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Want to learn about stocks cryptocurrencies nfts and the metaverse join rich tv dot io hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich from rich tv live with our very special guest from latin medals inc the head of corporate communications alicia patterson how you doing today alicia i’m doing very well and thank you for having me on today always a

Pleasure excited to learn more about you and latin metal zinc we’ve talked about it before and we’re excited to learn more today so my first question today is what’s your background and what’s so exciting about latin metals for you that you had to get involved well my background is in corporate communications and i also help take companies public and why latin

Medals excites me is first it’s the management team we have a superb management team eduardo the exploration manager in south america is very experienced and he i have to say is the guru he he hears things as we’re project generator he picks up things and he knows everything that’s going on with other companies and different properties and he just has his ear

To the ground so i think that’s something very unique and um keith our ceo he has the know-how and experience to further latin medals which we have shown and proven with the success of our uh two partners we’ve gained this year with barrick and angle gold huge huge partners i mean that’s as big as it gets especially when you’re mentioning barrick gold how does

The prospector generator model differ from the traditional exploration model that is a great question um i think shareholders gain exposure and upside to a significant discovery without the dilution associated with um the funding of high-risk drill based exploration that usually comes with a mining company latin metals operates as an investor-focused prospect

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Generator model which we have diverse portfolio in gold and copper assets located in south america especially peru and argentina the difference with a prospect generator model is that we’re at different stages of exploration with our own lms exploration then we move to finding a partner where we try to option it out we’re seeking a partner and then when we have

The partner-funded exploration with companies like angle gold and barrick so it’s constantly through a pipeline that we’ll be getting more and more projects currently we have about 15 at different stages that’s impressive based on your experience what steps has latin metals taken to develop its model and protect its investors well that’s a great question again

Uh la latime metals is a prospect generator model so we are not a typical mining company so we’re not keep on going back to do capital raises to fund our drill program this is partner-funded drilling where barrick angle gold actually funds the drilling process so that means less dilution for our investors because we’re getting capital investment from our partners

Another great fact is and what makes a lot of metals unique is the management and directors own about 49 of the stock which means everyone in the company is a shareholder we’re here for return on investment we’re here for a good time and a long time as we have a vested interest in latin medals that’s great we’d love to hear that here at rich tv live and what and

How does latin metals compare to its peers in the region well i i know that we’re probably the most undervalued prospect generator in both north and south america and so that’s something very interesting if you look at our market cap we’re we’re not just starting out we’ve been around for a couple years but we have now shown success with our model with getting

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Barrick and angle gold as partners this year and we are the only prospect generator in the world who have completed two deals with tier one mining companies this year so i think that is something very very interesting and especially for your your investors and people that watch your show i think it’s very very exciting very interesting looking at early stage

Opportunities like this with huge upside potential alicia looking at the current results thus far with partnerships why do you believe it’s essential for people to take a closer look at what latin metals has going on well we’re just at the start almost and we have shown proven success with having barrick and engel gold as as our partners and with this we have

Multiple stages of exploration and so we’re constantly having a funnel and with this tier one mining companies they have done their due diligence on behalf of investors i have to say because it’s not overnight that we sign these agreements it’s months and months of due diligence so if investors have to realize and have to look and say okay well if barrick and

Angle gold and we you know more of our partners coming on this is something i should take a look and see and another thing is a lot of metals we haven’t done any marketing to date we have done nothing now we are so we are at the time that i think that this is perfect and also showing that we have proven success with our project with our investor focused model

Prospect generator that this is something and also we aim for the next five years we aim to get 25 million dollars annually from our partners and do 75 000 meters of drilling so that is something that i think is very significant is that in we hope in five years that we aim to get 25 million dollars annually from our partner and do 75 000 meters of drilling all

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Which provides multiple catalysts and news flow for investors that sounds fantastic very very excited to watch you guys grow and evolve and develop now i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here on rich

Tv live in saying that we believe that this is a company uh based on what we’ve been hearing that is undervalued underappreciated and underexposed i want to bring your attention to the symbols in america lmsqf in canada lms and you can learn more at our website at rich tv dot io an ecosystem built by investors for investors i would like to thank the head of

Corporate communications for latin metals alicia patterson for joining us today alicia thank you for joining us and we’d love to invite you back in the future and you know what rich thank you very much for having me on today and i look forward to coming back and actually having keith on the show with you i would love that love to invite keith back on the show

Yourself back on the show anytime you guys would like keep up the great work and for those of you guys that are watching at home if you’re not winning probably not watching we bring you the winners we bring you the news we bring you ceo interviews we bring education entertainment and we bring it to you first thank you for watching everybody have a great day you

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