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Rearing animals for human consumption and clearing land to grow their feed causes untold environmental damage. Mass-producing plant-based proteins could be equally unsustainable. New technologies are being developed to grow pork, beef and chicken-like tissue in the lab, but can output be upscaled enough to make a real difference?

But i’ve come here to learn more about lab-grown and then from the public health perspective, developed over the previous decades, where the companies who are growing these animals and now feeding all these antibiotics to animals and it’s just a public health crisis in the making. we can’t have all of our land taken up by people think we should be moving towards, there

Simply isn’t enough land. but at hoxton farms they’re not focused this is our food lab where we use robotic here, they think fat, which they create by in meat alternatives there are plant oils and they’re really unsustainable. there’s a world where we can safeguard the but now, i want to see where they’re actually making meat in a lab. so, we feed it something called

“The media”, vitamins and everything that you need to help it grow. higher steaks is concentrating its efforts the company won’t reveal the cost of the this is a one litre bioreactor, how easy is it to upscale this? much larger vessel, not just to tens of litres, with this sort of scale, you can put them but to do that at tens and tens of thousands last year higher

Steaks produced the world’s these pieces they’ve prepared took about 3 weeks to create. so, those prototypes, we take the cells from fat, that we then mix with some plant-based it’s frustrating that i can’t taste it in singapore, so i’ve set up a video call i’m here today to try some cultured meat dishes with kaimana. are you going to try it for us and tell us

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What it tastes like? it’s easier to chew than the regular chicken, softer. so it seems lab-grown meat can be edible and tasty. i’ve come to oxford university to meet john so we’ve been hearing a lot about lab-grown we could simply eat less meat without replacing some of it with something. and obviously, we have lentils for decades, but i don’t think that there is a

Single “silver bullet” solution if you will. we’ve got abundance of it, we’re throwing out food every single day. we need to be focusing on that because that we’re gonna have soil degradation problems in the future. and even then, it will most likely just be meat’s environmental impact.

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Lab-grown meat: The future of food? | FT Food Revolution By Financial Times

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