’re interested in getting one of these i’ll leave a link down below on where to get it don’t forget to give

Me a like over here comment down below let me know what you think of this garlic press and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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