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Super sharp fancy knife I used:

Hey welcome back this is beat the bush and today i’m gonna show you how to eat a live surf clam this is wild caught live surf clams is about 4 dollars and 27 cents when you buy this at the supermarket sometimes it’s better when you can find them that’s dry like they’re not submerged in water because that will reduce the weight of your clam and so it costs less

And if you’re a long ways from home wherever the market is make sure you buy and get some ice and put it along with the clam and then you can bring it home and it’ll last longer when you bring it home don’t be tempted to stick the clam in any kind of tap water or anything you’re just gonna kill them better just put them on top of a bed of ice just let them be put

It in the fridge and the last hill that evening to check that they’re alive you just kind of squeeze them a bit right and then they would contract and close they’ll usually open up if they’re dead and if you poke at them just poke with your finger because they might close in and bite your finger or something hook it with something and then they should close up

When they’re alive you can either eat them raw or you can eat them slightly blanched i wouldn’t recommend it cook them because if you overcook them it’s very easy to overcook them and they would be very rubbery and tough if you do blanch them just blanch them for maybe a couple seconds that’s all it takes and then take them out running them through cold water

So now let’s open this up and see how to dissect it ideally you want to wait until it’s relaxed a bit so then you can stick the knife through in there and cut the two cartilage thing it’s right here and right here you want to go in and cut those so that it can’t close it let’s try that see all this all this water dye came out okay this little ligament you don’t

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Want this piece it’s edible i’m just grabbing more of that ligament out so let’s save this just cut along the bottom okay so this piece you want that and you want this other ligament piece this is the lip i don’t have any scientific terms for d so i’m just gonna call them as i am so you notice the lip has all these little dirty stuff just scrape those off with

Your knife remove this little lip piece here same with the other side you can see it’s a little slimy we’ll deal with this after we clean up all the pieces here’s the main piece i’m just gonna slice it in half through the middle there’s this clear piece that looks like a noodle i eat that and what i don’t eat is this membrane this darker color membrane here and

Then these gill like things we never eat them even in fishes so i’m not gonna eat these gill things either after you clean it up you this is a piece that’s a bit too big very so you just slice them at an angle like this like bite-sized pieces so i did them in for usually the same thing to the other side now you slice them this way thinner before you’ve got four

Pieces all this other stuff you just throw away okay so you just put some salt and sit with water put all the good pieces that you sort it out so wash it in the salty water and this will help get rid of some of the slime enos good way that you can help get rid of some of the sand is after you wash it like this just take them out piece by piece so there you have

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It it’s done you just eat it raw like this with some more sake and soy sauce here was the mouth piece right here and some extra parts this is the beginning part these tend to be a bit more chewy so when you cut them you might want to put some incisions all along without cutting through the whole piece these are the four pieces of the main muscle here’s the other

Four of the main muscle and here the pieces that looks like scallops and they close up the clam just take these and enjoy that’s all there is to it so a lot of saltwater creatures you can actually eat raw but the thing that to note is that when you get them you have to make sure they’re alive before you can eat them raw and also there could be parasites inside

The flesh right so when you’re cleaning it and looking at it you got to make sure it looks it looks healthy right if it looks like almost dead and stuff and maybe there’s like a worm or something of course you shouldn’t eat it or else you’re gonna get some worms or something so that’s that’s always the danger and so when you clean and eat your own sashimi you got

To make sure it’s it’s healthy so i guess i should eat some of this on camera and just kind of describe what it tastes like these large giant clams they taste very similar to me rude guy or a long neck clam the main piece is right here let’s give it a try the taste like longneck plan tastes like the clam which is a little chewy it tastes salty and it also tastes

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Sweet from from the flesh it’s because it’s so fresh it’s up it’s live the lip part of this it’s a bit chewier it’s nice to the power1 whole clam and you just eat different parts of it and it’s kind of like a cow you eat maybe a steak piece and then maybe eat a flank you know so different parts of the clam will taste differently yeah it’s definitely too weird

Tastes like the sea it’s like them salty you can see when i cut up the main muscle part towards the end there’s all these gooey stuff i didn’t remove okay i tend to like eating that so i just removed most really dark internal glands or whatever organs and stuff but but that’s slightly gooey from here and it ended like that and i just cut it up the way that i like

To eat it you can either eat it sashimi style like this or just cook some short grain rice and have it on top kind of like a taraji this is basically is sushi here’s the scallop looking mussel part okay so that’s all i have for today thanks for watching and don’t forget to click like and like leave a comment down below for how the heck to these dissect this if you

Have problems and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel somewhere over here or here and thanks for watching so i’m just gonna enjoy the rest of that giant clam and i have some of those oatmeal stock yards down suppose that leaves a really good beer from trader joe’s i like it it’s not one of the best that i’ve had but it’s pretty good hmmm

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