Low Desire to Run a Rat Race

After retiring 3.5 years ago, I went off to complete as much of my bucket list as possible. With an extremely shortened list, I now reflect on what is worth doing in life.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna get a little bit philosophical here and talk about a low desire society this video is brought to you by weeble don’t forget to get your two free shares of stock just for signing up and depositing a hundred dollars weeble now officially supports buying and selling of dog coin which is something i

Personally bought into check out the referral link down in the video description below now i have to admit i haven’t been uploading very regularly lately because of my lack of enthusiasm sort of this low desire thing i guess i am part of this low desire society i think all of this starts with japan right marie condo tidying up you’re trying to get rid of stuff

Minimalism more experiences are better than hoarding a whole bunch of consumer items or luxury things luxury cars giant mansions that is gonna take you a lifetime to pay off i’ve always talked about spending less but not in the context of low desires when you spend less you can retire earlier and earlier for example if you only spend half of your income and you

Save the other half every single year you’re essentially saving enough for one full year of retirement so if you work 30 years you can retire for a full 30 years if you only spend 10 of your income and you save 90 of it and this is a really hard thing to do because you have to either earn a lot of money or you spend really really little it’s really really hard

To get it under let’s say 15 000 per person and so if you do the math 15 000 is only 10 of your salary then you’re essentially making 150k this is possible in the bay area if you’re an engineer doctor lawyer or whatnot but for many blue collar jobs this is really really hard so if you only spend 10 of your income and save 90 of it you’re essentially saving nine

Years of retirement for every single year that you work you don’t have to do many years of these in order to save enough for the rest of your life work 10 years you saved 90 years so therefore you don’t have to do this you only need to let’s say work five years and you save 45 years of retirement when you’re trying to minimize your spending you automatically sort

Of have a lower and lower desire for material goods because if you say hey i don’t need to buy this expensive coffee machine or this expensive handbag you are essentially tampering yourself to lower your desires people these days don’t even want a house why is because it’s too expensive for people entering the market right now if you are on the coastal cities

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It’s essentially a million dollars every 250 thousand dollars that the house is worth it will cost you roughly about one thousand dollars in payments every single month given the current interest rate a million dollar house is essentially gonna cost you roughly four thousand dollars every month expand it over an entire year this is about fifty thousand dollars

That’s going to come out of your after tax income you have to earn a lot of money and a huge chunk of it fifty thousand dollars is going to go towards the house so young people they look at this and go this is not a really good proposition because if it’s going to take 50 000 every single year for the next 30 years in order to pay off this house you know why

Do this it’s not even worth it anymore so why not just you know blow all this up and you know live in a van why don’t i find alternative methods that’s not going to cost me my life in order to buy a house in urban cities like san francisco or new york you don’t even need a car so you just kind of toss that out the window don’t even think about getting a car and

Just ride the subway everywhere kids are also too expensive you can see people not wanting to have kids or maybe they might want to choose having fewer kids instead personally my desires are also pretty low i probably slacked off a little bit on this youtube channel because if i’ve earned enough money why am i striving so hard to make more and more content make

More you know useless content i really really try to not make any more useless content out there which is most of the material that i ever see on youtube if i go on there i watch a video it’s some click bait thing and then i watch it and then thinking that i’m gonna learn a certain thing due to the title and then i come out of it feeling stupider than before it

Might just be like a little bit entertaining here and there but that’s all i ever get out of videos most of these days so i think to myself i don’t really want to contribute to something like this you know just kind of make more trash just kind of spinning my wheels and just put yet another video out there that people are going to watch people are going to waste

Their time at you’re not going to learn anything but this particular video i feel i’m hoping it would be a little bit more useful because it is more like a vlog it reflects what i am currently thinking and my current state of mind i guess and just to keep you guys abreast on what’s happening with this channel because i mean the last time i uploaded was about 10


Days ago when i started youtube a while ago i still had a good number of desires however right when i quit my job about three and a half years ago i started hitting all my bucket lists time one after another so many of them that i end up having a smaller and smaller bucket list and i’ve completed so many of them and i only have like a handful of things i want to

Do i’m just going to share with you guys what these are three star michelin restaurant kobe beef in kobe japan i’ve talked about this multiple times a ride first class which i essentially got all the credits for credit card churning and of course the tesla roadster 2.0 the zero to 60 in 1.9 second thing and of course if you guys have been watching my videos i

I i don’t know how this ever happened i just kind of decided okay i wanna make a million dollars so i’m gonna buy dog coin and i need to buy enough of it so that when it hits a dollar it would be a million therefore i need one million dog coins in order to do that back then it was five point five cents or six cents or so i needed to put in about sixty thousand

Dollars i put in sixty thousand i actually purchased 53 000 right now i am a paper gains of about 200 000 so after tax long term gains maybe you know it’s going to knock off 20 unless you know the biden uh long-term gains tax goes through by the time i sell it but really rough numbers i am able to buy this tesla roadster the regular version not that founders

Edition thing so these desires are essentially met even these wild fantasies i have of this tesla roadster i gets got so lucky i guess buying dog coin and you know it’s still paper gains i don’t have the car right i can only really celebrate if i actually sold it and you know i actually paid for it realize the gains pay the taxes and you know i have the car in

My garage and i can celebrate but right now i do realize it can evaporate the next day by the way right now i think dog coin’s around 25 cents when it went up to what 35 or 45 cents or whatnot and i i didn’t sell you know i just watched it go up and down and you guys keep on asking me if i’m going to sell well i plan to keep it for the most part because you know

My cost basis is really low and yes it’s a lot of money going up and down i think at the peak i saw my portfolio go all the way up to about four hundred thousand dollars and then i you know watched it go all the way back down to two hundred fifty thousand dollars this is a hundred fifty thousand dollar swing here this is a lot of money but to me i put in sixty 000

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Of my hard-earned real cash here so then i just kind of look at that it’s just like okay you know the market’s gonna do its thing i know cryptos is very very volatile so it’s gonna do all kinds of you know really really high percentage changes so when you’re retired like myself and you basically have everything that you ever want i i have everything that i want

Pretty much not the tesla roadster though but i’m gonna get that probably maybe eventually so you start thinking what is the meaning of life is it like 42 is the meaning of life to retire early but when you retire early you know just get all this time on your hands you just want to do something maybe do something valuable do you want to get rich do you want to

Be a millionaire do you want to be a billionaire do you want power or fame or you know all of the above or maybe you want to be so rich as to have 10 exotic cars in the garage is this even meaningful sometimes i look at these ultra rich people it’s i don’t know it looks really nice and all but i think for myself i don’t even want something like that because you

Know if i have a lamborghini or whatnot really really high upkeep cost so that’s why you know i would think about renting one instead of ever actually owning one so this is my little update it’s just what’s on my mind and if you’re wondering why i am dragging my feet a little bit it’s just because i don’t want to make um content that i am not jumping for joy for

Like something that i am super interested in i want to put out there i am putting a lot of time on making a lego video making mukbang food eating videos it’s all my other channels this time i’m gonna list all those channels that i have i believe six or seven other ones down in the video description below i am building uh right over there is this lego discovery

Shuttle thing i’m building that i’m making a very special video it’s taking me a really really long time to edit over 10 hours of recording condensed down to i don’t know like 10 minutes or 20 minutes worth of lego building so thanks for watching if you guys are interested in buying dog coin this is not financial advice by the way and it’s highly highly risky to

Buy dog coin check out my referral link down in the video description below and get your two free shares to stock don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching you

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