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Well howdy there folks and welcome into today’s video we’ve got a major tattooed chef ttcf stock update here today i got to show you guys a lot of what’s going on with the underlying fundamentals of this company right now like real time stuff that’s going on in the real world we all know what’s been going on with the stock price the movements there but what’s actually

Going on with the underlying fundamentals of the company that’s what we’re getting into in this video i’m going to show you guys some real-time stuff that’s going out in the real world now something very important tattooed chef also announced they’re going to report earnings basically in about two weeks from now or so or just over two weeks from now and uh that’s

Going to be a big earnings day now as far as my opinion will they beat will they miss earnings i have no clue the the company’s too early days and the growth rates are too high for me to be able to confidently say they’re going to beat earnings they’re going to miss earning something like that i think in a year or two i’ll be able to get a pretty good gauge on if

They’ll beat quarterly earnings or not but right now the company’s just too early days to be quite frank okay now like i said you you when it comes to a stock the longer a stock does nothing or downtrends and you see the underlying fundamentals of the company the stuff going on in the real world getting better and better and better that usually means you’re in

For more and more gains over the long term something very important to keep in mind hope you guys enjoy this as always just so you guys know free seven days in the private stock group that’s available check out pin comment down there if you’ve ever been interested in my private stock group the course curriculums the discord chat everything like that we now’s your

Chance to check it out okay so go ahead and apply with the pinned comment down there and enjoy that guys all right and don’t forget to smash that like button as always for today’s video and make sure you subscribe if you’re not already subscribed to the channel i’m sure you guys are already subscribed already so starting out here this was a harris teeter grocery

Store in raleigh north carolina so that that store is up to three skus now now something i think is really really important to keep in mind when you’re looking at these grocery stores is most these grocery stores just started getting in tattooed chef products very very recently all right very very recently and so the tattooed chef’s coming into a lot of these

Stores with like four skus now imagine how many skus tattoo chefs gonna have a year from now two years from now three years from now one of the things that excites me about tattoo chef is they have an amazing brand and i i truly think we need a massive change just in the united states of alone with our diets right we know we have a health crisis on our hands in the

United states of america we know the obesity rates in this country are off the charts we know how many people die because of basically just bad diets and we need a lot better diets and i think tattoo chef is just a small player in a much uh bigger game over the next you know 50 years i’m hoping to see that changes fundamentally changes america’s diet because let’s

Be quite honest over the last 50 years we went the wrong way from basically the 1950s through 2000 it was uh fast food it was you know the biggest thing possible right biggie size me give me the biggest size you know that was that was the name of the game it didn’t matter how much fat you were eating cholesterol anything like that and we wound up in in some real

Deep problems now that we’re trying to dig out of and i think tattoo chef’s just a small player in helping us get out of this mess we’ve essentially created from 1950 to 2000 and i think you know over the past 10 20 years we’re trying to slowly climb out we got a lot more work to do let’s just put it that way okay so morton grove illinois this is important here

Because this is actually at a target store now look at that they only got a few skus at this particular target store so you might think you know a tattoo chef is a huge in all the targets around the united states wrong not correct not yet and so imagine in my opinion in all the targets over all over the united states over the next six months tattoo chef is going

To grow to 10 20 if not more than 20 skus in all the target stores over the next six months or so and right now in a lot of these target stores they only have four skus maybe eight skus and a lot of these and just keep in mind how much how many more skus are gonna get over time in a lot of these stores now this was a picture taken a few days ago from one of our

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Members hector thanks for this photo here tattooed chef so walmart you know this is kind of the thing you want to think about like do you want to do business with walmart because here’s the thing walmart’s a huge customer no doubt and i can imagine a day when tattooed chef has 20 30 40 skus in a walmart right but the bad thing is when you’re trying to build a

Brand you’re trying to build tattoo chef as like a premium brand right well what’s walmart famous for doing undercutting everybody undercutting every single retailer out there so they can try to be known as the cheapest right and so you know walmart sells these for 277 when most these other stores are selling them for either 3.99 or 499. so that’s kind of an issue

When you’re trying to build a brand and so that’s why i think with walmart it could be a little bit of a longer term play with tattoo chef i’m not sure how much they want to sell into walmart in these early days when they’re still trying to build their brand stronger and stronger right but there’s no doubt like long-term walmart’s gonna be a crazy big customer the

Sam’s club division of walmart is already a crazy big uh customer for tattooed chef right so here’s a head store from one of our members here you know just a few skus and this one here says tattooed chef cauliflower pizza bowl which is a very popular item will temporarily be out of stock so essentially you know when you look at these grocery stores and you see four

Skus imagine just imagine where these these skus are going over time right and you notice tattooed chef is right in line with a lot of their competitors which is very very important you know you can’t just survive on the tastier product or the brand name and things like that it is important to somewhat be in line with your competitors so then you can hopefully beat

Them on price as well now um one of my probably my favorite discord name in the private stock group get rich or die trying i mean it doesn’t get better than that just to be quite frank he took some pictures of his local sam’s club i think this is big okay look at this so they got a skew there they have four skus here so that’s five skus at a sam’s club remember

Like the sam’s club i don’t they might have 30 or 40 skus in the freezer area right because each sku takes up a crazy amount of space at a sam’s club and they only got a few aisles worth of freezer stuff right so right there you look at all that look at this door here this is like just domination of tattooed chef right you look at this they got the cauliflower

Pizza bowls there you have the huevos rancheros bowls there you have the cheeseburger bowls there and then you have the rice cauliflower pad thai there i mean that’s just domination in a sam’s club and remember remember this no one ever heard a tattoo chef two years ago like look at how far this company has come this fast in the you know the shorts the people

That are negative this stock they just don’t get it they i don’t know what else to say they don’t get how fast this company is innovating how fast they’re coming out with these products and how well these products sell and how much the retailers like if you aren’t gonna believe walmart target sam’s club costco then who are you gonna believe these are the smartest

Retailers in the history of mankind and they’re all telling you these products move and we want more and more of these products in our stores every day okay follow what the smartest companies in the world are doing they’re doing that for a reason they’re not there to do tattooed chef any dang favors i can promise you that they’re there to move product and tattoo

Chef moves product okay ttcf look at this another two items here cauliflower crust pizza cheese pizzas the cauliflower mac and cheese and then you got the osce bowls here so we saw five skews before and then another three it’s eight skews in a sam’s club in kingston new york that’s crazy i mean absolutely crazy think about that for a moment this is a company no

One ever heard of two years ago and now they have eight skus out of maybe sam’s club carries 30 or 40 skus a total in a sam’s club and a tattoo chef has eight of them in this store that’s crazy guys like that’s just nut stuff okay this is what i talk about when i talk about when the stock down trends or doesn’t do anything and you see in the real world a company

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Tearing it up take notice this is game changing stuff dallas texas south side so it’s not just like it’s in a new york store mendoza took this picture you got the huevos rancheros bowls there you got this product here which i think is a plant-based some kind of product i can’t see exactly what it is then you obviously have the pizza bowls there and then the rice

Cauliflower pad thai there once again that’s just pure domination for a brand no one heard of two years ago it’s absolutely extraordinary and that’s just continued to expand and expand and expand across sam’s club throughout the united states of america it’s absolutely amazing all right now this is a target in new jersey chesky took this photo for us and obviously

You see these items are selling pretty darn well but needless to say they started with only four skus and look at how many skus they have now also keep in mind when you’re talking about some of these east coast stores or let’s even call it some of the uh middle america stores right like it’s different it’s different in the west coast i can tell you the vegas stores

In the arizona stores the california stores you’re talking about a whole lot of skus and over time in my opinion the middle of the country and the east coast will get to as many skews as we have out here on the west coast of the united states right now one of my favorite members in the private stock group financial education jeremy he went to a target very recently

And what he found was holy smoke is saying no dang and jokers there’s a lot of items there’s a lot of items out here in arizona oh my gosh okay and a lot of times when it comes to food by the way uh especially when it comes to healthy food the west coast usually leads the trend and then it goes throughout the rest the united states it’s just the way it is and so

Right off the bat here the company now has two basically plant-based pizzas in the target store right now keep in mind guys this is just the start imagine how many different plant-based pizzas tattooed chef is gonna have in two years from now three years from now they just get in these first two items they’re gonna have you know i can i can see them having six

Eight if not ten different pizzas over time just in a target store right and they’re just getting in the door with two to start here so remember this two skews right there to start okay now right here two more skews look at this you’ve got the osce bowls which they give two spaces for by the way which means they have to sell some volume because not everything just

Gets two spaces like if you’re gonna get multiple spaces you gotta sell pretty dang good right the uncrustables those must sell pretty well they got a whole lot of spaces over there so you got the ac bowls you got the cold brew dark chocolate smoothie bowls so that’s item three in item four so now we’re up to four skus now look at this here five six seven eight

Who do we appreciate tattoo chef look at this okay so here you got the street style corn you got the rice cauliflower stir-fry you got the zucchini spirals you got the organic greens now we are at eight skews just in this one target store did you think we are done heck no okay now we have 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 skews we’re up to now 19 flip and

Flap jack and skews by the way target’s doing a deal right now at least out here in arizona where buy one and you get a 25 off a second tattooed chef which i’m sure they’re doing pretty decent when it comes to that okay 19 skus or you gotta be flipping my flapjacks okay that’s extraordinary extraordinary that they could have 19 skus and we’re not done we’re not done

Okay 19 20 21 22 23 24 skus 24 skus in an era zona target 24. this is what i’m talking about is going to happen in my opinion across the united states when it comes to not just target stores i’m talking if you sell frozen food this is going to happen and now we’re not even talking about the snack opportunity all those crazy opportunities in front of tattoo

Chef over the next five plus years we’re not even talking about international we’re just talking about the skew expansion and this is something i don’t think a lot of folks and so if you’re wondering how is this company going to get to a billion dollar run rate with revenue or a multi-billion dollars it’s by going from you have no skus in a store to then you have


Four to eight skus then you have 12 skus then you have 20 items and you have 25 items and you have 30 items 40 items right that’s where this company’s trending and like i said when it comes to somebody like a target they’re not going to accept all this product unless you move volume and when it comes to the chef they move volume this is the the best thing i could

Ever possibly see in regards to this company now hakuna matata let’s put this one up now this is an item i you know i think they they found this at their local sam’s club i think this product could sell really darn good i haven’t even tried it yet but it looks delicious the plant-based maple sausage and sweet potato bowl um yeah i mean i that one the branding is

Just off the charts like i feel like that one it has to be delicious and i’m sure it’s going to move volume okay this next one down here the cauliflower pizza bowl i think that one could move some crazy volume over time i think this is one of those that’s definitely going to be a keeper and you’re going to likely see in most stores within the next 12 months this

Cauliflower pizza bowl meatless lovers pizza sauce over cauliflower florets topped with plant-based sausage and pepperoni and a blend of mozzarella and provolone cheeses uh yeah give me some of that i think that’s going to do very very well this one gators posted this one so they said that at their target store basically tattooed chefs up to 13 skus total remember

We looked at the arizona one what was that 20 something skews there are 13 here remember some targets are still at 8 skus or 10 skus and remember tattooed chef at this time last year might have had two skus in a lot of these target stores all right and so this is where i’m talking about the the game is just being changed this it was at a charlotte north carolina

Target i also got this item at the target here in arizona and i liked that that had some kick to it the buffalo cauliflower mac and cheese bowl that has some kick to it and that was really darn dang good okay so what we’re seeing here across the board is this company tattoo chef getting into more and more and more retailers by the day them getting more and more

Relevant everywhere you want to be relevant in including the hottest retailer in the world which is target and just getting skew expansion skew expansion like crazy these numbers are going to hit over the next several quarters and a mad you know these grocery stores that are just starting to get tattooed chef in their stores imagine how many skus this company

Is going to be at in 12 18 24 36 months when it comes to you know this is why tattoos chef bought another company to basically make more product right and by the way that acquisition by sam gilletti was genius they got 300 employees they got a you know beautiful factories and everything in place and they got it for a dime on the dollar because basically that

That company was kind of like you know they just kind of made i don’t want to call it generic products but they weren’t they didn’t make branded products so if you pay for a branded company you got to pay a lot of money for that a huge premium because you’re buying the brand name as well which is worth a lot of money but when you’re buying just like a co-packing

Facility oh my gosh like that was the most ingenious move ever now they’re just going to switch all that production to tattooed chef ingenius okay and so what i see here with the chef is just nothing but great execution in a company that is just the fundamentals underlying in the business get better and better as time ticks on and as the stock doesn’t do anything

Everything else just gets better and better which is just going to make the gains bigger and bigger long term hope you guys enjoyed this video as always once again if you want to check out my previous stock group the private discord chat you want to join us in there go ahead check out pin comment down there that’ll let you try it for seven days for free and then

If you want to be a long-term member with me and the other members in there great we’d love to have you and we’ll welcome you with open arms much love as always guys and have a great day

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