Living Without an iPhone X

Is it possible to live without an iPhone X? Gasp! Forbid such a thing! Let me tell you, it is indeed possible. Doing so can reduce your expenses and quicken your path to financial independence. This in turns buys you more time and an earlier retirement. It just takes a good dose of humility, not keeping up with the Joneses, and self-discipline of delayed gratification. Watch the video to see how I am able to easily do it with tips on how to help you along this path even under peer pressure.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to talk about living without an iphone 10 because apparently for some people it’s a lot harder to not buy it than to give him and just buy the darn thing as you can imagine i and a lot of people have the cash in hand in the bank account to buy this phone outright but this does not really mean affording it

To me to me you can only really afford it after you’ve become financially independent first and retired early first that means you need to have enough cash in the bank account to sustain yourself to not have to work in order to make a living and if you have money on top of this and you can spend this on whatever you want you can buy a flashy brand-new car you can buy

An iphone 10 if you want the point here is that you need to put your money into these endeavors first because it’s essentially buying you more time first now of course if you’re buying your iphone 10 on credit or if you have to go through the payment plan in order to afford this this means that you really cannot afford it and you really should not even think about

Buying an iphone 10 stick with your earlier version ones like an iphone 6 6s those are good enough already now in order to live without the latest and greatest all the time you really have to have a good sense of being humble now if you’re more humble you don’t have the urge to need to show off therefore it helps your finances because you never need to keep up with

The joneses and then buy all these fancy gizmos that depreciates really quickly over time when you help your finances this way this in turns inflates your networks increases it really really quickly so that you can aim to retire early which means is essentially buying yourself more time when you think about how much an iphone 10 cost it’s about a thousand dollars

And you keep on doing this year after year you keep on upgrading it’s likely gonna cost you anywhere between one to three years of your life if you just do not keep up with the latest cell phone all the time and let’s say your anticipated retirement age is about 65 well instead of doing all this you could have retired maybe around 62 63 instead doesn’t that sound

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Nice you have to three years of just free time left for yourself instead of pouring all this money into the latest and greatest really does not increase your happiness after all it does not really you know increase your self value now being humble needs a lot of practice because you’re allowing others to be better than you this is counterintuitive to the general

Sense of people where people always like to go oh you know i’m doing this better you know people are just trying to one-up each other well if you just allow others to you know be better and have their iphone and i have my iphone five over here i just go okay yeah you have a really nice iphone this is great i just you know i’m pretty happy with mine as it is when

You do this you release yourself of having all this baggage to having to spend all this money to keep up with other people which interns allow you to become financially independent a lot quicker than if you don’t do this now some people in real life as well as in the comments section have commented that hey aren’t you embarrassed carrying around something so old

How can you even show your face to other people carrying something like this well to me i practiced it in such a way that i decoupled my self-worth away from the device that i’m holding i draw my self-confidence from a lot of different aspects of life i use this phone as a tool only i do not let it stand for who i am now let me just give you an example of where

My confidence come from so that i can actually hold this ugly thing around and not be embarrassed about it number one i own my own home and realizing this i don’t really need something like this to boost my confidence because i know i have somewhere to live number two i have a whole bunch of skills you know a lot of different diy skills i show on this channel

I know i can be self-sufficient and do various things myself and this gives me a good confidence that hey you know if i need something done i can use my own hands and do it myself i also have two years worth of emergency funds so if i ever lose a job i don’t have to stress out about it and i can essentially not worry about being coming homeless or anything i can

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Still live just fine i can self sustain myself i won’t suddenly have no income at all i mean i have a good little nest egg that i can use to draw from and you know pay for bills and think like that so i won’t be like oh no i broke you know i need to sell sell off my possessions and stuff just to live and additionally i do have this youtube channel which i really

Really enjoy making videos and stuff and people coming to watch it and me helping them i get various letters comments and stuff through email through comments saying how much i help them and just this alone i feel like i’m contributing to society um i’m helping people out and basically this makes all this effort that i put any of these videos well worth it now

In order to hold on this thing for so long which is an iphone 5 it’s a really old phone but i still keep on using it is a good sense of delayed gratification i am pretty good at like warning something but i can easily easily not buy something that i want i just will just wait around until it’s a really really good time maybe there’s a sale or something i would

Wait around just kind of scope around until i know it’s a good time to buy or that if i really need it sure i’ll buy it but iphone 10 is not something i really really need if maybe today this phone breaks i cannot buy you know the six seven or eight or whatever and i have to buy the ten sure i’ll just go and buy it now another aspect that can help you hold on to

An older phone generally i find that this is from peer pressure people would be like oh what are you doing with this old thing this is really hurtful it definitely affects me a bit because when i’m holding on to a phone that’s just one generation or two generations old and then maybe all your other friends they all have iphone tents and it’s a little bit daunting

And if you find yourself in a situation where they’re making fun of you sometimes it happens i had people make fun of me holding onto this iphone 5 and what i do is i just go yeah you know this is great i have this iphone 5 i like how old it is i’m just gonna try to see how much longer i can hold onto it and on top of that by the way you guys are spending $60 a

Month and by the way i spend 0 dollars a month on this thing and they’re like what this is crazy and i’m like hahaha yeah i see now you might wonder how did i become such a person where i don’t care about the phone that i’m holding – this is a gradual process because i used to hold on to a bit nicer type of phones the thing that really got me to hold on to even

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Older and older phones is that i’ve noticed my electronics depreciating so much and i’ve been using electronics for a really long time and i used to get pretty cutting-edge stuff and all i see is all these things get old really fast and soon after you know no one wants them and they’re just you know bet dead paper weights and then they’re not working anything and

When i look back how much i’ve wasted on these things it’s just really hurtful is like no i don’t want to do this anymore so then i try to spend less and less on electronics these days and if you notice how much you lose on your old electronics all this dead graveyard electronics that’s just sitting around then you might start to think about oh my gosh yeah maybe

Maybe i am spending too much you just add it all up it’ll be like thousands of dollars just just completely evaporated in value well what i do with all this money instead is i just stick it into a retirement account i stick it into a savings account or brokerage account and i save this instead and this is essentially building up my net worth and it allows me to

Retire earlier which means i am saving more and more time so that i can use this time it might be years or tens of years decades even where i can use this and live the life that i want to live rather than you know doing commuting every single day doing your 40 40 hour work weeks where you’re essentially doing stuff that you’re essentially told to do rather than you

Sitting at home and going oh yeah you know today i want to work on such-and-such hobby just kind of expand your mind and and do the things that you want to do this is the whole purpose of retiring early which is to buy yourself more time so that you can do what you think that you should be doing i hope you enjoyed this way of thinking about not buying the iphone

10 or maybe not even buying the iphone 8 or iphone 7 because those are all pretty expensive as well if you’re interested in supporting this channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below i got patron over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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