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Dry pasta is no longer always to be found on supermarket shelves, as consumers stockpile essential ingredients during the coronavirus crisis. So food writer Tim Hayward shows the FT’s Daniel Garrahan how to make fresh pasta with a rolling pin – just like an Italian grandmother. See if you get the FT for free as a student ( or start a £1 trial:

We’re gonna start getting messy now hot cooking video part worker and have yet to meet a child who doesn’t adore past their past there is in short supply i’ve never made my own though i haven’t got one of those machines millions and millions of old italian grandmothers have been making it by hand for years and it can’t be that tough the very least we could make

Me be some tagliatelle or there’s a lovely thing called mal fat oh which means badly made and you bris roll out sheets and cut it into sort of slightly random shapes what sort of flower of you got past the flower you’ve got to you photo oh that’s brilliant what i’ve got is plain flour and a similar which is an italian semolina flour i’ve mixed 50/50 of that the

Basic proportions you’re going to need are a hundred grams of flour to each egg you’ve got 100 grams of flour in the egg for each person i’m gonna make it enough before so 400 grams of flour weighed out into a ball gown and four eggs make a well in the middle of the flour add to its hefty pinch of salt yeah and about a tablespoon of olive oil egg the egg is a

Creeper gaytan use your hand like this yeah okay and use that to sort of break up the eggs in the middle you’re gonna start getting messy now so let’s see how this goes here we go start combining the flour into the eggs the eggs feel really gross in your fingers i think if you think that eggs feel gross you’re probably in the wrong business you should be some

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Kind of camera man not a cook so keep turning it kneading it and it will absorb all of that flour okay i was needing on top of the scales that is done just embrace it yeah keep going pretty soon the dope fiends your hands for you i’m embracing it embrace the no sweat honor idiot you’re a sweaty norma like so we’re gonna make the one that looks awful yeah i’m

Not fat so it means badly made terribly terribly may think i’m well-qualified to make that little ball low i would say for everything out the ball onto the table top and sooner or later you’ll have a clean table and a ball of silky smooth world work dope and shoulders like a bloody viking weightlifter feeling very silky it’s not very silky up from it it’s not

Really sticking together very well if i was your grandmother and i spoke italian i will yell at you and say that’s because you’re an ein or slack boy and you should be ashamed and i’m gonna come to the phone your mum this is pot cooking video part work out it’s homework not gonna get there i think there aren’t really any bits left on the table okay back in the

Bowl cover it with cling film so doesn’t dry out yeah and we put it in the bowl and put it in the fridge for half an hour so i’ve watched enough episodes of masterchef in my time to know that even with one of those fancy machines one of the main criticisms tends to be it wasn’t thin enough so how on earth are we gonna get it fit in a with just a rolling pin so

The main thing is to not stop the pieces they’re too big there’s nothing wrong with cutting off smaller slices of it and going at it in small ways but what’s funny about flour on the board but not much and you just keep lifting it up turning it over and turning it round that way you stop it sticking so that’s already got to a stage where it’s feeling quite thin

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So the whole lineup and i like that i can actually read my screen through you faster so i got this absolutely beautiful piece of kin it’s a double caster wheel cut two sheets of this stuff you could put an egg in the middle of one of them a raw egg have to be a very fresh one so held together and there’s squee pot another sheet over the top and squeeze the sides

Around and you’d actually make the early with an egg in the middle of it and you poach it on certain the fastest on the outside the egg is and runny on the inside how do you know when it’s about the right thickness what is the thickness of a very thin credit card or quite a thick business card i wonder whether it needs to be thinner again i’m just thinking back

To masterchef masterchef my ass well they always say is in danger you make it too thin the only problem with that would be that it might just sort of fall apart a bit of the water but i don’t that’s gonna be a problem cut this into any old shapes you like really slices squares diamonds for when you call that that’s perfect yeah that’s fine you got it man this

Is gonna take about two minutes to cook a frying pan on the stove get some olive oil good glug of olive oil good on the holes but make sure the waters at a rolling boil do you touch the pasture at all and just let just let it do its thing that’s perfect and this i reckon is probably done it’s been two minutes into the whole list out your pasta jesus and then

Put one more tablespoon of pepper there chuckling sleep over that yeah and what’s happening is that the water pass the water at oil and cheese are breaking down into an almost like a creamy sauce till the little bit of water you’ve splashed in their balls off combined the pasta water with your own with the cheese and the pepper to make cacio e pepe this is what

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It should look like how’s yours there the water is pretty much gone off that’s it service oh yeah this is tasting ripe so it’s the easiest fastest simplest best way to serve pastner to give us well made i think my kids are gonna love this decision bloody delicious pasta i’ll give you that i’m really impressed just using a rolling pin but to those who say and

Make him pass there is it’s too much enough fat that’s all very well when the supermarket shelves are full of the stuff the only part of this i found difficult really was the rolling but then it was just a bit of elbow grease really in normal times i wouldn’t call it an everyday pasta i certainly wouldn’t make this for the for a family meal you always use dried

Packet pass over that as any italian will tell you but what i think is nice about this is once you get into the to thinking about how it is you’ve made it what thicknesses are good how the flavors work together it’s very pure and very delicious you can do this if you’re stuck at home and you can’t find any pass in it and you don’t have a machine we’ve shown you

Can do it but faster making bits dead easy we’ve got a couple of businesses i think you try oh try it try it on there kind of thing and i’ve yet to meet a child who doesn’t adore passed there this is superb would you recognize it okay what do you think you

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Lockdown lunches: how to make delicious fresh pasta with a rolling pin | FT By Financial Times

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