Lift & CO. Cannabis Conference – Media Coverage – RICH TV LIVE

Lift & CO. Cannabis Conference – Media Coverage – RICH TV LIVE – Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo Weekend

Hey guys this is rich from ership you live where it lifts in coal as you can see this is the biggest cannabis conference happening right now take a look look at the lineup i told you this series like these people lined up for rich they’re all lined up to go inside there’s about 200 booths and and what kind of pastas rich tv lera we’ve got a media pass today we’re

Part of the media who represent the meeting here today so we walk right in if you don’t have a pass then you can just wait in line and you can get yourself in that sea it’s $20 i think it’s 20 dollars today for for the public to get in and get a chance to see all the various companies and all the businesses that are operating the cannabis sector very nice just the

People outside on the inside there’s a lot more genetics we’re on youtube my name is richard rich to be live one of the largest cannabis channels social activity 18,000 youtube’s over part of the media today our job is just to kind of go around and just meet all the you know all the different foods have and see what you guys do and then put out videos and yeah

Help you guys create some exposure sure you guys are private we are private we also talked about a lot of public companies are you guys looking to maybe go public one day are you look at you working with public companies has been a lot of wasted selfies and they’re always that technology private company trips that’s my lucky contract can’t revenue equal absolute

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Reference number so for outskirt wear this yeah and this is this is licensed installation process we were probably about a month’s to it because i was gonna say this for us okay i understand yeah everybody’s we were we just vegas wasn’t far today we’ve got the produce vertically said warehouse for six years putting that facility to sponsor production and it makes

Me take that side well you know i’ll be gonna this is send it over to me schedule hard to hear people so can you try to sell us all over bought your products yes so we have a wide variety of accessories so we have a ton of a variety of local right now we’re clearing a wide variety of penalties and you guys are private yeah we’re going to public probably there’s

Moments so rich tv live doesn’t want a sham richard what is this for rich you’ve got a chance to win harley that’s the winner hardly do that is if you entity shows what we do i’m helping out my brother actually okay based locally your inverse these are some of the items that response to my green planet as a nutrient company crazy in vehicle grinders over

Here yeah is a 4×4 personal tent we’re recording from rich tv live here tell us a little bit about your tent good so right here we have specifically specialize it we manufacture the cell three different sizes we saw the three gallon dec running at the moment we solve all gallon that’s more commercial we’re using it as a reservoir for the building we also have ten

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Gallon finders for now fight most amount of foods as possible have a treat so cool where you guys from we are my name is richard which so we talk about cannabis thought specifically probably so i know your papers we’ve seen them yes is that the companies or hours that each oh very nice to all the watch very nice and you guys are canadian cryptocurrencies

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