Leaked Tesla Photos Plus More Tesla & Elon Musk News

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Well guys we got quite a few tesla and elon musk news stories to talk about here today with the first being this one okay we have some leaked photos coming out here out of the new giga factory it’s not even open yet the one that they’re building in shanghai china called giga factory 3 these photos show several several model threes in a production okay now this

Is just like a test production but we can see several models just from these pictures here we see about three different models in test production and as you know on the channel we’ve been talking for months about how fast that factory is going up and to see multiple models of model 3 actually going into the production test production let’s call it that for now

Because this is not like they’re gonna scale and like start building thousands and let me just address this what is this picture about here like i’m trying to figure out what is going on in that picture i don’t know okay but these are some beautiful photos some great leaked photos out of the factory and then if you look straight ahead you can see another model

In test production as well it’s kind of in the hall if you go all the way to the right hand corner there you can see that one as well so thank you whoever shared this photo at a weibo okay we see several several tesla’s in production how that giga factory has been amazing how fast that’s gone up you know from basically being just mud to being like a built factory

I mean it’s within the next couple months it will actually be a hundred percent done and they’ll actually get to mass production but it is great to see those leaked photos of actually some test production they’re from the model 3 i mean this is such a great thing if you’re a tesla shareholder or just a tesla fan in general the fact that they’re gonna be able to

Prove mass amounts of electric vehicles in china i mean that is a super cool thing infer to be you know a fully owned factory of tesla it’s just an amazing amazing thing next test a news story to talk about is you know they deserve a european giga factory man because the europeans those folks over there man they support us on a huge huge way okay tesla model 3

Becomes best-selling car okay not electric car best-selling car in general in the netherlands with 10,000 sold that’s an unbelievable number okay that is an unbelievable number and this is why a european gigafactory needs to be built sometime soon i mean i don’t know what’s taking so long but they gotta find a piece of land they got to get a factory built in europe

Because those europeans man they absolutely support tests on the biggest way possible some of tesla’s biggest markets in terms of how much market share they have in that market not just for electric vehicles i’m talking vehicles in general passenger cars in general sold seven these european markets the market share is absolutely ridiculous okay we got to get a

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European giga factory built not just for cost advantage not just for pricing advantage but also for the fact that those cars can actually be built in europe and that is a cool thing for those folks so you know definitely that’s phenomenal to see the support from europe and how much a lot of those folks care about tesla’s brain and electric vehicles in general ok

Is so super cool to see all right this was just something cool they had elon must show it off in the square page a new prototype for a possible future mars vehicle and as in vehicle i mean a spaceship ok that’s pretty cool stuff there looks a little bit like some star wars type stuff ok now something i never talked about on the channel is tesla solar business i

Honestly never ever talk about this and we see this tweet here it says tesla commercial solar ordering now live meaning if you have like a big factory that you want to use solar for you have like a big building in general and you want to order you know a bunch of solar for that building and what anyone to be more of like a solar building rather than just you know

Relying on electricity in general and you want to be more solar you can actually order solar for a commercial product now on tesla’s website and this is once again it’s not a business i even talked about very often i mean as a tesla shareholder i kind of disrespect this business a lot but never pretty much talking about it because it’s it’s the wild card out there

No one really knows how big that business could be how big it might not be i mean it’s hard to really gauge what’s going on with the solar business obviously tesla showed off a few years ago those unbelievable tiles for houses that look just you know they were amazing when that product was showing off it was like what and here we are several years later we still

Haven’t seen any of that product really in the real world at least as of now that still doing a lot of testing but it’s like man it’s been years it’s been a year since they showed that off so the solar business i never really talked about it a lot on the channel it’s not really one of the main bullish theses i have around the stock however it is very possible that

That could be a massive massive business for tesla over time and when we see tweets like that we’re basically now you if you’re a commercial customer you could actually order solar in such an easy fashion like that when we see stuff like that it obviously you know it makes me wake up and say hey you know there’s this other you know sign up tesla’s business or solar

Business it hasn’t gotten a lot of attention especially with the way model 3 has ramped over the past couple years old you know tesla’s attention has been all toward model 3 getting that ramped now they have a little time on their hands they’ve successfully ramped model 3 it’s doing great numbers now they have a little time they can focus a little more on solar

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And that’s kind of getting a little more focus for now ok and then i believe kind of some more focus will shift away from solar starting with model y ramps because that’s gonna be a massive massive ramp for the company but the commercial solar business in solar in general is a huge opportunity for tesla it’s just is just how much are they gonna capitalize and not

Capitalize you know i’m fully confident they’re gonna be one of the biggest if not the biggest electric vehicle maker long-term in the world solar i have no clue about that’s a guessing game to me as of right now but i’m happy to see what we see there okay tesla model s reportedly laps nuremberg in i hope i pronounced that right way faster than the porsche tyco

On ok tesla’s i heard some you guys call it the take that take in i think it was tesla model s might be on the way of becoming electric king of the famous nuremberg racetrack an upgraded version of the model s is currently being tested at the track weeks after porsches upcoming electric car the take can’t set the lap record for a production electric vehicle they

Did it in about 742 ok now there’s rumors is not official yet but there’s a lot of rumors that the model s prototype actually beat the take camp by about 20 seconds ok 20 seconds that is a huge difference in were there okay about 20 seconds that is massive okay now you and musk also said you know he responded basically that or article that they beat the horse take

Can there by about twenty seconds he said it’s a start we expect these track times to be beaten by the actual production seven-seat model s played or plaid is a platters that played okay let me know in the comment section guys variant that goes into production around october or november of next year okay so that’s a vehicle that they’re talking about is gonna be

The next thing to really excite the model s line we’ll have to see it like how all that works out seven seats that’s crazy and they’re talking about the performance in elon musk specifically he’s talking about the performance of that vehicle is going to be unbelievable okay so it’s cool to see definitely as i you know just so it’s kind of a tesla fan in general

As like a tesla shareholder does any of this matter about nuremberg in beating you know this track time in that track time no it really doesn’t okay from a tesla shareholder perspective all this is kind of nonsense as far as you know track times and things like that but i guess it’s just cool for a branding perspective and like as a tesla fan in wanting to see

You know tesla kind of stay ahead of everybody else and have the fastest track times and whatnot but the thing that i’m most excited about is is the solar business with the commercial solar because that’s something i hardly ever even think about that’s hardly anything to do with mind bullish thesis of roundhouse so the commercial solar business you know that has

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Huge potential what to see where it goes and how big that business becomes over time but it has a massive massive potential okay along with the residential solar business obviously and then obviously seeing those leaked photos out of the china factory we got several several model threes into production in there shanghai giga factory that is phenomenal see we know

Tess has been doing a very good job as far as getting all-day licensing and permits in that factory for basically getting as soon as that factories done like tesla’s should immediately go into mass production of model threes and that’s a great great thing and i think that’s you know i think a lot goes into that right tesla’s relationship with the chinese government

Whether we’re talking you know the shanghai local vermin and we’re talking about there’s china in general it seems to be on a very high level elon musk’s i think gets a lot of respect from the chinese for what he’s trying to do and also the chinese are looking at us we want our vehicles to be electric in the future tesla such a great branding machine for electric

Vehicles and making electric vehicles cool and i think that’s a phenomenal thing and i honestly think the chinese government wants tesla to succeed because i think you know with everything that’s gone on with the trade war and the tariffs and whatnot i think they want somebody to say look you know we worked with this company and they’re highly successful and look

At how many cars they’re producing and look at what they’re doing and also china has always had a reputation for not being the most open market to foreign businesses right and if china wants to take the next steps for its economy long-term it has to become more open to foreign investment okay and we’re talking wholly owned factories not like joint ventures like

The other auto manufacturers have done in the past where it’s like they don’t have the factory kind of and then the chinese government owns the other half we’re talking you own the whole thing and it’s a foreign investment and for the chinese economy to really work the best way possible long term they have to be open to these sorts of things and so i think they

Really want tesla to be highly successful in china and i think you know tesla is gonna be highly successful in china so it’s phenomenal to see all that guys so anyways i hope you enjoyed this video as always make sure you smash that thumbs up button at some point i got to get a tesla you know custom-made cowboy hat but you guys never hit the thumbs up goal okay so

Let’s do like 2777 thumbs up you guys hit that goal within the next 24 hours you know i’ll get a custom tesla made you know cowboy hat you know something like this but tesla style okay you guys got a hit though you gotta hit the goal if you don’t hit the goal you don’t hit the goal alright thank you for watching and have a great day

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