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They expect everyone to know how to study by instinct but nobody ever teaches you how to study. I cover various shortcuts in this video that analyzes how your brain works and study in such as way so that you can absorb material easily. .

So when you make up these associations you need to make it really easy to recall from the word anything that is the first thing that comes to mind the better because when you look at it again it’s gonna come to your mind again whatever ridiculous thing it is and you’ll find that once you start doing this you will remember and you would think hey man maybe i am

Polluting my mind i’m like getting all these weird name association these stories it’s just filling up your brain with random stuff that maybe it’s gonna fill up and you’re not gonna remember no it’s not true because the thing is when you memorize things this way you will remember the association at first the first week or so after you know you’re memorizing it

For some test you remember the association that’s how you remember it but later on it kind of starts to sink in okay and you’re gonna start to forget about these associations because it’s unimportant when it’s unimportant it’s just gonna get stripped away and in your brains it’s gonna be like these synapses and it’s gonna create these connections okay and that’s

How you memorize stuff and at first it’s gonna be this weird thing because it’s a it’s a chicken with a it’s not gonna die and it can eat sour stuff right but in in the end it’s gonna like strip away these things that you don’t need okay and then it’s gonna be a nice association between dinosaur and this you know this image of this dinosaur it’s a prehistoric bird

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Type of thing and then you won’t remember this association that you made up anymore so don’t worry about making it too complex or anything now flash cards are actually units in themselves right they are not associated in any order and you pick any one out and you remember to association great okay but what about when you want to remember something in order so let’s

Say you have a speech to memorize and for me i’m actually a very good analytical memorizer but nots dry hard facts memorize or not like definitions words and stuff like that so i actually have to work hard at memorizing a whole speech and i assume if you do this enough it will come easier easier what you do in memorizing a speech or like a long spew where you have

To have a chronological order is you memorize the first thing okay is here’s like three facts okay and then the conclusion okay it’s just like just the first paragraph that you want to talk about the first thing that you want to talk about you make up some story okay let’s say it in this speech we want to talk about chickens and their living standards so the first

Thing is you kind of remember the first line you need to save but sometimes you just need a hook to get you going to remember that first sentence so let’s say whatever we want to talk about we want to talk about chickens so then i imagine a chicken with its head cut off because that’s kind of a ridiculous thing to remember and you see you imagine this chicken with

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Its head cut off and it’s running around and and you know blood spewing everywhere i know it’s ridiculous and gruesome but the more crazy it is the better let’s say the next thing we won’t want to talk about is their living standards and how there’s a lot of chickens in a farm that that gets crammed with no space and so we imagine not just one chicken now let’s say

We have a thousand of these headless chickens in the farm and all of them have no space so now let’s say we want to talk about the diseases they could get because of their living standards and so i would imagine one of the chickens in the front somehow they have a hand a human hand is carrying a needle and it has some in salmonella in it and that would remind me

To talk about salmonella in the chickens you can see where i’m going here is that when you visualize something you need to connect it somehow to the next item today i want to talk about a t-rex and the next thing right afterwards in chronological order is i want to talk about their extinction because of meteors or something but i can’t imagine suddenly a meteor

Shower coming maybe but rather i want to put place objects next to each other so maybe i can imagine this t-rex and it’s holding a giant meteor when you associate things one after another you just kind of chained it the dinosaur is holding a meteor and then maybe i want to talk about the chickens afterwards so then the chicken leg is stuck to the meteor so right


There i have a physical connection there and people are really good at memorizing associations and objects so right now i’m sure you can remember the dinosaurs holding a meter the meters connected the foot of the chicken of the headless chicken and suddenly this headless chicken is right next to a thousand other chickens right and the thousand chickens right in

The front there’s a chicken with an human hand that has a needle that has the word salmonella written on it which means i want to talk about how these chickens win in their living standards when they’re having really bad living standards they catch salmonella and because they’re standing on their own feces and stuff like that that’s a good way for memorizing things

In order memorizing speeches and stuff like that there are methods such as memorizing the first letter of each thing so if you have a long list of things sometimes it’s good to just take the first letter of everything and arrange it in a nice order there’s this trigonometric function i still remember because of this method is so chouteau low because of this method

I still easily remember and from those trigonometric function you can easily derive all the other functions

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