LandBox (Land Token) Innovation in the real estate Industry

Global Real Estate Investing and Information Sharing Platform #landbox #blockchain #richtvlive – Introducing a new way to invest in real estate

Do you want to learn how to trade stocks in cryptocurrency join our community of traders go to and find the next 10 bagger hey guys how you doing this is rich from rich tv live and we are here with another review here this is a sponsored review from landbox thank you landbox for getting featured here on rich tv live and i actually like this

Project innovation in real estate investment and if you know me you know i love real estate real estate is a great place to invest your money one of the safest places to invest your money and i want to show you a couple things here right off the bat we’ll just show you a little quick video here from land box remember if you like this video smash the like

Button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe you can follow them on twitter i’m following them on twitter landbox global real estate investing and information sharing platform i love real estate and this is real estate on the blockchain folks and look they got a coin at just under 12 cents and they’ve got only 76 million coins in supply

That’s a tight supply i like that they’ve got a max supply of 20 billion so they have lots of room to grow let’s take a look at this chart here so you can see that they started off at like wow they went as high as 11 and then just dropped to these lower levels crazy so land box definitely one you want to put on your radar put on your watch list folks this

Thing’s pretty interesting take a look at this video so i very interesting project folks i think the upside is tremendous for these guys i think uh they are very interesting and uh i love real estate so real estate on the blockchain to me just resonates with me so let’s just do a quick overview in the past a large amount of capital was needed for one

To participate in an assets transaction market especially here in vancouver where the real estate is ridiculous however when the high value asset flow as little pieces of digital tokens even the ones without capital can participate in the asset market this is what i like crypto is for the people the small guys this is when the all-time action market will be

Introduced to asset transactions blockchain is already being applied to various fields globally and the real estate industry is no exception to this movement unlike other fields the real estate market requires physical attendance as well as a high degree of stability and security as a large sum of money is being transacted huge when the real estate meets the

Blockchain folks thereby exhibiting multiple differences to the regular transactions with the coming of the digital transformation era led by the covet 19 the need for real estate transaction system with the blockchain technology applied has been coming up love this absolutely love this real estate has become an unpopular investment technique due to many reasons

Such as high barriers to entry due to asymmetric information complicated and flexible transaction method low liquidity long gestation period etc so this is where land box comes in so i’m not going to go through everything but i love the fact that they’re focusing on global property business huge huge huge prop tech system and i’m big into prop technology and

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Crypto tech system a land reward program users can receive land compensation and incentives by participating in the platform i love it i love blockchain technology i love cryptocurrency because they reward you to hold the token like great public companies with the most money in the bank that reward you with dividends this is how you keep your customers happy

This is how you keep your customers excited this is how you keep your investors holding your token this is you can see their news certificate of patent method for providing online real estate auction service using the blockchain breakthrough breakthrough disruptive technologies we love disruptive technologies on rich tv live introducing a new

Way to invest in real estate i love it smart working with start working with land box that you can participate in the platform to profit from investing in land with high development potential real estate investing platform will be landbox core business which provides into the drp development relay project equity investment in land replotting co-investment

For land compensation gains and farmland consignment management sharing the knowledge co-investing connect with real estate experts so there’s some huge potential here guys they’re listed on multiple exchanges you can see services landbox aims for real estate investment that incorporates various macro indicators covering economic growth interest rates and

Government policies you can see here korea’s first blockchain based real estate auction platform auction okay so this is one of their platforms auction okay uses blockchain technology to prevent forgery and alteration of online bidding data love this anyone can easily participate in auctions at reasonable price such as land houses factories stores buildings

And half price auction events diversification for real estate transaction methods competitive bidding method fairness and reliability blockchain using blockchain technology and advanced proptech company expanding the profit model so you can click on this and find out more we’re not going to go through all of it but this is the technology that landbox is

Making and this is when you’re curious about real estate ask an expert auction okay school auction okay school is a service that shares knowledge from experts knowledge shares can receive rewards for their participation once again receiving rewards for participation coming soon this is what we love here rich tv live and you can learn about their

Community just click on community and here’s all of their links to all their social feeds so you can literally follow them everywhere you can email them if you have any questions you can see all their partners together with our partners we want to create a reliable land box ecosystem through research and development of blockchain technology and production of

High quality real estate contents why is blockchain the choice for everyone in the future because the blockchain everything that’s stored on the blockchain is stored there for life and everybody can view it so it’s going to make transactions more visible it’s going to make them stored on a digital filing cabinet for life this is the blockchain this is why


The blockchain is changing the world everything will be moving to digital that’s right including real estate that’s why i think this is absolutely genius now remember risk tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talked about here in rich tv live okay love to

Know what you guys think about this i think this has a chance to be special very special this is their youtube channel landbox landboxtv and this is a sponsored video so love to know what you guys think please comment do you own this are you interested in it you can see they’re already on multiple exchanges and these are the exchanges where you can currently

Trade them on and find them on uni swap go packs pro bid exchange so they’re multiple exchanges right now and they are looking to be on more exchanges these are the markets that you can get them on right now landbox introduced digital innovation technology to the real estate market in order to realize the global real estate investment information sharing

Ecosystem and established a system that can anyone can participate and share real estate investment information conveniently and safely love it this is blockchain technology this is why blockchain technology is the best it cannot be changed and tampered with and altered this is game changing folks it’s there forever for this landbox would like to realize the

Global real estate investing and information sharing ecosystem as below listen carefully this is brilliant global real estate investment information sharing service global property business conduct a global real estate investment information sharing service which through the execution of drp develop relay project which connects users with projects seeking

Capital in the areas of land substitution for urban development and land provision compensation profit type cooperative investment project overseas in south america number two blockchain digital real estate auction service proptech system established the next generation proptech with the convergence of real estate o2o service that connects online to offline

In the contactless era and blockchain technology changer facilitating easy real estate sale transactions over the blockchain love it this is going to make you be able to trade real estate faster this is the world i see where you’re going to be able to buy and sell real estate on the blockchain game over landfi crypto tech system according to each user’s

Usage and participation within the platform the platform will will award users with lan token incentives i love it incentivize the members and the holders to hold the token this is what everyone’s going to do and this is why blockchain and cryptocurrency is changing the world with the establishment of the of the system in 2019 as a start it has successfully

Facilitated four main real estate projects in korea in 2020 2021 it started the expansion to the global real estate market in earnest by entering into international business also in march 2021 it established and started operating a technology-based system by launching the blockchain based digital real estate auction platform auction okay the operation team of

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Landbox has established reliability by continuously growing developing and steadily practicing the roadmap according to the proverb the best idea is the power of execution to enable the users all over the world to easily and conveniently share global real estate investment information wherever they are and they achieve a digital innovation to overcome the

Barriers of the real estate market game changer guys i’m impressed love to know what you guys think land box first time i heard of it the mission landbox was founded to provide alternatives and solutions to real estate development and education industries taking our own experience we found the various inconveniences of the existing offline based real estate

Auction system the final goal of landbox is to provide a blockchain-based global real estate investment information sharing platform that connects real estate information and investors brilliant i love it i’m impressed these are the founders i’m extremely impressed and for me i’m all about knowledge and power and education and i’ve always been a big fan of

Real estate but here in vancouver it’s just become unaffordable for only the rich of the rich can afford real estate now in vancouver so i love the idea of what landbox is doing to be able to bring real estate to the blockchain because what i want to do as a person who lives in vancouver i want to be able to invest in real estate in markets that are more

Affordable and i think that’s the direction that lambbox is going so i’d love to know what you guys think do you agree with me do you disagree with me do you like this project are you invested in this project obviously we saw a huge drop in the coin so it’ll be interesting to see how it recovers from here and we’ll definitely be watching very very closely so

If you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to first what do you think about land box this is not me trying to tell you to buy anything this is me just educating you and entertaining you and bringing you this new coin and love to just start the community to have the discussion is this a coin that’s going to do well it’s

Got an interesting coin supply right now only 76 million so it’s only got a baby market cap of only 8.9 million baby market cap and fully diluted right now 2.3 billion market cap with 20 billion in coin supply but they’re only 76 million circulating so they actually have a very very tiny coin supply that fully diluted market cap is based on the max coin

Supply not actually based on the circulating supply the circulating supply is what’s giving us the real market cap which is an 8.9 million market cap which is a baby market cap which means it has room to grow and that’s interesting to me love to know what you guys think this is rich rumors to be live and i’m a land box land token l-a-n-d have a nice day

Everybody love to know what you think peace you

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LandBox (Land Token) Innovation in the real estate Industry By RICH TV LIVE

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