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Our jobs to teach you help you would show you what to do so when you have success you make profits here 100% of the profits are your profits okay number three throughout the academy myself i need the educators or the entire program or any speakers in off today are not licensed financial advisers okay so when we’re talking about trade or trade ideas you can use them

But at your own risk and i believe that he does and last but not least maybe throughout the today we might have some students sharing their success and their results here’s the one thing i want to say past performance does not equal future result again just because they made money in the past does not make that work indicating it’s gonna happen in the future so

Everybody on the same page yeah yeah here’s the real reason guys why were the most successful academy finally here in data where we’re growing faster than anything ever before and this is the key element to all of our success here at the academy how many people believe honestly that kita says having an amazing mentor yeah guys you want to get better at religion by

The mentor wanna get better at health find a mentor you want to get better at business find a mentor and if you wanted a dime on the trade today in 2020 coming up okay you found all of the best mentors in one academy in one place simply put well we take students in what we do is we teach them how to follow mentor correctly when they follow the mentors correctly

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They get the correct result absolutely guys so the first thing i did was with any 12 year old 1300 kid was gonna do i started working a job when i started working a job you guys the first thing i realized was this it didn’t matter how nice you were how educated you were how much harder you work than others the paychecks the same every friday yes yes you guys so

Right away it’s not that i didn’t want to work i needed to make more money i needed to get into industries and we’re gonna allow me to have her money so the first thing i did was like the marketing and when i got into sales and marketing the best thing about it was the fact that i had the ability to find mentors when i found mentors my first mentor said this to

Me it changed the course of my life she said if you want to make big money you got to get in big industries how many more is that pork yeah absolutely guys check it out the first industry i got into was a telecom industry big industry first year ever in my life of 19 i’m making six figures later on in life i decided to get into business consulting i decided to do

A lot of work with canada’s largest logistics company and i want a logistics company myself big industry yeah huge you guys absolutely everything in the world connects by logistics 2016 i get together with some friends we decided to launch a travel company big industry yeah it’s a huge eight trillion dollars throughout that every single day i’m doing my education

Getting very experienced here in business having a lot of success but still today nobody came to me i don’t know if they came to you and said the biggest industry is nobody’s ever said that yes oh check it out i was blown away there’s a problem i face the entire time you guys the biggest industry in the world is the foreign exchange industry it is the only industry

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In the world that is 5.3 trillion daily you got something of value that’s something that you can take home and share how many with something gonna share all right why did i just do that by the way right and then this evil or like actually looking at charts is like ten percent right so i’m gonna teach you guys for this and my normal training is just this because

I’m going into markets that are looking more experienced what i realize about you guys is that you guys are brand new traders and you might have looked over this right lavanya we’re looking at trading has like a shiny object right a lot of you guys are looking at training as a get rich quick type thing right even though we preach it’s not a lot of you are still

Looking at it like abuse what type of thing can you get rich quick training you for sure can get rich pretty quick training right but you have to have the mindset and the real key thing when it comes down to the mindset are a few things that i kind of wrote it down so i’m gonna just write this stuff down and i’m breaking down some guys news for money i’d get more

Into story time stuff like that but i just really want you guys on this game the volume you know i’m 23 from dallas texas you know cowboys yeah right that’s that’s that i used to work at verizon you know can you give me down types up right and sometimes i say that joke nobody knows what verizon but when it goes out to it you know i’m just average kid you know i

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Quit trading i quit a foot school and i quit working at verizon two months in a training and it wasn’t even because i had made any money yet but it was more so i had so much belief that this would be something else seventy financially free right now i’m not telling you guys to quit your jobs and all the extra stuff but what i am saying is that you know i have to

Go through a lot of hardships today so i could teach you guys what not to do right right so when it comes down to it the biggest things when it comes out to your mindset is this you got to realize that whether you’re a wall street trader or whether we’re you know one of us everybody loses the bank loses trades you’re gonna lose trades you can’t get emotional when

It comes down to losing your trades right trading is is it’s very emotional because a lot of people are emotional with a few things right you’re emotional with your your your gear you know your friends your family your loved ones and your emotional with your money grab your finances you know obviously trading we’re not trading our girlfriends boyfriends and stuff

Like that right when it comes down so what i want you to understand is that it’s an emotional game so you have to have discipline and rules to become a successful trader

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