LIFT & CO. CANNABIS BUSINESS CONFERENCE & EXPO – RICH TV LIVE – JANUARY 11, 2019 – Canada’s leading business conference for the cannabis industry.

So you can launch this over the counter this father comedian and just some of the research in this one lipari research and the research to come but demonstrate some of the city i was about to effectiveness but the empire is tied to be able to extend and i just thought a little bit about the differences between what full spectrum is prospectin and see the gasolinera

And then as i mentioned our goal is to where it says your waste and so these are some of the innovations that we can come up with in terms of using our products that actually even our raw materials into byproducts and continue to work on reducing their innovations as well so what you need to do is we need to educate consumers and trade we need to do more research

As a member but it’s only in our efforts to maximise awareness canada agriculture canada the dieticians and canada organizations and industry rich find out find out find out what gch does their products the get rich anymore can you show us some of your products are you guys because i work with a lot of laces up here yeah we’re looking for private maybe i

Think my life to get sexual oh accustomed to us i made everything collaboration so it’s my my art all of us all of our man that’s a nice box is located among quadra island and widget customers customer base those people that are into canadian glass over imported class i’m trying to show that there’s another other things besides imported glass all this is


Made in canada there’s a whole bunch of canadians are they i’ve worked with over the years so uniform yeah this one’s really cool this one’s actually the space this is elon moxie’s spacex oh how can heavy there’s alumnus yeah the falcon mv is taking its new payload of the banana man that you block up to space wow there’s a whole story of the area it’s actually a

Competition piece that i made for online competitions really that was a 24 hour build so i started at midnight i prepped for two hours i went to sleep i came back in the next morning like midnight kind of thing the buzzer goes off and answered the partition forget my wake well i did on that one i didn’t win it but it was eight of us i didn’t come last so i think

That one was like something that’s a boy well remember a youtube channel called rich tv live cool we kind of specialize on cannabis thoughts yeah so we’re here today as part of the medians that just create more exposure for all you guys so if you go to reach to be lab you’ll see yourself on our channel we also work with a lot of license on my way packaging we have

A youtube channel coverage to be live yeah we got about 18 thousand subscribers parted immediate today we’re specialized in islamic state very one of the companies that we look at a lot it’s called push models yes there have been many also myself my partner harry and we work with a lot of companies that do co packaging is a licensed producers yep and for private

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Companies so i see here you guys yes so basically i want some jäger action company that’s hi connie four senators that were five and everything he’s here everything so you can get anything you need from us child lock not child off crippled legs and you guys are not public because a crime no we are a privately held company in california toronto okay and would you

Guys be interested for you public one day probably not at this point right now things i mean you know i have to be good at selling their shares of one thing right sure i’ve taken nice yeah you guys were on the right sector with you guys if there’s anyone interested in any packaging and we just reach in through here absolutely perfect woman to work stelfox check

Out these guys do some plants going in here boy they would be hours and hours of edit all right so you got a chocolate video so if you can’t make it really long

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