And did love the x-axis we’re finally to an equilibrium and we’re actually selling for the key harvest so in this silly bottle i’ve got us going from 14,000 kilos in the last week was august or september to 67,000 people is that’s not crap that’s not going to happen but the most important thing is that in flexible if you see the inflection point that it takes 10

Months of waiting for the new situation the self of harvest think about that so we have the top barely training because there’s a clog and water levels now let’s get some more realistic but still very optimism so instead of increasing sales this is aggressive its dual and if you look at this one i’m also taking the cap off harvest and allowed harvest angry’s four

Percent of um which is realistic now this industry will grow if it groups at this month this is a fabulous birthday it’s 108 percent in freeman the ones that’s going to be in a hundred and fifty-eight volumen but you notice what i say the most weren’t borrow this graph is the yellow that’s our harvest because it’s growing at 4% a big base our obeisance and so if

You look at this the inventory on this chart goes from what is presently ridiculous for three hundred million three hundred sixty-five thousand kilograms that is not a good situation why are we telling you this if you’re going to run a business without the size into the market this is our most aggressive optimistic scenario we don’t want to give you the pessimistic

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Ones because we’re the leadoff and we should all have a good time now the important parts to take away from the demand and supply on this scenario to the optimistic one we have an annual runway rate of 450 thousand kilograms a year spent month 12 times club that’s a hundred fifty-eight percent over year one went to the 174 thousand milligrams we are harvesting at

A rate that far exceeds legal absorption presently we are harvesting at four point four two kilograms to every kilogram soul the bathtub is filling up filling up the optimistic scenario gets us to 226 that’s still way too hot we have too much inventory at lps and you can like all they all the never been that said we didn’t have enough in retirement they were wrong

We have enough i just don’t have enough but what what about so presently we have at the end of october 721 days bent we had the lps two years of inventory at the lps and had this very aggressive rate that i have of sales and the 4% harvest rain we get him even further we get the 816 days that this will be catastrophic and less certain things happen doors in 2.0 it

Does not fix this something has to give the companies to go out of business it sucks to say but we need a right sizing of the harvests we need people to write off inventory we’ve already seen the inventory right now stop they’re gonna come more more frequently we’re worried about trim past eating down in value the legal or the legal demand has to go through the roof


And without enough stores that’s not going to happen plus paint and oh my the unregulated market is good at keeping client and xbox simply will not fix this problem that they’ll be too late and not enough we have a massive issue that we have to deal with and adam smith is great big hand is gonna deal with it’s hilarious holy moly lorenzo take a look at the

Crystal ball is frothy give you grams of rock universities microbiologist we are we are informal business it’s nice that is you know they aren’t goat cheese and stuff sideways hat spinners that stuff’s the way away we can’t see that fast enough we’re happy what we did was we formalized something called a value chain which is very vulnerable in those places who

Put it together than just tries to subscribe comment of their a company looks like or where they should reside it’s a company like an extractor team biomathematics news with every production the lps linux box for us to kind of put a framework around or something to communicate cordia it’s one of those pieces the value chain through these down so in this case i’ve just done a light

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