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They expect everyone to know how to study by instinct but nobody ever teaches you how to study. I cover various shortcuts in this video that analyzes how your brain works and study in such as way so that you can absorb material easily. .

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna talk about how to learn how to study because a lot of times in grade school high school college or whatever they don’t really teach you how you learn but they just give you the information and expect you to learn it somehow and you can go about it in different ways such as dry learning it like copying it

Many many times you can just reread something but there are ways you can actually learn that will make learning a much faster process therefore saving you time therefore letting you learn more stuff and getting ahead of other students if you’re a good student yourself you may end up trying to figure out ways to learn better so you may be you might dig up books and

Stuff to read about how to learn that now there are different modes of learning that you need to do sometimes it’s technical so that you need to learn the process of something so when you read through it you just kind of comprehend what is going on and being able to understand the concept of the idea not really memorizing anything because once you get the concept

It’s really easy to remember pieces of the concept because your mind works in an associative way when you remember one thing you end up remembering a lot of other little nuggets and you can end up remembering the whole concept one item that you may run across is sometimes you need to memorize stuff it doesn’t really matter what it might be vocabulary from biology

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It might be vocabulary from a little new language or something when you have a word and you need to regurgitate the definition or some process or something you write something on one side usually something short or a picture or something and then on the other side will be a big explanation or definition so you end up with a bunch of flashcards like this it may not

Be instinctive for everyone to learn only the ones that you’re not good at because sometimes people would just grab a whole bunch of flashcards they they meet a whole bunch it took them a lot of work actually making clashe cards itself it’s about 25% of the work because you’ve got to write a lot it takes it takes a long time to make flashcards but once you have

Your flashcards you got to go through it okay when you go through everything that you get right please put it aside because you already know it right and maybe this one it took me a little longer remember so i don’t quite get it right away maybe i’ll put it in a middle path and this one if i absolutely don’t know i know how to flip it over then i would put it in

The really don’t know pile but really you know anything that you kind of don’t know i really don’t know just put it on another pop in the end you might start off with a pile that is maybe half that you absolutely don’t know on half that you already know those stuff that you already know don’t waste your time going over and over and over again so only work with the

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Stuff that you don’t know some of it you know and then more more of it that you know in the end you would know everything okay then of course you shuffle it all and then you do it again and probably you will have some that you kind of forget and don’t know and you just repeat this process until you can you go through the whole stack knowing everything now after you

Make your flashcard you’re gonna have a word on one side and some definition on another or some explanation or something now the trick is when you look at this you need to remember what’s in the back but you can dry try to memorize it right you look at it and you study it right you look at the word you repeat it and then you flip it over and you read it in you’re

Like okay so when you actually read it on both sides you’re actually associating several things when you read it you’re using your visual to memorize it on both sides and when you actually say it you can hear yourself say it so you can be an auditory thing so you can kind of use the auditory to remember your visual to remember and then when you’re actually using

Your mouth to control your mouth to say it that’s another avenue of memorizing but this is not the only way to memorize something on the card a simple way to remember something is try to associate the word with the definition itself and you got to make a little story around it it doesn’t really matter how complex the story is the more detailed and more ridiculous

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The better because you really remember it very easily let’s say i’m trying to remember the word dinosaur and it kind of sounds like died as death no sore like sour dino sour it kind of sounds like that so when i read the word i can immediately go oh dinosaur dino sour so i can imagine this really strong chicken or something and it’s eating something deathly sour

And it can eat this and it won’t die and it kind of looks like a chicken a dinosaur kind of looks like a chicken and it won’t die so dinosaur so you get the point like i’m trying to make up a really funny story that i can associate with the word very easily

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