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Lego Porsche 911:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush i finished box two of the porsche 911 gt3 rs and this is about 105 cages of it in the manual right here you can see from box two to box three is right here i still have this from box one and i added a few pieces of leftover legos what you get in box two is just a frame i added a few minor pieces to the drivetrain from

Box two and it also comes with these seats however i cannot put the seats on here and then put the frame on there because it doesn’t really fit you have to put the frame on first and then put the seats going through this it wasn’t that interesting to me in fact it was a little boring because all of this was just a frame it doesn’t have any moving parts it’s just

You know just a piece like this would i notice which might be obvious to some people is that every single piece require several pieces of little connector things in order to attach to another piece so i’m just going to put this right on top of this drivetrain and you see this fits just fine and this the backside requires me to just that a little bit so these guys

Come all the way out me too just those so that is seated properly now the frame mounts to the drivetrain mainly through these red pins here so you see two of them this over here there’s two more right here two more right here you two more right here and two more right here same thing on the other side all you can see is the steering right now the forward reverse is

Completely hidden by these two panels the pdk thing you can only see a glimpse of two of the gears right here and then the engine you can barely see it right now and it’s going to be hidden some more after you put all the panels on box 310 pages later it’s finished they didn’t tell you to put the wheels on yet but i put them on anyway just because i like to look at

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Them and see how they fit in into the whole thing when i went to build a body around the rear wheel i actually had to remove them because it was in the way now i remove the seats for a very good reason because all this time i’ve been tracking how to remove the frame from the drivetrain because at some point after i finish this i want to be able to know exactly all

The points and to get to in order to lift the whole thing off for the most part you need to remove all the red pins that are anchoring it to the drivetrain but there are two extra ones right here that are the blue ones that are anchoring it to the drivetrain as well and in order to get to those those are a little bit hard you have to decouple these little things

Right here and actually the hood it’s not attached after you do this but after you do that you can see this whole thing comes right off and i got what i have before let me show you a close-up these are the pins i’m talking about that you have to remove if you shake it a little bit then comes right off just like that my hairs the whole body removed the four box is

Done it’s another 95 pages in this manual so i got all these plastic bags here that came from this thing that’s all quite a lot everything you see here i took out of the box and assembled there’s this lift over now and the manual all these are empty i’d say to rate the boxes i had the most fun in the first box because of all the gears the second most fun boxes

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The fourth box which included the fender the hood the doors there are these radiators in the front that you build and also the wing which made it pretty interesting to me because you assemble this and you see the car come together and you see the lines like this and then the fender because in the real porsche the fenders a little high up and it comes down towards

The middle just like the way it is like here now the third box is not as fun is mainly the base of the body so you don’t really see anything you’re just building stuff at the bottom and so that’s why it’s number three the least fun of course is box two and i covered this already is the frame and you’re just doing a lot of mundane tasks to put the frame together

That’s all hidden now you can’t really see any of the frame maybe over here you do and that’s it let me just go over the features of this thing that you’ll see this thing weighs five and a half pounds look at this massive oops the luggage came out but you see at the bottom here there’s no bottom to the luggage so it’s just kind of just for show like that let me

Just zoom in and show you all the features of this thing after you put together of course you got the lid the luggage in here you got the front radiator right here the hood that opens up the circular light that porsches have you got the specially printed fender right here with the grilles you have yellow calipers right here the rims that are specially made for

This car doors that open and then the intake thing if you push this here it swivels and again you open the door you see the mechanism right here that opens the door and then you can change the gears with this you can’t really turn the wheel from the driving wheel because there’s too much grip on the tires the bucket seats here you can see that swivels a little

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And then the adjustable rear spoiler you can make it go maximum like this you wouldn’t want to go like this because then they’ll take off like an airplane because it’s going to give you lift and then the rear trunk you open it up like this and then if you peek down there you can still see two of the pistons moving you spin the wheels and you can see the exhaust

Here and this line trying to make it seem like it’s rounded and then you got the rear lights decoration on the passenger side you have the lego vin number and not you can’t do much with the dash here i didn’t put the stickers in yet so and then you got forward neutral reverse you’ll notice there’s no forward windshield no rear windshield no windows i guess since

It’s clear they can kind of leave it out and it’ll still be okay this is pretty much of semi functional model of course it’s not going to roll around on its own it’s not remote control or anything nonetheless it’s still really impressive to look at and i really enjoy just looking at all the features and stuff on this especially the intake portion here just all the

Curbs is really nice-looking i hope you enjoyed this video remember i do have a referral link down in the video description below if you’re interested in getting one of these for yourself give me a like over here comment down below let me know what you think of this set and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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