Loop Insights (MTRX:TSXV; RACMF:OTCBQ) – Telus (T:TSX; TU:NYSE)

Loop Insights (MTRX:TSXV; RACMF:OTCBQ) – Telus (T:TSX; TU:NYSE) – RICH TV LIVE – DECEMBER 6, 2020 – Loop Insights is up over 2700% since my initial video – – Loop Insights Inc. (MTRX:TSXV; RACMF:OTCBQ) (the “Company” or “Loop”), a provider of contactless solutions and artificial intelligence (“AI”) to drive real-time insights, enhanced customer engagement, and automated venue tracing to the brick and mortar space, is pleased to announce the launch of a second product into the Telus IoT Marketplace (T:TSX; TU:NYSE), which will serve to significantly expand Loop’s sales distribution channels on a national scale.

Hi guys this is rich from rich tv live and i have another screamer for you this one is called loop insights mtrx in canada you can see that this thing has been an absolute beast running from under 40 cents october 29th to where it hit on friday 1.49 and finished at a dollar 43 an absolute screamer in america the symbol is r-a-c-m-f very similar from 23 cents

As you can see here started at 23 cents see the trend line from 23 cents in october all the way to a dollar 17 and sitting right now at a dollar 12. right around dollar twelve in america loop insights but what do they do why are they so hot well i did interview these guys as you can see here i was the first one ever to interview these guys february 25th 2020

They didn’t even have an american symbol yet and the video only has under 300 views because at that point in time nobody even knew who they were and you could see there’s the interview on youtube just search rich tv live and loop insights and now i’ll have this video now let’s break down loop insights loop insights inc is a vancouver based internet of things iot

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Technology company that delivers transformative artificial intelligence ai automated marketing contact tracing and contactless solutions to the brick and mortar space its unique iot device phobia enables data connectivity across online and on-premise platforms to provide real-time detailed insights and automated personalized engagement its ability to integrate

Seamlessly into existing infrastructure and customized campaigns according to each vertical creates a highly scalable solution for its prospect of global clients that span industries loop insights operates in the telecom casino gaming sports and entertainment hospitality and retail industries in canada the united states the uk latin america australia japan and

Indonesia this company is exploding it’s absolutely exploding this is the website loop insights dot ai and if you’ve been watching rich tv live you know that i’m a huge fan of artificial intelligence i’m a huge fan of technology look at the news here that came out last week one of the reasons why loop exploded loop insights achieved 100 success in delivering first

Ever fully integrated venue bubble this is huge in live environments at ncaa college basketball tournaments live demonstrations led to significant discussions about largest north american sporting events in 2021 successive venue bubble solution in las vegas has also created visibility and opportunity for loop travel bubble solutions this is massive loop is

Changing the game guys i’m not gonna go through all their news i want you to do some research yourself i’m gonna just read you guys some of the headlines like this is crazy what these guys are doing absolutely changing the game in the middle of a global pandemic these guys are creating a solution a bubble that’s right creating a potential bubble so take a look

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At this recent news that they also put out here loop insights launches second product into the telus iot marketplace for national sales and marketing to telus business customers so these guys are making some big headlines and i believe this is just the beginning put it on your radar put on your watch list this is a screamer loop insights has been absolutely on

Fire let’s just quickly look on bar chart show you how much they’ve run up it’s unbelievable and when stocks are this hot when stocks are this hot and they’re this much on fire you have to realize that this is a momentum trade at this point right it’s at all-time highs so be careful remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes it’s

A 100 buy and tops in the one percent of all short-term signal directions long-term indicators fully support a continuation of the trend but be watchful of a trend reversal it isn’t overbought territory at all-time highs so this could anything could happen but i just want you to look at this and see this has got a ton of momentum look at this up 271 percent in

The last three uh last month 521 in the last three months and 2760 since the lows of the coronavirus crash when it was at five cents on march 20th 2020 and today we are looking at a stock that is at a dollar twelve in america and a dollar forty three in canada and is screaming if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them

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To you first we brought this winner first i’m doing an update video put on your watch list put on your radar it’s a screamer i say it goes to at least two bucks i’ll be back in 2021 to celebrate you were bored rich person to be live and i’m out peace screamer absolute screamer you

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