MAJOR NEWS in the Housing Market – Biden Forgives Student Loans – Massive Earnings – Thu, Aug 25, 22

Housing prices fell for the first time in 3 years, and the drop was massive! Housing prices fell by the most since the Great Recession, and July just posted its 2nd worse month in over 30 years. Further, home affordability is the currently the worst on record. This is officially the worst housing market in history, and has a lot of people fearful of a housing market crash worse than the housing market crash of 2008. Meanwhile, President Biden just forgave student loan debt and further delayed student loan payments. And multiple companies reported earnings after the close on Wednesday. We have all the earnings news for you including Snowflake earnings, Salesforce earnings, and Nvidia earnings. We also cover the other important stock market news including Peloton selling on Amazon, the Tesla stock split, and Apple announcing the release of the iPhone 14.

Hi guys it’s stock curry and we’ve gotta talk about the earnings that just came out we’ve got major news coming out of the housing market and we’ve gotta talk about what president biden just did that could affect you personally so let’s get into it kicking things off with earnings that were reported wednesday after the close snowflake beat on their second quarter

Revenue guidance however they did have a decrease in their earnings per share regardless the revenue beat alone was enough to send the stock up over 16 after hours and that was after it was already up 4 on the day combined snowflake up over 20 percent on wednesday meanwhile salesforce beat on q2 earnings however they did lower their full year expectations salesforce

Had earnings per share of a dollar nineteen versus a dollar two expected and seven point seven two billion in revenue versus seven point six nine billion expected but with guidance being moved down due to a strong dollar and worsening exchange rates salesforce was down 6 percent after hours now the big one that everybody was watching out for was nvidia nvidia came

In line with earnings expectations now the one thing i will say is that nvidia did do a revenue warning a few weeks ago and what that did is it lowered the earnings expectations for nvidia quite significantly the original earnings expectations for nvidia were for a dollar 26 cents per share however after the earnings warning that was revised down to 50 cents per

Share and nvidia came in at 51 cents per share right in line with expectations on the revenue side nvidia was originally expected to earn 8.1 billion dollars for the quarter however after their revenue warning that was revised down to 6.7 billion in revenue and again nvidia came right in line with revenue expectations nvidia said market conditions are challenging

Especially in the gaming department and the stock was down about three percent after hours looking forward to the earnings that are coming out on thursday before the open we’ve got peloton dollar tree and dollar general and then after the close we’ve got a firm marvel ulta and dell so a major earnings day on thursday now moving on to our market news tesla’s stock

Split occurs tonight starting on thursday tesla will start trading at around 300 per share however there will be three times as many shares while this has absolutely zero effect on the actual valuation for tesla this does have a psychological effect normally when a stock split is about to occur we will see the stock rise in price going into the split and then

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It will fall after the split now it remains to be seen whether or not that will actually happen with tesla tesla did not rise as much as it normally would have because elon musk kept selling shares in order to fund the purchase of twitter so tesla’s rise was a little bit more muted than it normally would have been which means the drop after the split starting on

Thursday might be a little bit more muted than normal as well and apple sent out invites for its september 7th launch event where a new iphone 14 is expected apple was pretty much flat on the day not a big catalyst for apple however normally what will happen is we will see the apple stock either rise a day or two before the event and then sell off on the day of

The event or we will see apples start to drop going into the event and then rise on the day of the event either way the event on the day of typically it tends to be a time where apple will reverse course meaning if it had been going down it’ll start going up or if it had been going up it’ll start going down so watch out for that on september 7th and peloton striked

A deal to sell its fitness equipment and apparel on amazon now this might increase peloton sales it might not personally i don’t think it’s going to be good for earnings because even if peloton’s revenue does increase the problem is amazon charges such a high fee that it may actually decrease peloton’s earnings even if it increases their revenue uh the only way

That peloton would be able to make up for this is if they had a really good subscription model on the equipment that they sell but overall i don’t think this is going to be good for peloton earnings but it will significantly increase paul time’s revenue and that is why we saw the stock up over 20 percent on one day now moving on to the news that could affect you

Personally president biden canceled ten thousand dollars in federal student loan debt for everybody who is earning less than a hundred and twenty thousand 000 per person or less than 250 000 as a couple and if you happen to be a recipient of a pell grant you get another 10 000 in student loan debt cancelled for a total of 20 000 about 45 percent of borrowers or

Almost 20 million people actually owe less than 10 000 right now which means their debt would be fully cancelled now i do want to let you know that this student loan forgiveness is not automatic you actually have to go and claim this now the department of education says it’s going to launch an application in which you can input your income data and request loan

Forgiveness that will be launched by the end of this year so watch out for that keep in mind you do have to claim it in order to get the actual loan forgiveness now you should also note that you do not have to pay taxes on this forgiveness you will not trigger an actual increase in taxes although there is a question about how this is going to be paid for and there

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Is a concern that this could cause an increase in taxes by about two thousand dollars per american i also want to let you know that student loan payments are going to restart in december of this year right after the elections and if you’re wondering how this might affect a stock like sofi sofi was up about five percent today on this news expecting an increase in

Refinances on those student loan debts now there are two things to keep in mind though in which this might not be as good for sofi if this had occurred say a year ago the first thing to keep in mind is that interest rates are now significantly higher than where they were a year ago so there won’t be as many people refinancing as you might think the other thing to

Keep in mind is that because about 40 percent of borrowers are having their student loan debt completely cancelled there will be a lot less people who will actually refinance with sofi so not the best case scenario for sofi but could still be a boost starting in 2023 once those student loan payments restart and now moving on to the major news coming out of the

Housing market home prices fell for the first time in three years in july and it was the biggest decline since 2011 the largest decline in 11 years it was also the second worst july just behind july 2010 during the great recession housing affordability is at its lowest level in 30 years it now requires 32.7 percent of the median household income to purchase the

Average home that is about 13 percentage points more than it did entering the pandemic and significantly more than both the years before and after the great recession in 2008. keep in mind that the 25-year average is 23.5 of the average median household income now i hate to compare the housing market right now to 2008 but that’s just the reality of it home prices

Are coming down as fast as they were in 2008 and home affordability is significantly worse than it was in 2008 we only have data going back about 30 years so homes are the most unaffordable in recorded history i know that sounds really big doom and gloom i just reporting the news here facts are facts we’ll just have to do with it what we do keep in mind that even

During the great recession that even as housing prices came down it took a couple of years for that to really affect the stock market so this is more long-term news but certainly something to keep in mind that this could cause significant downward pressure on the stock market going into 2023 and 2024. now if you want to know everything that i’m buying through this

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MAJOR NEWS in the Housing Market – Biden Forgives Student Loans – Massive Earnings – Thu, Aug 25, 22 By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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