Macron on the race to vaccinate developing countries | FT interview

In an exclusive interview with the FT, French president Emmanuel Macron warns of the urgent need to distribute Covid-19 vaccines to developing nations. And he tells FT editor Roula Khalaf, Europe editor Ben Hall and Paris bureau chief Victor Mallet about the dangers of vaccine nationalism. Read more at

Hello how are you that is to say that if we let the idea settle that 1000 hundreds of millions of vaccines are being made in rich countries and that we do not start in poor countries it’s unsustainable it’s a photograph and rather an unprecedented acceleration of global inequalities then it’s politically unsustainable in the long term because it’s what allows to install a

War of influence of vaccines and you can see the chinese strategy the russian strategy is also basically a global health issue becomes a political issue is therefore the first reason why we have to do it is that it is a reality check of what multilateralism is and it is essential because we are seeing the emergence of a new form of unsustainable inequality we cannot accept

When a vaccine exists that we reduce the chances of a woman of a man depending on the city where they live or it is to billions of doses right now it’s not billions and billions of euros it’s that much faster we n 4 5% of eads in the fights what’s friction with us it’s not that it’s not going to change our vaccination campaigns but that each country puts a tiny bit of

The doses they bring transferred a few tens of millions already two doses but very quickly and that people see them arriving on the ground in this idea we have talked about it a lot with chancellor merkel to her supports it and we agree i think it must be a fully european and cooperative initiative i think it is important even if it is a little less than what i am talking

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About but we must in any case release of the twelve sons to the guys the direction of africa and i hope to be able to convince if our american friends to do the same because in addition they have much more production and doses there are approximately 100 million people who were upset with the kaise r and modern at 100 million with johnson and johnson and so there too

It’s a very small levy but it’s in our interest the subject is never that economic is also political especially when it comes to human health and that are we coming back i see the debate on intellectual property rising if the pharma industries don’t play the game of cooperation what i’m talking about is the game of cooperation or but together in pubs the attack then we

Have we optimize the production capacities a framework shows the political question in all our countries of intellectual property i do not think that it is the good of the bins this useful debate but it will increase the debate of the superprofits fact about the rarefaction of the vaccine me i do not have a fight for the end did not lend intellectual if called intellectual

Property there is more innovation there is more than one there is more incentive for innovation on the other hand i will fight with all my strength against the mechanisms that create scarcity to preserve profit on this subject we all have problems to solve because this is not a subject of extraterritoriality it is a subject territoriality is a question existential for

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Our democracies their sustainability i tell you very sincerely is in a way you have lived it in a very staggering way for us but the platforms that have nevertheless been president trump called for revolt are then the one that they have platforms is is sanctioned it is a democratic subject as true as we must be able in a democracy to say there are acts of calls for violence

Which do not depend on the goodwill of a platform and which are adjustable because it is the choice of citizens in the same way if we decide that there is more than its more image it is up to the decision of a private company and the citizen’s decision of who has access to the floor and that is a v rai debate for all of us and its large companies it is somewhat similar

To the debate we had earlier these are first of all two tremendous successes of innovation and entrepreneurship for which i have immense respect for the companies that have been able to inventing produce which, moreover, continues to do so in a remarkable way and therefore that it has reached a world size whether they are giants of champions that they have earned a lot of

Money i am not one of the people who think that the we are to be condemned when it is an innovation rent which is not acceptable it is when then a situation is built which precisely creates situation rents and therefore superprofits which become legitimate but where is the jrda that we have with the big digital companies the digital digital platforms these big networks

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Have clearly allowed i i am convinced of it to accelerate innovation to accelerate transparency and therefore they have a good thing it’s a tremendous innovation but at the same time it’s a globalization of emotions it’s a globalization of m and it’s also a globalization of the worst and simply they did it in a context where there was no no rights that is to say it is

The first time that we have invented a public space an agora where there are no rules there are no dreams and the rules zinc aura itself which can to be the anonymity of which some besides leads to the worst but there is no rule is very little regulation in the process of coming even

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Macron on the race to vaccinate developing countries | FT interview By Financial Times

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