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Well guys i have made my final decision i made my final decision so about a week ago a little over a week ago i posted a video saying i might quit it was in regards to my real estate marketing company right and in that video i kind of go into why i want to quit my real estate marketing company and you know with my thought process behind it and kind of you know i

Will let you guys know what my final decision is i have made my final decision in regards to that real estate marketing company okay first i want to read some of these comments you guys left and kind of push back against some of them and whatnot some of the most popular comments here so we had one from educate society here i have the same opinion as most people

Here i would say hire someone to help run the real estate business but i just want to take the time to say thank you for creating all these free videos even when you seem like you have this crazy work schedule really appreciate everything you do awesome so we’ve like 31 people thumb that comment up so a lot of people are saying like why not just hire somebody or

What not well okay so a few things that take into account when you hire somebody right the first thing is it’s not as easy as it seems to just like hire somebody nowadays there’s so many laws and regulations and all this crap you got to go through and all these things you got to worry about with lawsuits and whatnot when you hire an employee it’s not nearly as

Simple as it seems guys it’s not like you just say hey you i’ll come pay you $50 an hour come do this thing for me nowadays if you actually hire someone as an employee of your company right it’s a lot of stuff you got to go through and all this paper or hear mumbo jumbo it’s difficult guys it’s not as easy also one of the main reasons was getting out of that real

Estate marketing company right if i’m trying to get out of it right one of the main reasons is to free up time so i can pursue my new channel called regular guy tech and i can do a lot of other things as far as that goes i got a lot going on right now so you know i want to free up my time if i hire an employee believe me i’m still gonna have to be involved with

That company i can honey percent guarantee you i would still have to be dedicating time maybe i wouldn’t be going out on jobs and doing things like that but i can almost guarantee you i have to be doing this and that in training and you know i invoicing and then probably a lot of the background stuff and then some customers would want to talk to me about jobs and

Setting things up and then some people were still requesting me and be like oh yeah i don’t think your guy’s as good as you are like there’d be so much stuff guys it would still be very time sumen next one down here is this sport person says up north finance you got 58 thumbs up on this one says maybe find someone in your life who deserves it and give them the real

Estate business nothing feels better than giving back bro he says oh so if i was to give something back i mean like when i when i ever i pass away like when i get old if i’m fortunate enough to get old i plan on actually giving all my money away pretty much like at least 99% of it right i’m hopefully i will have rate raise my kids well enough that they can make

A ton of money so giving back there’s something i plan on doing later in my life but as far as like giving away business guys it’s a hard it’s a hard one to just give away because you have to trust somebody with it these are people that you built trust with you would have to have some new youth like that’s a really hard decision and it have to be someone that’s in

A position that they would want to make that much money and you know they might be making more money than what that business generates and whatnot so why would they want to do it in whatnot and so that’s a hard decision there and also it’s an entrepreneurial take business right sometimes it’s hard to just give an entrepreneur something and say here you go without

Them really going out there and earning the business you know like part of the reasons why those customers matter to me so much and why i cared about them not just like you know do this or do that is because i actually went out there got those customers man i was the one doing phone calls and emails and all those type of things and meeting them at coffee shops and

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You know talking about what i could do for them and whatnot like i was the one out there so i really appreciate that if you just get a business given to you i’m not sure 100 percent of time like most people who would care nearly as much about the business because they’re not really the ones that wouldn’t got the customers they don’t really understand the struggle

Of how hard it was to get those customers and whatnot and build up the business so you could pay all your bills and do those kind of things so that’s something else taking account this one i got 28 thumbs up jeremy just sell it being with your family is more important that you know it was never really about spending more time with my family i have a dedicated amount

Of time i try to spend each and every day with my family right so that was never the thing about selling the real estate marketing company it’s more like funneling more time into my other youtube channel funneling more time into this products things like that like like things that are i think have bigger potential out there than the real estate marketing company

I wasn’t just about spending more time with my family and whatnot royal paintings here says i say hire someone to run the real estate business once again we kind of went into that one it’s not just as easy as you just hire somebody and you know everything’s taken care of it’s a lot of work you still have to be putting in time and things like that and never mind

A lot of other issues you could put possibly have this next one from tanner here he says don’t lose the stream of income hire an employee so another one saying hire an employee learn through the growth pains the heart is what makes it great when your children get older and you’re going to regret telling them you gave up on the business or you or that you adapted

And figured it out being a great entrepreneur and hire help create a system you can work your way out of come on man keep it simple okay so a lot of things sound really easy on a comment section that’s a lot harder to pull life one um – ah you know as first giving up the business i’ve made a lot of decisions that a lot of people told me oh don’t give that up don’t

Do it don’t do that they keep doing it like when i left quick trip you know i was making it i was twenty four four years old i think it was 24 years old when i left quick trip i was rise in the ranks i was making like 60,000 which is a really good wage when you’re that young right 60,000 a year rise in the ranks at kwik trip and a lot of people told me like don’t

Do that man you crazy you will put in so much time toward this and you know you you have something you’re proud of there and you can keep building this and whatnot and i left it and it’s a hard decision right and nowadays i make i don’t know four six seven eight times that much like it’s not even a comparable amount of money i make and also the what i am work to

The world now in my position versus what i was at kwik trip it’s not even comparable like story guys like a quick trip i think you find someone to replace me tomorrow right this thing it’s a little bit harder to replace me tomorrow right like i’m a nerd of so many more people than i ever would have it quick trip even if i was a ceo with the company guys so i you

Know a lot of hard decisions and sometimes you just gotta let something go so you can free up time for something else that you can be more proud of and be more impactful in this world okay next one here it says the top stock pick says keep it once the markets crash everyone will hate the markets for a while and your audience will be compromised for some time next

Comment down there they’ve got ten thumbs up not one of them i gave it to that it says i think patty says i think you already made up your are you made up your mind already i would say i was definitely leaning towards someone when i was somewhere when i made that video but let’s really keep in mind this one that says you know once markets crash everyone i hate you

Know the markets for a while so two ways that kind of view this once i thought you know when the markets crashed next time they do i thought me and my channel is gonna be destroyed the new tube channels gonna be destroyed i don’t really think that anymore what other things gonna happen next time you need the you know next recession comes next stock market crash


Comes i don’t think the channel will be hurt really much at all actually drama and the markets going down and things like that all that blah blah blah like that creates a lot of viewer interest like viewer interest goes up a lot like i can almost guarantee you if we could see cnbc which is a television station if we can see it just talks about stock market rate

If we can see their analytics on on viewership by a day that the markets you know go up or don’t do much or go down massively i can almost guarantee you the days that the market goes down massively their viewership is highest actually now where do thing i mean you know youtube related business would be hurt is in the products i sell okay now stock market investing

Mastery course my stock options course all the stuff linked down there in the description my stock market membership group i think those things would be hurt next time a recession comes a stock market crash happens because a lot of people will be like oh i don’t think i really want to learn about the stock market it just crashed why do i want to get involved with

That it’s just a bunch of garbage and whatnot so i think that could be the kind of thing that’s hurt but not really like views and what i think views and whatnot will probably actually be fine in this channel drama brings in a lot of views guys it’s just the way it works next one down here jay sweeney this one says consider increasing the price so basically just

Meaning i charge higher prices to all my customers and having someone run it take the profits after you pay that person’s wages okay next one down here hire someone minimum wage to take pictures and drive in and edit it for you so i’m not going to get a good photographer from minimum wage like photographers as far as an hourly rate what photographers want good

Ographers which i would need for my business like they want a lot of money man because they could do be doing other jobs or whatnot so there’s no there’s no such thing as like minimum wage unless you’re getting a brand new photographer who’s probably not gonna be very good at taking photos and things like that so it’s not as easy and kind of the other one consider

Increasing the price i thought about that that was one i gave a hard thought to like just increasing my prices by fifty percent on everything you know pictures videos all that type of stuff but once again i would still have to be spending the time in running the business that makes it kind of hard here as last one it was a comment on the video it had nothing to do

With actually the video i just kind of want to read it to you here here so john rosco says i think a lot of people would take you more seriously if you got rid of the rid of that ridiculous hairstyle spiked hair come on jeremy you ain’t in middle school bro start wearing a button-up shirt with a tie start lookin like i am boss not like a 12 year old neighbor for

Christ’s sake i always try to watch your content support your channel i’m happy for you a hundred thousand subscribers i think it’s time to take to the next level man you got tons of potential to reach 1 million no problem but please no more yellow shirts and spikes hair oh guys ok so all my younger i everyone out there not just my younger viewers everyone out

There just always remember money is power when you have a lot of money you have power because you can do what you want ok so that’s a beautiful thing like like i can do whatever i want i just however i want i was wearing this shirt today i’m gonna record a video in it if i’m wearing a t-shirt i’m gonna record like it doesn’t matter i have money so i have power i

Don’t have to listen to you know like like oh oh shoot john said i need to do my hair a certain kind of weight i need to wear a certain kind of shirt with the tie oh oh gosh guys oh i can’t i need that money i’m so desperate to make that money i need that money all gosh i need a we’re certain like the great thing when you have money you have power you don’t have to

Listen to anybody you guys remember working at walgreens in kwik trip what did i have to do when i worked at walgreens in kwik trip i had to dress up in a specific uniform i had aware of specific pants i don’t wear a specific shirt right i had to look a certain way i had to wear my nametag a certain way like i had to do all these things because i didn’t have money

At that time so i didn’t have power right at quick trip you had a shave all the time you’re gonna be perfectly clean shave and you could have a mustache but that’s it you need to be perfectly clean shaven a quick trip i didn’t have money so i didn’t have powers so i had to listen to them and i had to say okay well that’s what they wanted i don’t want to lose my job

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I need to be clean-shaven every single day you know i didn’t even know what i looked like with facial hair until last year and that’s legit i’m 28 years old i didn’t know what i look like with facial here till i was 27 years old because i always was just so used to shaving it so even when i left quick trip i was still always shaved pretty much constantly right so

So money is power guys must use power that’s just kind of one of the things i want to just take with that comment like when you have money man like you don’t have to listen to anybody you can do what you want so and you don’t have to you know worry about it so as far as your real estate marketing company goes i just sent out an email last night to all my customers

Telling them i’m shutting it down as a february 1st as a february 1st the business says no more no more and like i said guys it’s really just decision that i had to make if it was a business that was killing it okay if it was a business that was bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit okay or especially if it was bringing in millions of dollars of

Profit i would have absolutely kept it okay i would have absolutely kept it i would have hired people i would have gone through all that work but it wasn’t at that level it was a five figure profit business a year okay it’s a big difference between a five figure business right and then a business that’s six figures it might be making two three four five hundred

Thousand dollars a year okay so being that i was at the size it was that there was not worth the tire and also i would still be putting in a lot of time for that business just because i’m not going out and doing shoots and those kind of things like i can guarantee you i would still be having to do a lot of work related to that business okay and it would still

Have to be something that’s always on the back of my mind i just kind of leaving it alone just saying you know what i’m done with this i can move on to the next things which is really this youtube channels are the number one most important thing to me as a business related things because it’s you know it’s it drives everything for me okay the second thing after

That’s my stock market membership group that’s the second most important thing to me you know as far as like like keeping everybody happy in that group and having great content and whatnot like like that’s the second most important thing that i need to be spending my attention toward the third thing after that is really my new product they have coming out which

Isn’t going to be coming out for at least a month or two but that’s taking up a massive amount of time that’s the most in-depth course by far i’ll probably ever do guys it’s gonna be a super long course it’s super detailed in relation to stock market i’m basically giving away ten years of experience in a course so it’s a really hard thing to do right and then the

Last thing i kind of want to spend my time into and as far as a business is my new youtube channel i start a regular guy tech i just started that this month and you know i just kind of want to you know build that channel over the next year i made a one-year commitment to build that channel up and see where we go from there with that whole channel it’s mostly tech

Related videos but just so you guys know when that regular guy tech sometimes i post like a video that i can’t post on this channel just because i have a backlog of videos on this channel so sometimes i post them on regular guy text so it’s kind of like regular guy tech and financial education number two so just keep that in mind but anyways i hope you guys enjoyed

This a video today i dropped the business and it was a decision to make but i feel good about it like i feel comfortable inside like i’m not stressing about it like i don’t have anxiety over it i feel like i made the right decision when i sent that email out like my heart wasn’t beaten or anything so i know like it was a good decision or at least it was a right

Decision for me to move on from it so anyways hope you guys enjoyed this thank you for watching as always and thank you for your support and have a great day you

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