Lower Your Desires and Quit the Rat Race

Being frugal allowed me to retire much quicker than normal but it’s not about pinching every penny there is. One huge general idea that I naturally gravitated towards was not to buy into high-end luxury brands. While sometimes, they can appreciate in value, much of the products will not earn you money by owning them. Overall, the lower the desire for material things, the faster you can quit the rat race.

How’s it going everybody this is btw bush today i’m going to talk about how lowering your desires is a very very good way to exit the rat race this video is brought to you by flexispot i’ve been using this e5 sit stand desk for several months now and honestly i don’t really use it in the standing position but it does allow me to customize the height of the desk so

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Out my referral link down in the video description below we can probably all agree that material desire is somewhat infinite once you obtain something it becomes commonplace you get used to it and then you want the next best thing and then the next best thing and then wherever and ever for example for myself before i even had a car i wanted a car some car any

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Car but once you get it you want something better once you get that it’s like oh why don’t i want a porsche boxster and once you get that maybe i want a tesla now and then now that i have one maybe i want a lamborghini now if you want material goods you probably have to keep on working forever and ever you always have something more expensive to buy so you have

To set your limit somewhere and i personally have seen my networks grow exponentially and i could keep on working and just keep on pushing it and making it grow ever higher and higher but when does it stop you have to ask yourself when does it stop it’s almost kind of like a buddhist thing i feel to limit your desires it’s like you are restraining yourself a

Bit from indulging let’s take a look at my favorite graphic over here maslow’s hierarchy of needs this pretty much sums up what you need to feel like a human to feel whole you have basic psychological needs safety at the next level once you have that you want the next level love and belonging esteem self-actualization but if you really look drill down deep into

This you realize that physiological needs your food water air shelter sleep clothing all of these could be had for a relatively low cost if you are in the first world country because of industrialization all this mass production makes things very very cheap especially food water you got to make sure you’re not drinking lead right you got nice clean water and you

Gotta live in a nice neighborhood which by itself might be quite costly if you live in a nice neighborhood you probably will get good education you’ll probably get less air pollution and you’ll probably also get very good safety if you live in a good neighborhood so all of these things certainly cost money nowhere in these hierarchy of needs does it ever say you

Need a lamborghini you need luxury goods or luxury clothing what i think people are trying to satisfy here with purchases of those kinds is esteem because if you wear in fancy luxury clothing you’re going to get the recognition of other people maybe of people at a luxury brand store or other people that cares about luxury goods therefore you may obtain some status

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You might get respect if you wear nice fancy clothing and drive a nice car you’re gonna boost your own self-esteem so not that these things cannot buy you esteem is that i think that’s the expensive way to obtain esteem you can obtain status recognition respect and self-esteem in other ways which are sort of like a frugal way to get around it such as indulging

Yourself in doing things that you like if you get really good at it well you’re gonna get status recognition you’re gonna get respect because you’re so good at whatever that you do and how much does this really cost it doesn’t cost that much to work on those things the shortcut is actually going to buy those things buy your status buy your recognition that’s the

Shortcut way and it’s going to be very costly to do that the hard way is to earn it but that costs very little once you try to do all this it’s kind of leads your way to self-actualization achieving one’s full potential doing whatever that the society needs that you’re really good at that you can earn money off of that is your personal full potential i want to

Address my personal frugalness really quickly because on this channel people think i am mr frugal i don’t spend any money at all but then sometimes when i make an exception and i buy something expensive have a fancy meal people are like oh my gosh you are not frugal anymore i don’t respect you anymore because you say you’re frugal but then you really are not

I have my own personal vices i have certain things that i really enjoy cars not cars car electronics this camera that i’m using these are expensive things and i actually use that my laptop you know to earn money this is part of things i spend on in order to achieve self-actualization so i think everybody have their exceptions some things that they really enjoy

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That they spend their money on one of the things that i still adhere to is not to buy very very extreme brand name goods things that cost thousands of dollars i own none of those like gucci pants or like i don’t know any sneakers that cost over like 100 or 200 or so those things i’m adhering to strictly and i think for those that want to exit that rat race if you

Can avoid luxury brands i think this will save you a lot of money and this will allow you to not keep yourself in the rat race let’s go back to the maslow hierarchy here you look at love and belonging friendship intimacy i don’t think friendship costs all that much right there’s a certain amount that you need to spend to go out with people maybe you buy birthday

Presents or something but all this doesn’t amount to that much intimacy maybe you have a girlfriend a wife or whatever it costs a fair amount overall the mentality is really to not keep up with the joneses not trying to appear rich right you buy all these luxury goods to appear rich if you have good self-esteem then you don’t have to buy all these things to try

To impress other people maybe you have other things to impress people with maybe you can impress people with your skills whatever that you do you are very good at people are like oh my gosh you’re so good at cake making you’re so good at doing your garden or something right thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more you

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Lower Your Desires and Quit the Rat Race By BeatTheBush

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