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So today is the day i finally have to tell a story i finally feel comfortable enough to open up about me losing my wife $25,000 stock market trading in 2015 i was going to tell this story when i released the video about me losing $75,000 trying to stock market trade in and out of stock back in 2015 i was going to release the story then and then i was just i wasn’t

Comfortable enough at that time to go ahead and do it so now i feel i’m comfortable enough to tell exactly what happened in the fact that i lost my wife $25,000 of our money and we’ll go through the back story so you kind of understand so needless to say if you haven’t been caught up on the whole story you know i built up two hundred thousand and then i quit my job

And i thought wasn’t be able to be a stock market trader then i started getting nervous about maybe i don’t have enough money i need to start margining so let me open a margin account open a margin account it started out great the first couple months and then everything went south toward the end of 2014 and in 2015 it just got ugly for me so and i went away from

All the principles that had made me $200,000 i went away from everything i was doing i was starting a short-term trade and now stocks i was starting to you know oh this company had been earning so i’m going to stick money in it then they feed earnings but guidances week or something then the stock goes down and i would lose massive amounts of money but the part

Of the story you don’t understand is i went into margin trading which i always knew was i should never do that should never ever do that and i still did it was so stupid and so i opened my margin account in the first couple months were very good they were very good and at this time i did not have my wife on margin or anything like that and backstory on my wife

Is she never was like a stock market investor or anything and when we met and started dating i started getting her into it and she started saving money investing and she would get great games as i would get great games because i was pretty much sticker in all the stocks i was in so she would always do great i usually always had her in a little more conservative

Portfolio than me but she still got you know unbelievable gains she still made lots of money in the stock market so i was doing you know a pretty deep here starting out with margin and you know i’d probably gain 20 extra thousand dollars on margin within a couple months span i was like oh man like this is the way to go i you know what i’m finally gonna do it i’m

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Finally gonna talk to my wife about this and like i remember like trying to think like am i going to do this and i remember just not feeling right like i was like i should i should not do this i should not do this and i still did it anyway and i asked her about it and i explained all the risks and everything involved i explained okay well you could gain a lot

More money you could lose a lot of money like this is a risk with margin i explained it all and she kind of just went with my judgment because that’s what she kind of does you know listens to what i have to say and then she lets me kind of make the judgment and she like gave me the okay on it and i wish i so wish you could extend hope it was like looking back so

What happened was we basically had her mirroring all stocks i was in margining her accounts heavy heavy heavy heavy margin of her accounts just like i was margin in mine everything was just trending the wrong way in 2015 i know king digital was struggling at that time in king digital as part that that was doing great when i first started a margin trading and i was

Pushing my account up to all-time highs and then that sort of struggle then i started by win resorts in like that i think was like knitted or like low 90s high 80s that i bought more in the 70 then about more in the high 60s and then it just kept going down it would not stop bleeding macau numbers just kept coming out they were bad like it just kept bleeding wynn

Resorts and finally after the point where if you know the story i sold completely out of all my positions because i had no income i got a wife i got a son like i got bills to pay like i can’t go down to my accountant zero i need enough money to start businesses and whatnot because at this point i was either going to need to go out and get a job or start a business

Like i had lost too much money already oh god it got so ugly so i sold completely out of everything at that point in time i didn’t buy back in till it was like february or march of next year i think was like february of the following year so i was out of the market for about five months span maybe six months span and but her she you know kept losing my and i the

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Lucky thing and this is really fortunate and kind of like a happy ending to how you know everything transpired there at the end is i sold her account completely off a margin i sold her accountant when i say her accounts i mean her brokerage account and then she had a 401k account which was not on margin from my understanding you can’t you can’t marge our 401k at

Least from my understanding so i sold all margin off and i left her brokerage account a little diversify to run a few stocks but i sucked her entire portfolio her entire retirement portfolio in wynn resorts at $52 a share and boy was that fortune it was a really dumb move like you should never stick your entire retirement portfolio in in one stock but boy did it

Pay off like crazy and now her retirement account actually is a massively way bigger than mine believe it or not like it’s not even close her retirement accounts like up here in hindsight down there so that was fortunate that i didn’t just sell everything off of hers and just you know uh you know do do no investing for her i let her be a little diversify in her

Brokerage and i stuck her entire retirement in wynn resorts so you know how did she handle all this situation you know losing me losing her $25,000 howdy analyst she must been throwing things at me and cussing at me and you know this and that no you know she never gave me about it she never gave me crap about it she you know just handled it like a champ and just

And understood that like you know that was part of the game and i screwed up and you know that happens like she never gave me crap about it or anything and you know i commend her for handling like that and i don’t know why she handles it that good maybe it’s because of she had already had really good gains the stock market threw throw some of my investments maybe

Is because she’s not as mungry money-hungry as some people maybe it’s because i exude a certain amount of confidence that she you know it feels like okay you know he messed up here but he’s going to make it all back there or something like that i don’t know what it is but she handled it like a champ and she fully supports me and all those kinds of things and i’m

Just blessed that she handles it like that because not everybody would not everybody would handle it like that it’s beyond us guys some people you know would want in custody to do with the person there he you know hold a grudge against them or something like that where she just you know handled a you know as well as anybody could handle it honestly and just fully

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Supportive behind me and my endeavors and all those kinds of things guys and and that’s basically the whole story on how i lost her twenty five thousand dollars in one year one year twenty five thousand dollars a great deal of our money that you know she worked hard for for a long time and you know some of it obviously was investment gains from the following the

The past years and things like that but a lot of it was also money she had put in and those kinds of things so not fun how did i feel about it i felt about the same as i felt about myself like i didn’t feel like any different oh i lost her money like i just felt like the same as far as it all goes because you understand like when you’re married and when you’re in

A relationship it’s kind of like your money their money in their money’s your money and by the way we keep all our accounts separate just so it’s better oversight so her her accounts or her her accounts my accounts or my accounts you know checking accounts are separate savings accounts are separate business accounts are separate like we keep everything separate

Even though we’re married just because you can in my opinion you can have better oversight but i didn’t like feel any different i just felt like this sucks but you know what we’re going to figure out how to get it back and we’re going to get a whole lot more than that back and so i you know it’s part of learning and i’m glad i learned this valuable lesson had 25

Years old painful less than 25 rather than 45 years old or 55 years old when it’s a lot harder to recover guys so that’s the story that’s the story i hope you guys enjoy it today hit thumbs up button if you enjoyed which i don’t know it’s kind of a painful story so might be a little weird to hit thumbs up but anyway your duct tape across this gel you may want to

Subscribe we talk personal finance on the channel we talk about entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market usually about how to be successful in the stock market but i do like to share the 2015 stories of the struggle the struggle thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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LOST MY WIFE $25,000 STOCK MARKET TRADING By Financial Education

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