Lowering My Living Costs Even More

Darn Tough Socks that broke my streak:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush as you guys know my burn rate is extremely low close to about $1,300 every month now there’s some logic to this and i’m gonna explain why but for this video i’m gonna try to get this burn rate even lower so i’m not gonna say i’ll have the lowest burn rate of anyone there are some students out there that just graduated

And they spend very little because their lifestyle is gonna be a little different than mine for me i’m actually living in my own home for this burn rate for being in northern california is actually really really good now i want to address something because some people might think well you are just kind of skimping on everything this is kind of like a scarcity

Mindset because you’re just not spending on anything therefore you’re not going to get that much back for an abundance mentality i feel like you need some sort of a leap of faith you have to start spending in strategic manner so that it can come back to you it’s sort of like investing in yourself in the background you guys might not notice this but i do reinvest

Into this youtube channel i do certain things to make certain videos with i said let me go over my burn rate once again and kind of scrutinize it so that you can see the way i think about trying to reduce this burn rate pierce’s our list again property tax hoa four hundred and three dollars total a lot of people in the comments keep on asking am i paying for some

Sort of insurance home insurance or something the thing is it’s included in the hoa $403 it might be really low for some people and might be really high depending on where you live it’s actually really low for where i live my health insurance has increased about forty dollars from three hundred and four dollars to three hundred forty-four dollars now this is not

A deal breaker but forty dollars i mean this is close to my monthly bill for my dsl my grocery stands at in the ballpark of three hundred dollars actually it’s a lot lower than this and if i just list out everything tie by you guys might go oh my gosh what the heck is he eating the thing is i supplement some of my food with the fruits that i have you know that’s

Growing around my house i get peaches i get figs i get a loquat last month i went over my credit card bills and i actually went to the supermarket and only spend eighty five dollars now you might go whoa eighty-five dollars is for one single month that’s that’s crazy are you starving yourself no i’m not starving myself the thing is i also spent like sixty seven

Dollars at costco there was some lamb in their diet occasionally maybe once or twice a week you guys might go oh didn’t you turn vegan i found out that you know after eating vegan for maybe a whole week i start to get this meat craving i start to feel like i want to eat something substantial so i take this as my body saying oh it needs some sort of nutrients or

Something so i’m just feeding my craving i would say so i wouldn’t say this is typical because i get all those fruits for free during the winter months i wouldn’t get those fruits anymore so the cost of my groceries bill is gonna rise and i estimate around three hundred dollars every single month know that i have also tried to eat everything in my kitchen i’m

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Eating everything that is edible excluding spices or things like that i ate up all my canned foods i ate up everything that’s in the freezer just trying to cleanse out just kind of reset the whole kitchen really helps with reducing you know this ongoing groceries cost so far all these things that i talked about be are fixed cost there is no way i can reduce the

Property tax or hoa because it is what it is they actually keep on increasing it by 2% a year health insurance it’s increasing okay i can actually try to get a different kind of catastrophic health insurance and i have yet to looked into that but it is what it is today $344 groceries you can see that i’m i’m not really trying to reduce the amount i eat but going

Vegan for most of the week really helps reduce the costs of buying a lot of meat now i feel like this is healthy for me because when i used to eat a lot of meat i keep on going oh my gosh i really just got to do like veggies only for a day just as a cleanse but now this is like an ongoing cleanse and then it’s the opposite where i do vegetables beans grains and

Stuff and then you know once or twice a week then i eat meat i can definitely feel much better because of this just health-wise water just we’re living here even if i’m not using any water it’s gonna cost me $25 a month so this is why i put costs required on one column and then i go living at home isn’t another column using water is gonna cost me another $8 now

This is not that much i can use twice the amount and it’ll only be $16 so water should not be like a saving point you shouldn’t go oh my gosh i’m not gonna you know shower i’m gonna you know water the plants less or something because you know this incremental cost is actually very little the trash i’ve lowered it as much as i can is only $20 a month gas electric if

I tried to turn everything off if i’m on vacation or something i noticed that the electric bill is still about 25 dollars i think it’s about $20 worth of this is in the refrigerator so if somehow if i’m going on vacation i’m able to eat everything in my fridge including things in the freezer i just turn off the fridge just open up the door so that it can ventilate

And stuff i can probably cut down another $25 um when i go on vacation this amount is important because i feel like if i want to go on a very extended vacation then this $25.00 could be my spending money $28 this is the actual gas and electric that i would use incrementally like turning on the tv the computer these lights and stuff it’s gonna cost me another $28

This is a comfortable range so the total is about 53 dollars every single month for electricity car insurance is $33 i have a car i have a scooter six dollars and fifty cents it’s really hard to get it any lower than this because those of you that know you know pay for your own car insurance it’s a lot more expensive than 33 dollars i only have one way insurance yes

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It is still insured it’s just that it’s liability only it’s a really really old car that’s why it’s 33 dollars and i have a pretty good driving record scooter insurance six dollars and fifty cents now you it might go oh you know isn’t this kind of like just sitting there and not doing anything the thing is if i need to go somewhere i can take the scooter to the

Bart station and i would save $3 for parking the car on another hand let’s say if i don’t take the scooter i take somewhat of a slower method and take the bus it’ll still cost me about $2 so i estimate if i just use it once one and a half times every single month i would make back the insurance cost of the scooter the gasoline cost is negligible because you know

Once in a while i would put in half a gallon and it would last me for like a month or two car maintenance it’s going to be something sometimes i have to replace a motor oil car intake filter cabin filter spark plugs you know just regular maintenance things and what’s coming up i see is i need to really buy some new rear tires which will cost me about $300 this is

Something that’s coming up i thought i throw that in there because you know this is gonna add to my cost gasoline is only about fifty dollars because i don’t commute to work anymore i still need to drive everywhere go get groceries i drive to meet people to sell stuff on facebook marketplace so it still cost me about $50 restaurants for a period of time i actually

Did not eat out like very very rarely now i realize oh my gosh this is kind of hindering on my happiness i’m like really really wanted to eat foie so this is like the main thing i like to eat if i’m going out i might just go eat far most of the time so over the past month instead of kind of depriving myself which i felt like i was the previous month just trying

To not eat out and save money i go okay well you know let me go eat something that i really really like so then i ended up eating sushi bar and stuff and it really does help you know brighten up my mood product purchases is an interesting one because over the past few months i haven’t bought material things for myself i do not have a need for anything in fact i’m

Getting rid of a lot of my stuff on facebook marketplace but i didn’t still end up buying something i bought a pair of socks for $22 i talked about this before it’s those darn tough socks i’ll make a video about it later on but i ended up liking it so much that i bought another pair so total two times 22 i spent $44 on two pairs of socks it’s ridiculous but you

Know if you look at in the grand scheme of things i bought nothing else right no consumer items at all so then this is like not much money when you consider you know the whole month i only bought socks so over the past four to six weeks i sold a grand total of four thousand four hundred ninety one dollars of stuff that i don’t use mostly those are things that’s

Been sitting around the things in my garage the things in other rooms that i have that just kind of sits dormant sometimes they’re in boxes and stuff and i would have to say i am i feel lighter i feel really good that there’s a couple thousand dollars floating around and i can just invest this money instead so the monthly fixed cost in terms of if i’m living here

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But i’m still paying for for example if i go on vacation this is still my living place when i’m done with my vacation i’m still gonna come back so the monthly cost for that will be nine hundred dollars or so and the cost of living here in terms of groceries extra water that i’m gonna use electricity gasoline i’m gonna use because i have a car i’m gonna drive it

Around restaurants in terms of i’m gonna go eat if i add all these up it’s about four hundred and eighty six dollars that i’m gonna spend just living in california and you can see why i’m doing this calculation because five hundred dollars it’s actually a lot of money if you go and visit a third world country go ahead thailand or something and the costs i think

It’s gonna be about seven hundred dollars a month if you don’t go all crazy doing all kinds of touristy things so this means that i only need to add about two hundred twenty dollars or so to stay in thailand for a month this is this is kind of crazy this is something that i would actually do like i can afford to just go to thailand for like an entire year and pay

Only like two three thousand dollars this is really great whenever i find out about something about myself when i’m doing these videos so there you have it this is another review of me trying to squeeze these fixed costs down some more as you can see on the cost column there’s nothing much i can do to reduce the property tax health insurance is going up i could

Look into that groceries well it’s already really low dsl i need my internet water this is a fixed cost for living here trash it’s also a fixed cost i heard though you might be able to turn off your trash completely and i might be able to do this after i go through my minimization phase where i get rid of a lot of stuff gas electricity like i said i could almost

Just turn off the fridge when i am not staying here car insurance scooter insurance i don’t think i can get it any lower than what it is right there gasoline i’ve actually tried to reduce it by visiting the mailbox with my bicycle instead of driving you know like a mile over there it helps a little bit and then for restaurants is not like i’m trying to reduce

Every single little cost i also need to live a little bit so i do add in a little bit of going out to eat so thanks for watching everybody i hope you guys enjoyed this you know brief review i go over my costs you know every once in a while don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of these minimal costs that i have

Maybe you two can get it this slow and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button and ring that bell icon thanks for watching

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